Indoor Sculptures

Title: Renewal (The American Bald Eagle)

Status: Available

This piece was done with plaster of Paris and it has its own armature. it's not a cast but original.

It's about 13"x 12"x 9" painted in rusty gold

It's one of mu favorites because of the title and inspiration.

When a person is coming out with a renewal of strength, he comes out with full force, with action and determination and possibly a shout. One of my favorite scriptures is that "I will renew my strength like the eagles"

Let me know if you want it.

Talking Drum

The Rich Fish

the rich fish_Medium.mp4

There's a rich fish in everybody's direction. You can go fishing until you get yours just like Jesus did by instructing Peter to go fish for their taxes.

Humble Walk

Listening (Ears Alert)

Looking Up

Hold Your Head Up


Another Looking Up

Please contact me for details!