Character creation is one of the simplest things to achieve, when it comes to animation.

One would think it's really a difficult task but all there is to it is to develop the ability to think like a 👶. In context, even spiritually speaking, you have to be able to think like a child in order to inherit eternal life. Think about it and ask yourself a question; what does it take after all? Why am I delaying myself ?, why do I think every character has already been designed and nothing new can be designed?

If you can ask, you surely can answer so let's begin from here.

This is a short story I was inspired to create after hearing Oprah sharing her best Christmas story. I was so blessed by it and thought it will be fun to animate because I had a song for it and it will be a blessing to others who may not have heard it especially coupled with a song in an animation such as this. So let it bless you and please watch it on youtube and leave a comment.

Thank you for your support,

... and I can't wait to hear how this story affects your life.

Sometimes, not necessarily always, if you can create one thing, anything at all, you have the ability to create a thousand more.

There's nothing wrong in trying and not liking what you're seeing yourself do until you begin to see what you like but too many of us like the drive thru approach, yes very convenient but has no substance of a real fulfillment.

Perfection is the name of the thief that's always trying to steal from people but there's good news here. In Character design and animation, perfection is not usually noticed because there's a lot of illusion going on here.

A basic drawing skill in moho pro, an easy to use 2d animation software for all skill levels. Hope you learn something new.

Bring your composition together before you start any animation. Starting from the basics.