December 9, 2018. RIP. QEPD. Fútbol is over. What else is there to achieve when the team you support beats their bitter (ex-)rivals in the final to win the most coveted continental tournament? Even more so, when they do it coming from behind three times, playing twice away from home in a clear unfair sporting disadvantage? Never in the history of the sport something similar has been achieved. It's a feeling impossible to describe. We won forever.

Yes, I still watch football, read football, play football. But when I get mad at a result, I remember that River Plate beat Boca Juniors to the Copa Libertadores 2018 final and I am happy again. That's it. There's no higher feat in the sport. We won forever.

I used to have quite a long text in this section of the website, on how I inherited, from my father, the passion for River Plate, how we went all the way to Japan to watch them play at the 2015 Club World Cup, and how since I moved to Philly in 2014, River seems to be achieving unprecedented success. But none of that matters anymore. November 11, 2018: Final, first leg. Boca Juniors 2 vs. River Plate 2, in La Bombonera, Buenos Aires. December 9, 2018: River Plate 3 vs. Boca Juniors 1, in Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid. That's it. We won forever.


I am a big fan of music. I own a pretty decent collection of CDs which cover a wide range of genres and styles, although it is mostly rock-based. I got into music thanks to Sonata Arctica and Edguy, although with time my taste shifted to include more iconic bands such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Scorpions. Newer reincarnations of Hard Rock include Ten, Gotthard, Astral Doors, and much more.

I have been attending drum lessons since I was 14. I've been part of several bands being Fenrir (2005-2006) and Freakin' Motion (2010-2011) the most notorious. Fenrir was a metal band, with influences of Power Metal and Hard Rock. I have played three times live with them (Santa Brígida Open Air 2005 and 2006, La Colorada 07/28/2006). We played mostly covers but we also wrote and played some of our songs.

Freakin' Motion was a classical Hard Rock band. I have played live in La Colorada 11/06/2010 (where the pictures were taken) and Moonrock (12/26/2010).