Fairfax Food Council

Youth Representative Application

Would you like to represent youth on the Fairfax Food Council?

The Fairfax Food Council (FFC) is a coalition of citizens, nonprofits, faith partners, county agencies and businesses that advocate and promote food system and policy changes benefitting Fairfax communities, especially underserved communities, to promote and ensure equitable access to healthy food.

In an effort to engage and incorporate the perspective of youth in Fairfax County, the Fairfax Food Council is seeking a youth representative to serve on the Fairfax Food Council Steering Committee. This is a volunteer position.

Students should both live and attend school in Fairfax County, and be a rising high school junior (for the 2021-2022 school year).



Online Youth Rep Application

To submit your application online (recommended), click here.

PDF of the Application

Review the full application here. If you'd like to handwrite your application, please return it to:

Diane Charles

Fairfax Food Council

10777 Main Street, Suite 325

Fairfax, VA 22030