Industrial & Warehousing

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Large industrial sites always present a unique challenge for pest control. As well as the large scale of the buildings, there is the additional challenge of the ever changing environment of the site. The volume of traffic and stock entering and leaving a warehouse, presents a great opportunity for rodent pests to ingress into buildings. By ensuring that a comprehensive installation of external monitoring is in place, rats can be effectively targeted before breaching the building itself.

The challenges of controlling a large site, only begins with the size. Many sites are now audited by the British Retail Consortium, or similar organisation, and this adds additional requirements to pest control activities. A lot of sites will have strict monitoring compliance rules, that do not permit the use of rodenticide. By using a combination of close monitoring of vulnerable areas, and thorough proofing to maintain the fabric of the building, we are able to ensure that any ingression is proactively handled.

With experience in BRC sites, Food Production, the Auto Motive Industry and numerous other warehousing environments, we are ready to handle anything these industries have to throw at us.

With multiple loading docks, fire exits and metal cladding of the building itself, the opportunities for rodents to gain entry into a building are numerous. Quite often entry occurs through open doors, or unseen in deliveries to the site. By having a robust monitoring system in place, we can bring any infestation under control before it has an opportunity to escalate.

While internal issues are the biggest concern of any site, quite often there is a missed opportunity to identify the signs of an infestation externally. Evidence of insulation protruding through the outer skin of cladding. Damage by vehicles to the building or misaligned panels can all reveal opportunities for entry. By systematically ensuring these entry points are sealed and proofed, rodent issues can be brought to a close before they begin.

SPI & Flying Insect Control

Some of the most significant issues that can occur in industrial sites and factories. are caused by a variety of insects, that thrive in areas where nut and grain based foods are stored. If pallets of stock are left for any real length of time, these insects can reproduce and damage stock unnoticed.

Through the use of UVA units and pheromone glue boards, many SPI's can be effectively monitored and prevented, before they ever get a foothold on a site.

When an outbreak does occur, it is important that we have a thorough system of inspection quarantine and disposal in place to remove damaged stock and allow for chemical treatment of the area of infestation.