It's complicated...

"It's complicated" could describe a wide variety of different relationships. How we relate to another person can be the greatest source of joy in our lives and the worst sort of misery. The closer we are to someone the more extreme may be our experience.

Does "I love him like a brother," mean that I always get on really well with him or does it suggest that sometimes I am jealous and sometimes I fight with him?

Can we only truly love one other person? Can we fall out of love with the person we once were in love with? What is the difference between being "in love with" and "loving" someone?

There is nothing new about these questions. They have been around in one form or another for thousands of years.

The Bible has many examples of complicated relationships few of which conform to an ideal. Rather than see that as a problem for those of us who take the Bible seriously, it is better to recognise it as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves and about God. Maybe he doesn't have a problem with "It's complicated", and maybe we should learn to accept that people and their relationships have always been complicated.

Flower Festival: 27 April to 1 May

We have developed a tradition at St Mary and St Nicolas of holding a Flower Festival around the beginning of May which encourages us to reflect and think as well as look and admire.

We have some creative people who have spent the last few months reflecting on the theme for this year and thinking about some people who found themselves "Partners" in the long story that begins in the Garden of Eden and ends in the Heavenly City.

There will be displays of flowers and artefacts that are the outcome of their reflection on two people whose lives ran in parallel for a time and who found a connection between them. They have taken time to look at the world through their eyes and to see how it looks and feels for them, so that they can share what they have seen and understood.

Come and See

We hope that you will spend some time considering the displays in the setting of St Mary and St Nicolas Church - the historic parish church of Spalding that dates from 1284.

We invite you to make a donation towards the cost of the flowers and other items. Any additional money will go towards the church and help with the support we give locally to Agape Foodbank, Spalding Street Pastors, Space4U Counselling service, and globally to Christian Aid and the other agencies which give help around the world.

Sit and Relax

We hope you will enjoy a tea or coffee with a scone or slice of cake from our new servery.

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