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Rodent Pests

Since the beginning of the Covid19 lockdown, there has been a large increase in the number of people now working from home. As a result, many of those people have noticed noises and signs of pest infestation, that previously went unobserved. This is in part due to restaurants closing their doors. Removing what was a once reliable food source, has resulted in many rodent pests to taking up residence in nearby homes. The other major reason from the increase in callouts for rodents, is that many home workers have a lot more time to observe the signs of infestation.

Insect Pests

The last 12 months has seen a decrease in some of the more typical insect pests usually found in houses. With holidays in the sun, and long weekends, now a distant memory, the instances of bedbugs and fleas has dramatically decreased. Instead, an increase of calls for contaminated wholefoods, damaged clothing and carpets have taken their place. Sometimes these issues can be resolved through thorough vacuuming and removing contaminated items, but if not professional intervention may be required.

Wasp & Hornet Control

To most people, wasps are little flying packages of pure evil, and getting stung, has a habit of confirming it. As painful as a wasp sting may be, these insects do a fantastic job of dealing with a variety of other garden insect pests. Unfortunately, they do have a habit of setting up shop in lofts, abandoned burrows and just about anywhere that will accommodate a nest.

While some folk decide to go down the DIY route, using a variety of sprays and potions available over the counter. The more savvy, seek professional assistance, from trained pest control professionals.

Moles & Rabbits

So the garden's just been landscaped, and you've finally managed to get that outdoor space you always dreamed of. No doubt you have had it just long enough to really start enjoying it. You throw back the curtains one morning, to find that the Moles have visited in the night, and left your lawn looking like a seen from a WWI battlefield.

Next comes the declaration of war. You'll spend hours researching your enemy. Probably buy some traps, or some suspicious looking powder that came in a packet with Chinese writing on it. In a fit of desperation you'll maybe even try some of the more outlandish remedies, none of which will work.

Fortunately, moles don't manage to survive these efforts through any great intelligence. If anything, they're probably aided by a large amount of folklore and dodgy home remedies. While even a professional can never guarantee to catch the culprit either, experience and the right tools can usually make the difference.

While rabbits might not always be an unwelcome site in gardens, there are occasions when they overstep the mark. From raiding veg patches, to undermining property, the damage they can do, varies from a minor irritation to an outright risk to property.

Luckily, there are a wide range of methods for controlling these long eared garden raiders. At Fen Pest we're always ready to discuss pest issues, and find a resolution to you problems.