One part cookbook and one part tribute, That's It! is a fan made compilation of ALL 111 recipehs that our boy Iggy has come up with to date in FFXV! This is the culmination of nearly a year's worth of effort from over 50 fans all across the world, and today, we are bringing the cookbook to you for FREE!

You can download your free PDF copy for the web here:

(Long link:


You can also have a copy of the cookbook professionally printed for you by following the instructions here!

The cookbook may be complete for now, but who knows if/when FFXV will ever add more recipes to Ignis' repertoire? Please follow the project's Facebook page for sporadic updates, or Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr for more frequent updates and delicious pictures of food. Hope you all enjoy, and happy cooking!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I support this project?

If you enjoy this project, please consider donating to charity on behalf of this cookbook! Vision Aid Overseas is a UK-based non-profit organization (#1081695) that provides glasses and eye care to people living in poverty in developing countries. $14/£10 could pay for TWO eye tests and two pairs of glasses! You can donate using r/FFXV's dedicated fundraising page, at

Can I get a physical copy of the cookbook?

Yes! Click here for printing instructions.

I made something from the cookbook!

Awesome! It would be amazing if you shared it on social media, either by tagging this project's social media pages (Twitter/Instagram/Tumblr) or by using the hashtag #ffxvcookbook. :)

How do I get in touch with you?

Feel free to message me on one of the social media pages listed above!