Super-Powers of

Female Biology

live empowered by the rhythm of your menstrual cycle

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Do you know that a female's hormones don't just affect her ovaries, but her brain as well?

Do you know that her mood, libido, mental strengths, connection to her intuition (and more!) change during each phase of her monthly cycle?

As a cycling female, are you ever frustrated that you aren't as consistent as you feel pressured to be? Well, guess what?

Female biological rhythms are not designed to flow the same every week!

We live in a dominating culture that attempts to disconnect us from our natural rhythms and the powers of our bodies, and expects us to "perform the same every week."

It doesn't have to be that way.

And doing things differently can help us lower chronic stress levels, take better care of ourselves, feel more in our flow, and facilitate greater depth and growth in our personal, familial, and professional lives.

About the Workshop

Join me for a 2-hour online workshop on understanding the superpowers of female biology. When we understand the natural hormonal rhythms of rest and activity that affect our bodies and brains as females, we can be empowered to be agents of self-care and choiceful living. Together, we'll dive a little deeper into:

- Ancient wisdom and recent ground-breaking scientific research surrounding female cycles

- Honoring and living in tune with the phases, cycles, seasons, and transitions of our reproductive life rhythms

- How to live cyclically in a non-cyclical world

Join me as we celebrate the things that make us uniquely female humans.

Workshop is approx. 2 hours. Includes resources and link to recording.

Workshop Facilitator

Anna Hargadon Peterson is trained as a Chopra Center Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator, yoga and movement teacher, teaching-artist, guided imagery facilitator, and healing drum circle facilitator. She is a momma of three kiddos (hardest thing she's ever done) and always learning. She loves this ancient wisdom and the supporting modern research and how it has changed her and her family's life. Her company, Creating Well-Being LLC, strives to empower others to engage consciously in their own well-being.

Workshop Participant Feedback

"I really enjoyed this workshop. I have a hard time feeling grateful for my monthly cycle, and this really explained why it is important to have cycles in all aspects of our life and how to embrace the change and allow yourself time and space to appreciate every part of your personal monthly cycle, as well as seasons of change within your life."

"Loved it. The information is so valuable, and it was presented clearly, through words and graphics. Just a great "vibe" throughout the whole thing. The huge list of resources that was made available after the course was awesome. Every woman should take this class!"

"This workshop was so insightful! It brought together some of the other things I've been studying and learning lately and gave me a starting off point for further learning. I'm really excited to take the information here and use the ideas to understand my own rhythm."

"I thought I knew all I needed to know about living in rhythm with my menstrual cycle, but I was wrong. Anna's approach to teaching comes from the lens of self discovery (consciousness is the term) so there's literally always something to learn! I loved that I had time set apart to pay attention to myself and my needs. Also, I appreciated Anna's approach to talking about food and self care. So many people turn this wisdom into another impossible diet and that goes way beyond the mark. Anna's practical suggestions are 100% helpful and 0% shaming. Thank you!"