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Festival della Mostarda

The fifth edition of the Festival della Mostarda will take place in Mantua on the 13th of October 2019 and in Cremona on the 19-20th of October 2019.

During the days of the event there will be an exhibiton of local producers of Mostarda in Mantova, while Cremona will be animated by exhibitons, degustation booths, kids entertainment and show cooking. The Festival della Mostarda will be a special opportunity to discover interesting curiosities about mustard and all the local products, walking in the beatiful setting of Cremona and of Mantua.

"This is a dish of fruit candied in syrup, to which a dash of pepper and mustard powder has been added. It serves as sweet spice to the mild meats and sets them on fire, in a cool and lovely way, like moonlight burning on water. The fruit is luminously transparent, like semi-precious stones…."

E. Templeton, The Surprise of Cremona,London 1954, pp. 42-44
Mantova e il festival della mostarda - Foto di Francesco Toscani da Pixabay


13th OF OCTOBER 2019


19-20th OF OCTOBER 2019

Our purpose

The Festival della Mostarda is organised by the Chambers of Commerce of Cremona and Mantova, in partnership with: Regione Lombardia; Unioncamere Lombardia; Cremona Town Hall, Strada del Gusto Cremonese; Cremona delegation of Accademia Italiana della Cucina; Touring Club of Cremona; Distretto Urbano del commercio of Cremona; Istituto Einaudi.

The main purpose of the Festival is to promote tourism and to ensure that local agricultural and food products are widely known and appreciated. Such products are the calling card of our area, a symbol of excellence to project the quality image of Italian products throughout the world.

Download the brochure to discover more details about mustard and the other typical products of Cremona!

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