Senior Party Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I sign-up to go?

Seniors need to register and pay in advance in order to attend the all-night party. There are two ways you can register:

  1. Online Registration and Payment (Preferred method)

  2. Printable registration form and mailing information (Can be provided upon request)

Can I volunteer?

Yes! EVEN if you are not an "All Nighter" and you don't want to work at the party, there are plenty of opportunities to contribute. Please use this Signup Genius form (available in April)!

How many seniors are signed up?

We'll keep you posted throughout the school year on the number seniors who have registered and paid to attend the party! If you haven't already, please sign up now!

Our goal is 100% attendance. All graduates are eligible to go, including exchange students! The venue is accessible for all mobility needs and there will be activities for all interests and fitness levels.

What activities are planned?

We have a variety of activities planned for the evening to meet the needs of all types. We have contracted with a professional entertainment company to provide many fun activities. You will also be able to use many of the items at the facility. The venue we have selected for 2022 does NOT have a pool.

What do I need to bring to the All Night Party? YOU!

If you need to bring essential items, you may bring a clear gallon size zip lock bag. No large bags or backpacks.

Essentials you may want to bring:

    • Socks

    • Phone/charger

    • Medication or personal care items, if needed (contact solution, toothbrush, deodorant)

    • The secret venue does NOT have a pool so bathing suits and towels are NOT necessary

Will my bag be checked?

Yes. Junior parents and administrators will search your bag during the graduation ceremony. They check everything airport TSA style. They will be looking for drugs (approved medication must be labeled), alcohol, weapons, vapor cigarettes, etc. If you can't have it on FHC school grounds, you can't have it at the Senior All Night Party.

Aside from the items listed above, DO NOT bring the following to the party:

  • No items of value (jewelry, expensive clothes/shoes)

  • No CASH. You don't need any money at the party

  • No laptops, no iPads, or any electronics, etc.

  • No blankets/pillows

  • No YEARBOOKS - sign a t-shirt instead


What is included? And do I need spending money?

Your ticket covers everything - transportation, food, snacks and activities. No spending money is needed.

How much time do I have after ceremony ends?

We will provide up to 30 minutes after the ceremony ends for you to say goodbye to family and to change into comfortable clothes. Then, please move quickly to buses so not to delay our departure and to get to the venue on time. Be sure to take family pictures before graduation.

Do I need to register?

Yes. We need both payment and registration. Please register prior to May. Early registration helps us plan and saves you money! Ticket prices go up after the holiday break.

If I cannot afford the full ticket price, can I still come, can I request assistance?

YES! Just complete the registration and check the option at the end. We will contact you to make arrangements. Your requests will be kept confidential. We want as many students to attend as possible. This is your celebration.

Can I drive to the party?

No. ALL STUDENTS MUST RIDE THE BUS. Parent volunteers will need to drive to the venue. (We will text the location once buses leave). Graduates CANNOT ride with their parents to the party venue.

Where is pick-up? And When?

We will return students to FHC around 5:00 am. Parents must pick up the child since the graduate may have been awake all night.

Will there be supervision?

The venue will have staff and security. We will also have parent volunteers assigned to monitor exits and to circulate throughout the facility.

What if a student misbehaves or brings alcohol, drugs or weapons to venue?

They will be asked to leave immediately. We will call parents to come pick them up.

Who hosts this event?

Fellow Senior parents have planned and organized this party. We also need parents to help chaperone the event. A sign up through Sign-up Genius will be posted on the website and on the parent Facebook page.

How is the party funded?

We completed several fundraisers to offset the full cost of the party. Our budget is over $30k which is comparable to parties planned by other schools in the area.