Ways to support each other initiatives

As human beings on this planet, with more as 7 billion people, we have to do some completely new things.

First we have to know that their will be nearby ten billion people in a view years. We have to change our agriculture culture and because of climate-change also our roads, buildings, sewage systems, our choice in crops and cultivation, soil cover, water buffering and storage and our way of living.

Food forests have the possibility to restore and stabilize our natural systems, nature the weather and so on. We have to implement it on a huge scale to have a real influence.

It's necessary because of the extinction of animals, insects, plants and in basic our own life possibilities in the nearby future.

So; wat can we do?

  • Collect and share basic information
  • Seeds and plants give away and hand out
  • Extra facilities for different life forms Think about; butterflies,
  • Rare plants and animal breeds protect and reproduce
  • Share your results with us so we can collect them and make useful information out of it
  • Organize local meetings
  • Local food production for the needy
  • Share education programs and good results
  • Write an article on a specific item

_ Sharing useful sources of information

_ Lectures and readings

_ Better understanding nature

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