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Empowering the Female Athlete

FENIX VB is committed to EMPOWERING the female athlete! Our priority is to know her as a whole person: who she is, her interests, her goals and her dreams. We will ensure that she is trained, supported, encouraged, challenged and has every opportunity to grow as a volleyball player and person. With encouragement and focus on LEARNING we build and maintain an environment that allows for learning free from ridicule of mistakes. Instead, we embrace mistakes and the opportunities they create for our athletes to become problem solvers and strong minded competitors. We will teach and train not just volleyball technique and concepts, but also prioritize skills off the court such as leadership, communication, goal setting and positive self esteem.

Our tenured coaches are passionate about volleyball and appreciate the opportunity to teach and lead athletes interested in putting maximum effort towards her passion and goals.

What's happening!

Apparel Day

OPEN HOUSE for athletes to try on uniforms, shoes, gear and more for the season! Brando from Nill Brothers will be joining us to answer any questions you may have. Online store will open that day.

@ Tomahawk Ridge Community Center in the Summit Room

Opportunities Still Available

We still have opportunities available for those athletes interested in FENIX VB!

Check out Athlete's Opportunities for more details or email us!