Biological control

Food Forest give the possibility to an exponential grow of insects, worms and other living creatures. In the first years of a Food Forest initiative it's normal to have some problems with overgrowing of one sort plants or specific insects. It's an normal reaction from the natural system on an mostly long going repression of the natural regulation mechanism.

So in the first year for example a lot of stinging nettles, thistles, or peach spice(?) and others is quite normal. In about seven or eight years the system could be so far to be stabilized. From then on most of the insect plague or strong upcoming of specific plants belongs to the past.

Slowly their start a new ecological balance growing on your location. It's a marvelous process seeing how every year more and more insects, worms and animals find their way to your location.

It's really important to notice on which places you found specific plants. You can combine these information with known structures in the ground, information from old maps or visible disturbances. When you make such a map, as a minimum every year, you will see in a short period what's going on.

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