Communication with our natural environment

How to understand nature

How to interact with all the changes in our natural habitat

How to understand the new findings

How to look in another way - with new eyes

Can we make this World a better place?

How to handle in the progress of Food Forests (FF) en Nature reserves in the different climate zones. Can we learn to become a good listener as human beings?

A lot of people have told us in the last 150 years we have to work in harmony with nature. Nature as every living being around and understanding the relations between objects and between living materials.

Indians, Aboriginals and a lot of other people told us not to disturb nature. They understand, or understood, the communication of nature and our presence on this earth. Taking care respectful in every movement. Making places of interest, secret places and learning from every aspect in nature. Can we make a bridge between our wish to knowledge and understanding and another way of living and acting? A more natural way of living in direct communication with every living being.

We see the deformation of soil, plants and animals and even then we talk about a growing economy

It's an aspect in our own consciousness witch make us think in the wrong way around. Beside that it's a problem in our society. We use a system of payment without the value of nature or wellbeing included.

Our basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, water are all served by nature. Can we build up a complete natural society?

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" .... Where land is still managed by indigenous peoples, it does tend to be in remarkably good condition. And, as a consequence, you’re quickly led to the conclusion that indigenous peoples are the best guardians of our natural resources. ..."

We know as a scientific society several years already, how it works and whats going on. Some were we select 'scientific' data and data we must give some more attention to understand. It could be that the last category is more important because; not our science is the rule but Nature is. We only try to understand. And several times we found out that we don't understand nature in its basic rules.

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