The Fennville Educational Foundation

Scholarships. Grants. Opportunities.



The Fennville Public Schools Educational Foundation is a volunteer organization dedicated to improving education for the students of the Fennville Public Schools. The foundation works toward this goal through financial support of special projects to Fennville teachers and staff, and with the awarding of scholarships to graduating seniors.

Each year the foundation awards thousands of dollars worth of scholarships to deserving Fennville High School students.

Our membership current consistent of the following FHS alumni and Fennville community leaders:

  • Dan Rastall, chair

  • Amy Cook, secretary

  • Alicia Rodriguez, treasurer

  • Mary McCracken

  • Merri-Lou Morehead

  • Tom Pantelleria

  • Rolando Martinez

  • Becky Crane

  • Juliet Michele, school board representative

  • Jim Greydanus, superintendent, Fennville Public Schools