SANP Registration

Senior All Night Party - May 17, 2022

Sign Your Ranger Up for the Party!

Step 1: Complete Registration Information, click the registration button above or form is below.

Step 2: Payment Options

Venmo: @FHC-SANP

By check payable to: FHC SANP. Mailed to: Jessica DeMaagd 6928 Maplecrest Dr SE 'GR 49546

Help Another Ranger JOIN THE PARTY!

Make sure all who want to attend are able. Each year there are several seniors who face financial hardship and cannot afford to attend the party. Please consider making an extra donation to help, add additional support to your Student's payment during registration.

What to Expect

  • Bus Departs around 9:30 pm from graduation venue immediately following ceremony

  • We will provide buses to venue, all graduates must ride

  • No food or drinks allowed on bus

  • A full meal when students arrive

  • Snacks throughout the evening

  • Fun evening full of activities

  • Bus returns to FHC parking lot by 5 a.m.

Graduates should change into their comfortable clothes before boarding bus. Give everything else - cap, gown, diploma, dress clothes etc. to parents.

The graduates may be awake all night, and safety is our top priority. Parents are required to pick up their child at school at 5:00 a.m.

What to Pack

Anything that can fit in a clear gallon size zip lock baggie.

  • The secret venue does NOT have a pool, so bathing suits and towels are NOT necessary.

  • Tennis shoes

STUDENTS WILL CHECK IN FOR THE PARTY AND TURN IN THESE NECESSITY BAGS BEFORE GRADUATION. We will do a TSA-style security check of student bags during the graduation ceremony. YOU WILL NOT HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BAG UNTIL YOU ARRIVE AT THE PARTY. Please have parent or guardian bring your change of clothes to graduation.

Money is NOT needed at party - leave it at home.

Upon arrival, the “necessities bag” will be at the party location. It will be taken to the bag room and supervised by parent volunteers. Students will have access to their bag if needed.

What Not to Bring

  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Tobacco or vapor cigarettes

  • Firearms or weapons

  • Food or beverages

Will my Necessities Bag be checked?

Yes. Junior parents and administrators will search your bag during the graduation ceremony. They will check everything airport TSA style. They will be looking for drugs (approved medication must be labeled), alcohol, weapons, vapor cigarettes, etc. If you can't have it on FHC school grounds, you can't have it at the Senior All Night Party.

Aside from the items listed above, what else should NOT be brought to the party?

• No items of value (jewelry, cash, expensive clothes/shoes)

• No laptops, no iPads, or any electronics, etc.

• No blankets/pillows

• No large bags

Other Items about Safety & Security

We will have band aids and personal care items