About the wolf behind the Story

Personally I don't know how to start this as I don't often talk about myself and I apologize to anyone in the crowd that may not understand. I often keep to myself and don't chat with those not inside a circle of friends or family that I play games or associate in real life with as such I guess this is a way to start this off.

I was told I had a knack for writing by a few I knew but it never really took off till about early September of 2017, and from there it took off to what it is today and it has yet to stop me.

Still want to know more? Well I am a furry, odd as it may sound, it is true. This little number came about after a family member told me seeing that I really have an attachment to wolves about three years ago after I saw a documentary on wolves about fourteen years ago in which I loved wolves ever since, hence the name, background and what else you may find here as more pages come available. I knew I liked wolves since I was about fourteen after watching the documentary "Living With Wolves" but never knew about the reason that one would say manifested in a good way I might add to what it is today.

Want to know more about the stories I am writing? Well, that I'll have to say you will have to wait, however I do plan to put up a sneak peak of what it is after a title comes to mind. As it stands it is a story with no official title as such not a real story but it is progressing and is going to be in my opinion a good one. I plan to leave the true answers to the readers on what they you think as I like to hear what others have to say about what I do for this than rely on my own thoughts. Now the question is...

Are you ready?