Useful seeds and plants to get

In every area of th World there are useful seeds. In the Food Forest movement it's normal to use seeds from a 'climatic belt' and in this zone we make experiments with useful seeds and plants. Because of climate change we get also changing Climate belts.

There are specific sorts of plants useful in a Food Forest. Plants who bring in different functions beside food. At looking at these possibilities we form a broad base in every Food Forest initiative.

For example; Bamboo, Palm tree, grapes, and others.

We collect on this page all sorts of information we find or get. Please feel free to send us tips and useful information. We will publish it on this website. Addresses for special seeds can also be noticed or an email address were people can get more information.

We started last year in Holland with rice experiments and date palms. The rice was a small success. Only we have to make a bigger study about the quantity of water rice needs. It's necessary to easily regulate the quantity of water.