In Indonesia, online poker games are quite popular entertainment in the modern era with rapid technological developments. In the past decade, the development of online poker has skyrocketed with the rapid development of device technology that can be accessed directly even by children. Poker itself is a game that is often played by the people of Indonesia, for just entertainment or even can make additional income for the players. Poker itself evolves with the times, ranging from offline and to develop into the online realm.

If we search through Google itself, there has been a proliferation of websites that provide online poker games which are crowded by the people of Indonesia. Starting from the PokerV (Pkv) server to the IDN Poker server, it can be played easily. Of the many online poker provider servers, the majority already provide mobile applications for Android and iOS devices, so that they can even be played anywhere, just enough internet access can already play. The development Agen Poker Online of technology, the more innovation of online poker providers, for example, we have seen in Indonesia from the last 3 years, the phenomenon of startups or fintech-based startups (Financial Technology) began to grow by providing alternatives and direct solutions for payment matters. With the ease of the process of establishing startups and government regulation, which is also easy for the development of technology-based startups, this has a major impact on other industries, including online poker. Call it fintech from PT. Visionet Internasional which is still a subsidiary of Lippo Group, OVO Payment.

OVO payment is a fintech startup company whose development is very fast compared to its competitors, with the issuance of permits to manage electronic money from Bank Indonesia for OVO, making OVO to be one of several companies that have received permission from Bank Indonesia to manage electronic money in Indonesia independently. legitimate. Other companies that have received permission from BI to manage electronic money, one of which is GoJek with its GoPay feature. OVO and GoPay are two companies that are major players in the electronic money Poker Online payment process. Both of these companies are competing in acquiring as much market as possible, even to accelerate their development, both companies are acquiring and cooperating with other companies that already have markets or other technology companies that can help accelerate the process of penetration into the community. For example, the GoJek acquisition process to the well-known Fintech Kartuku company and payment gateway company, Midtrans. In terms of OVO itself, OVO is more collaborating with other fields to provide electronic money payment processing, for example when OVO cooperates with Grab to make GrabPay processed with OVO Payment. Then OVO cooperates with Tokopedia, the most crowded marketplace in Indonesia replacing TokoCash which hasn't yet received permission from Bank Indonesia to manage its electronic money.

If we look at Google Play, OVO application itself has been installed more than 5,000,000 times. Of course that doesn't include total with GrabPay and Tokopedia users. So OVO has its own marketshare in Indonesia.

Moreover, OVO as a payment has begun to be applied to various fields, for example, OVO has become a "mandatory money" for parking payments at the Lippo Group network Mall. Until now, the Lippo group already has around 61 malls throughout Indonesia. Those who have already applied parking payments must use OVO are Malls in the DKI Jakarta area, like

Cibubur Junction

Gajah Mada Plaza

Hypermart Castle

Lippo Mall Kemang

Lippo Mall Puri

Lippo Plaza Kramat Jati

Pejaten Village

Plaza Semanggi

Pluit Village

Px Pavilion

Tamini Square

So yes, we want to play at the Lippo group Mall group, we have to get ready with OVO huh ...




Now, with the large number of payment uses that can be handled by OVO, there are many markets and communities that have OVO applications installed on their cellphones, for that CemePoker here provides online poker deposit game payments via OVO payment to facilitate and facilitate OVO owners who want to play Poker Indonesia at CemePoker safely and comfortably, without the need to transfer between bank accounts. The way is easy, there are 2 options for registering poker deposits using OVO. Can be through livechat and can through the form. What must be done is ...

Go to Web

To speed up the registration process, you can directly chat with CS on duty, and will only be processed in a few minutes.

After the ID has been created, then the deposit process through OVO. You will be assisted by CS who is on duty until completion, and the deposit will go to the player's account.

That's y choice