Forms and Online Registration

Registration is Closed!

Registration will open Sunday, September 1st and will run until Sunday, October 5th. Any late registrations that come in after October 5th, there will be a $10 increase in the club fee. We will not be able to accept registrations after October 13th.

PLAYER FEES Before Oct. 5th

Grade 1/2 - $30.00

Grade 3/4 - $45.00

Grade 5/6 - $60.00

PLAYER FEES After Oct. 5th

Grade 1/2 - $40.00

Grade 3/4 - $55.00

Grade 5/6 - $70.00

Please use this link for our online registration:

Please note, if you are volunteering to coach through our online registration, in order to vet our coaches, some personal information will be collected. This information is not shared with the board members and is exclusive to the website for vetting purposes.

Below you will find a printable registration form.

Checks can be made out to FFYB

New Form 2019.pdf

Below is the mini metro form to print and fill out

Mini Metro Registration Form .pdf