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Climate change, people without food, or water, conflicts, looking for a better life. Under supression of different influences. Movement to make people independent and local organised. Local help in a practical form. Small enery systems, Tiny Houses, tools to produce local food, financial indepent and local money. Solaroven, Food Forests

Tiny Houses as a form of local help!

Africa in General;

In the recent past of Holland we had a bad reputation about slavery. Especially in Togo, Benin, Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Ceylon, Zuid Afrika, Suriname, Australia, Nieuw Zeeland and other countries. The Netherlands have to restore a lot because of this black page in their recent history. The Dutch organization VOC have made a bad reputation because of slavery World Wide.


Real help to Africa's basic problems; water, infrastructure and more;

Soedan kan half Afrika voeden, maar Amerikaanse sancties zitten dwars

Sudan can feed half Africa, but US sanctions are bothering

The nomads in Sudan have the key to partially solve the food problem on their continent. With their immense livestock half East Africa can be fed. But age-old traditions and decades of US sanctions block the solution. Editor Carlijne Vos and photographer Sven Torfinn traveled there.

De nomaden in Soedan hebben de sleutel in handen om het voedselprobleem op hun continent deels op te lossen. Met hun immense veestapel valt half Oost-Afrika te voeden. Maar eeuwenoude tradities en decennia aan Amerikaanse sancties blokkeren de oplossing. Redacteur Carlijne Vos en fotograaf Sven Torfinn reisden er heen Link.

Bron Volkskrant

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