I can go on and on why I like wolves but for simplicity I will try and keep this short. Wolves are wild animals and are feared by man often mostly because they are misunderstood, this is not why I like wolves but the feeling of being free is. One without constraints does fit to be one however. Wolves are also very social animals and is often tossed the wrong direction because how they tend to protect one another and also protect what they think should be theirs which does mean that some of their disputes can get a little gory, but it is not just that alone no. There are a lot of people saying wolves are bad and that is a misconception in it's own right as we have two wolves inside ourselves as well. You can find a lot of images and documentaries explaining the misconception to some degree and some do go into detail. There is also educational videos on YouTube that do explain some things and even wolf sanctuaries devoted to this that you can see here. They also have a channel on YouTube to show a daily life of a wolf which you can find here.