On Target for Your Pelvic Health Needs!

Who May Benefit from Pelvic Health Therapy?

  • Women of ANY age with bladder or bowel control problems

  • Pregnant or Post-Partum women with low back, hip, groin, tailbone, or sacroiliac (SI) pain

  • Women with a weak abdominal wall (post-pregnancy Diastasis Recti (DRA), post C-section, post-surgical scarring)

  • Women experiencing pelvic floor support problems ("dropped" organs)

  • Women experiencing physical pain with intimacy & intercourse

  • Women who have a primary pelvic organ disease (Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Irritable Bowel, Cancer) & have developed secondary muscle or joint symptoms

What is Pelvic Health?

Pelvic health means incorporating lifestyle practices based in sound medical knowledge, as well as healthy exercises specific for the region, to promote proper function in the pelvic girdle and the 3 organ systems housed within - the bladder, reproductive, and bowel systems. Women far outnumber men in having Pelvic Health issues, due to the added stress that childbearing causes. A certified "Pelvic Health" Physical Therapist (PT) can properly assess these structures and help you improve!

We focus on help!

  • 1 Hour Individualized Sessions

  • Reasonable Fee-For-Services

  • Coded Receipts for Insurance Submissions

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About the Work

Linda Mufich, PT | 913-229-5981 | femmefocuspt@gmail.com

- 20+ years experience in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation
- APTA-certified Pelvic Therapist
- 200-hr Ashtanga & Pelvic Floor Yoga™ certified

Linda Mufich is the Founder of Femme Focus PT LLC. Before FFPT, she was a Clinical Physical Therapist with 30 years combined practice experience in in-patient acute & rehab, skilled care, out-patient ortho, spine & current women's health specialties.