More than just pest control.

At Fen Pest, we closely follow the latest developments in pest control products and equipment. Through working with a large social media network of pest controllers up and down the country, We share knowledge and experience of what works, and more importantly, what doesn't.

By combining the best products the industry has to offer, with traditional methods that are tried and tested, we're perfectly placed to tackle every pest a busy working farm might encounter.

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For crop farmers, it can be hard to stand back and watch while hundreds of feral pigeons, pillage seeds off a freshly sown field. Worse still are the many pit falls of trying to navigate the General License system, to ensure that you are acting within the law. By keeping up to date with the constantly changing conditions of General Licensing, we know what to be looking for, when satisfying a case for control.

While controlling birds in fields serves to help increase crop yield, the work has only really just begun. Once harvested and brought in to store, we then need to switch to controlling more traditional pests, such as rats and mice. Through monitoring areas likely to be affected all year round, we gain a head start on the movements and activities of any resident rodents. This in turn allows us to tackle problems before they spiral out of control.

Our knowledge, determination and drive to overcome farmland pests, is what results in ultimate saving for farmers through increased crop yield.

Seeing the Unseen.

As effective as we can be with our pest management. We know that persistent pest issues can become a nightmare. As an additional layer of monitoring, we often use cameras to monitor any problem areas. Through using cameras, equipt with Infrared Night Vision and IR lighting, no light is no problem. Owing to the discreet nature of the equipment, it allows us to gain valuable information needed, whether it's points of entry, food sources, or behaviour around traps.

At night a farm often comes to life with a whole variety of wildlife. This also includes a variety of pests. By attending these areas when problem pests are likely to be active, thermal imaging frequently provides a significant amount of information about what is active when the sun goes down. This allows, for effective action plans to deal those unwanted visitors, as well as helping avoid unwanted collateral damage.

Livestock Protection

While foxes are often viewed with a lot of controversy, at Fen Pest we believe they have their place in the countryside. Unfortunately, that place often comes into conflict with farming and livestock management. Control may be required to eliminate the threat to lambs and poultry. We are always on hand to work alongside farmers to bring these threats to a close.

Controlling Flies & Moths

In the height of summer, flies can become a significant issue for a variety of animals, Any build up of manure can result in the perfect breeding ground for a variety of flying pests. Whilst it might not be possible to completely eliminate the issue, there are some options available in the form of fly bags and chemical attractants, that can significantly reduce the problem to a tolerable level. Where issues occur in doors, EFK units & spray treatments can also be used to help eliminate problems.

Working dogs, work.

In recent years there has been a major shift in our approach to the use of rodenticide as a control method. With varying amounts of rodenticide being identified within birds of prey, it has become clear that all too often, it is resulting in secondary poisoning travelling throughout the food chain. The use of dogs for the control of vermin isn't new, but increasingly is proving to be one of the most effective ways to control large infestations and identify hot spot areas of activity in large commercial and industrial sites.

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