Midden Oosten Middle East

Life in the Middle East is often, war violence to large groups of people. Many parties and countries are involved in these developments. Fundamental motives is the motivation why the actions are carried out. How can we organise a better world in this region? What are the basic needs to forfill and how to learn respect and tollerance despite old wounds and traumas personals, populations and countries. FFRM Network gives opportunities on many levels. Basic information to understand each other and practical sollutions to make this world a better place to everyone.

Syria and Turkey as a follow up from the war;

From the link above; "...Yunus Yunus was working as a finance manager at a textile company in Syria when conflict drove him to leave his homeland. Yunus, 54, his wife and their six children have lived in Turkey for five years.

“Even though it's hard to leave my country and integrate with a new community, it’s still better than living under bombs and without safety,” Yunus says.

Turkey hosts more Syrian refugees than any other country. Turkey also needs skilled and semi-skilled labourers in the agricultural sector, especially in livestock production, greenhouse cultivation, and the harvesting and processing of various crops (olives, cotton, pistachio and citrus and stone fruits).

FAO has provided agricultural training to Yunus as part of a larger initiative to build the resilience of Syrian refugees and their host communities in Turkey.

Yunus was unemployed, with no prior experience in agriculture practices ..."