Children of the Earth

Picture Captions:

  • The image showcases a young Shamdeo, an Indian feral child from the early 70s, hugged closely against the stomach of a wolf. The image was taken from
  • A young naked child is shyly curled up against the base of a tree. One of the child's hands rests in her mouth as she contorts her face in discomfort. This image was taken from a blog:
  • Two children sit underneath a wolf feeding from it. The image is of a scultpure by an uknown artist. The image was taken from

Give this a listen as you navigate the site. It is just a collection of sounds from nature. I hope it allows you to immerse yourself in the outdoors as you read about these feral children.

This is a Storybook Project assigned in the MLLL-3043-995 course at the University of Oklahoma-Norman Campus.