Fenrir is making books

I would like to welcome you all the Fenrir's Book of Tails official website

Hello I call myself Fenrir though that is not my real name and I am currently making a story or set of stories from what comes to mind from any genre my mind can come up with and my current story I am in the works of making goes by the name Times of Change, and I want you, the reader to have a first wolf's eye view to what may be in store for the rest of it.

You can often find me on a game called Hackers Online. It will be easy to find me but there is a bit of a name difference from here and the game but that will change when the new game Hackers Online Reloaded comes out sometime next year from what was projected by the owner. The newest game by that owner is Hackers Online Reloaded which hopefully I will have the right name by then to correspond with the site here.

You are all welcome to join in to see what happens or comes available in time, and I do hope you enjoy your stay.

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