Final Fantasy Randomizer League - Season Two

"Le Tour de Coneria"

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League races begin October 1! Watch on our broadcast partners at Randomania and SpeedGaming

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League Overview

  • FFR League Season Two will be a combination individual AND 4-player team competition. All players will automatically enter into the individual competition, and may group up into 4-player teams if they desire. Players are not required to join a team to participate (though you'll probably have more fun if you do!)
  • Races will be run on the SpeedRunsLive (SRL) platform; thus, players will have an SRL account. SRL has its own racing guidelines to be aware of.
  • Participants will livestream their race on Twitch or another similar streaming service, and VOD-save their races. If this is a hardship for an interested participant, please PM a League Commissioner.
  • The League will run for seven weeks, across 7 distinct stages. Players will recognize the basic structure and feel of the previous 2018 Spring tournament, but shiny new randomizer features have been incorporated as well! The schedule of stages follows:
    • Stage 1: The Kings' Roads - (October 1 - 7)
    • Stage 2: Marsh Madness - (October 8 - 14)
    • Stage 3: Time Trial I - (October 15 - 21)
    • Stage 4: You Shall Not Pass - (October 22 - 28)
    • Stage 5: Time Trial II - (October 29 - November 4)
    • Stage 6: The Window Overlooking the World - (November 5 - 11)
    • Stage 7: Le Grand Tour - (November 12 - 18)
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