JM.C to ipms world


My dear friends

- At midnight on December 31st, my mandate as President of the French Static Modeling Federation - IPMS France will end in accordance with our statutes after a mandate renewed twice.
My succession will be ensured by a new president and his team whose appointment will be ratified during the General Assembly 2020. The dates and convocations will be sent to you later
- These nine years spent leading our Federation have been a great adventure entirely aimed at promoting our passion for Modeling among, not only the clubs, but also independent modelers who are the DNA of our hobby, because it is a well known fact, the model maker is first and foremost a convinced individualist .... As far as young people are concerned, the challenge is even greater, but in this area we come up against the very basis of our passion and nature of youth who are not necessarily compatible in the spirit of the day, where the - "quickly, everything, immediately" - reigns supreme, as well as a general disinterestedness towards the things of "History" one of the bases of our passion, which it is difficult to fight. - Another windmill to combat, the reluctance of the administration to grant us its recognition despite several requests made to the public authorities. What makes me smile is to see how presumptuous I was in my very first "Word from the President" where I made the claim to want to recognize Modeling as an Art ....... what I still believe when we see the achievements of some of you ...
- These years have been made of great joys, but also of pain and snakes to swallow, but in the balance, there remains a great satisfaction in front of the result of the accomplished work. When I was appointed President, what was still "IPMS France-Fédération-Française de Maquettisme Plastique" only had 6 clubs still loyal, kept on a drip thanks to the courageous presidents who were kind enough to take charge after the split which had been made at the end of the 80s between IPMS Province of France, newly created by reaction, and IPMS France which in fact, was the Paris club, ignoring almost all of the clubs France, thank you to these brave soldiers of model making. They will recognize.- An important turning point was the merger of the two IPMS at the initiative of Laurent GAUTIER, your future President, a pragmatic measure of common sense, which allowed the creation of the French Federation of Static Modeling-IPMS-France, now more '' thirty clubs and a good number of independent model makers members of the GFMI (Groupement Fédéral des Maquettistes Indépendants) created for them. In terms of legality, the advantage was to transform IPMS France, an association under British law, into an association under French law while maintaining the link with IPMS in the form of a label, which allows open international exhibitions to FFMS member clubs
- In terms of penalties, over these years, we have had to deplore the death of several of our members or their relatives, some of whom touched us closely, such as our friend Nicole who was in charge of communication for the FFMS, as well as her husband, closer to me, a friend, president of the Model Makers of Beauvaisis whom I had known for more than twenty years. Added to that, those that I did not have the pleasure of meeting but which nevertheless remain in our memory.-It was also necessary to swallow some snakes mainly due to the withdrawal of certain clubs who knew their rights better than the respect of the rules inherent in any federation. There were also the proponents of the old adage "to be caliph in place of the caliph" and also those of the collaborators who turned out to be incapable of assuming the task which they had undertaken to ensure whose deffection put us in difficulty .
- We also had to face the disinterest of HELLER, our National manufacturer, which did not believe it should support us, thereby making room for competition, to the chagrin of some of our members, who blamed us for it and cost some departure of disappointed members.
- But in the end, this is part of the vagaries of the life of any association like ours.
-Finally, I would like to thank those who made FFMS what it is today. First, the friend Eric TRAHAND, our treasurer since the beginning of the adventure who had the heavy task of liquidating the accounts of the old IPMS France and of settling the litigations. Eric left office after having completed his mandates in accordance with our statutes. My thanks also to Benoit MOGUEZ for the quality of his work on our logos and our membership cards but who had to throw in the towel because of the difficulty of reconciling everyday life and the demanding task of managing needs and vagaries of a Federation which was then in full expansion. Thank you also to Alexandre BAGES who was an outstanding secretary as well as the creator of our website, unfortunately too complicated, who suffered from the lack of interest of the members who did not believe they should feed it; Through its action and its support, the FFMS has become a solid structure at the service of model making, it too has been the victim of the wear and tear of an increasingly addictive function and a damaging drop in motivation.
- Thank you also to my current collaborators, in particular the friend Jean-Luc MURAT who, in the periods of transitions which we lived, cumulated various functions in addition to his post of treasurer, without forgetting Yannick LEDEIN who took over the torch from our website by putting it back on its rails and that by the way I invite you to contact so that the site lives, because it is also yours. - My thanks also to our loyal partners, in particular the team of Mr. Stéphane MONTOUT of REVELL France who went out of their way to ensure the endowments of our exhibitions for several years, contributing greatly to their success. Thank you also to AIRFIX for its action in favor of our clubs, to the ARSENAL which is committed to offering our members a reduction on their purchases of quality products, without forgetting COCARDES INTERNATIONAL and the friend Hervé who opens his columns to transmit our information. Finally, thank you to all of you, club presidents and GFMI members for trusting us to promote our common passion, Modeling.
- To conclude, it remains for me to wish good luck to the new team which will preside over the destiny of the FFMS-IPMS-France which I put in their hands, asking you to give them the same confidence as the one you have in me granted because there are still many projects to be implemented in order to arrive at a Modeling Federation equal to those of the major federations of aeronautical, naval or railroad model making.
- GOOD BYE MY FRIENDS and see you soon on your exhibitions ....
J.M CHRISTIAN - Future ex-President of the FFMS- IPMS-France

Jean-Michel Christian is stepping down as chairman of IPMS France. He's asked me to forward his message on to you and I have also provided a Google translation of the French text.
He will be sorley missed.