A good painting in my opinion starts from being very observant and generally studious.

You can be a careless or meticulous type of painter, that's just your style but you have to understand creativity in nature which means you have to look a lot and think a lot. Even house painters think a lot about how to combine the colors that attract and make sense and sometimes speak to peoples minds about what the place is about so painting does need a lot of thinking and processing.

Sometimes when you start to paint, you have something in mind but by the time you're done, it's something else. This is not unusual with quite a lot of artists and nothing wrong here but it's all about thinking and processing along side the painting and allowing some of the things you didn't plan to be as they show up because you observe they serve a good purpose in the outcome of your creativity.

This is a good thing if you're passionate about what you do otherwise it can be very frustrating when you're trying to achieve something but you're getting a different result half way through. Your heart must be in it, if you're going to be fulfilled in it and desire that it blesses your viewers for generations to come.

Stay tuned, we're only just beginning.

You may purchase some of my paintings here, originals or prints on canvas. If you desire originals, please contact me and I'll make that available if it's not sold yet.

This painting is available printed on canvas and the original is also available.

Modest Apparel; oil on canvas 11x14