Plant resistance, health, original restore

Plants are growing independently from influences from outside .. Because of many pollution's in recent times we not only damaged our own health but also from nature in general. We need al sorts of regenerative agriculture to restore plant health, and finding back the original healthy basic sorts. Food should be healthy to eat and regenerate in every moment our health in the best possible way. We should nourish nature and give the best possible feeding to our plants so they can give in return us a healthy way of being and growing in harmony with nature.

Understanding nature is an essential part in this process. It looks like we have forgotten, nearby, how to understand nature and how to communicate in a healthy way with all the living species. It's for our own best will, future and health essential we learn back hoe to do this, to learn our own place in harmony with all living beings and restore and make this world like a real paradise again in every aspect.

This page is under construction. January 2019