On Target for Your Pelvic Health Needs!

Who May Benefit from Pelvic Health Therapy?

  • Women of ANY age with bladder or bowel control problems

  • Pregnant or Post-Partum women with low back, hip, groin, tailbone, or sacroiliac (SI) pain

  • Women with a weak abdominal wall (post-pregnancy Diastasis Recti (DRA), post C-section, post-surgical scarring)

  • Women experiencing pelvic floor support problems ("dropped" organs)

  • Women experiencing physical pain with intimacy & intercourse

  • Women who have a primary pelvic organ disease (Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel, Cancer) & have developed secondary muscle or joint symptoms

What is Pelvic Health?

Pelvic health means incorporating specific lifestyle practices & exercise, to promote proper function in the pelvic girdle and the 3 organ systems housed within - the bladder, reproductive, and bowel systems. Women far outnumber men in having Pelvic Health issues, due to the added stress that childbearing causes. A certified "Pelvic Health" Physical Therapist (PT) can properly assess these structures and help you improve!

We focus on help!

  • 1 Hour Individualized Sessions

  • Reasonable Fee-For-Services

  • Coded Receipts for Insurance Submissions

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About the Work

Linda Mufich, PT | 913-229-5981 | femmefocuspt@gmail.com

- 20+ years experience in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
- APTA-certified Pelvic Therapist
- 200-hr Ashtanga & Pelvic Floor Yoga™ certified

Linda Mufich is the Founder of Femme Focus PT LLC. Before FFPT, she was a Clinical Physical Therapist with 30 years combined practice experience in in-patient acute & rehab, skilled care, out-patient ortho, spine & current women's health specialties.