Fernanda A. Soares, MA, PhD Candidate

Technical Advisor, Research and Evaluation, Global Education, Employment and Engagement at FHI360

Fernanda Soares is a researcher and evaluator with over eight years of experience. Currently, Ms. Soares works as a Technical Advisor within the Research and Evaluation unit in the Global Education, Employment and Engagement Department at FHI 360. In this role, she leads research, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of education and youth programs in developing countries. Her expertise in M&E includes evaluation design and implementation, instrument design, data collection, data processing and data analysis. Her areas of focus include primary and secondary education and positive youth development and skills.

Prior to joining FHI360, Ms. Soares worked for international organizations, including the Inter-American Development Bank and the Organization of American States, as well as for International NGOs. In her previous roles, Ms. Soares has contributed to the design, evaluation and research of projects in the fields of education, health, youth development and social protection. Ms. Soares holds a Masters in International Development from the American University with a concentration in program evaluation and is currently pursuing a PhD in Public Policy Analysis at Maastricht University. Ms. Soares is a Brazilian native fluent in both Portuguese and Spanish.