How to participate into our Network

Thank you! You just arrived on an acceptional website all about our initiatives. Our network, vollunteerorganisation, started in 2009 with the main goal to make this World a better place. A better place to all. Nature orientated, Healthy and with respect to traditional knowledge, native people and all living creatures. We like it if you share and participate!

Your participation in our activities is possible in different ways;

  • Sharing your local knowledge or projectinformation on our website
  • Personal presentation on our website with your skills, area and background
  • Practical help on our projects, gardens, food forest
  • Building up the network in supporting companies
  • Making a financial donation to our organisation

We offer

  • Lecture or presentation at your organisation
  • Personal advice
  • Organisational advise
  • Online courses
  • Getting experience in Food Forest activities, Social help, refind your goal and your call in life
  • Working together
  • Sharing knowledge

Visiting and following our meetings on; (Online and Fisical)

  • Food Forests
  • Social help
  • Small houses
  • Transition Economy
  • Finding your own personal way and pad to live in the best possible way
  • Ancient knowledge
  • Working together with Nature
  • Building up a local economy - independently from money
  • Every item on your request; ......................

How you can help us practically;

  • Share our information on social media LinkedIn Link
  • Endource us as organisation
  • Share our knowledge and websites

Thank you!

FFRM Network EcoVrede

More information;