Fem.cine.anarchy 2019


(In alphabetical order by title)

Cerdita (Piggy)

Directed by Carlota Pereda (Spain, 2018)

New England / Maine Premiere

When Sara is bullied at the local pool and her clothes are stolen, she must get home wearing nothing but her bikini. The long walk home will mark the rest of her life.

embraces (& the touch of skin)

Directed by Sara Koppel (Denmark, 2019)

Maine Premiere

An animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.

fire girls

Directed by Chell Stephen (Canada, 2019)

Babygirl is gonna find out where Mom’s been sneaking off to in the night and have her eyes opened wide to the perils and power of womanhood along the way.

the gaze

Directed by Christina Raia (U.S., 2019)

East Coast / Maine Premiere

An actress is repeatedly catcalled on her way home from a shoot until just the right guy comes her way.


Directed by Zoé Salicrup Junco (U.S., 2018)

New England / Maine Premiere

When a young mother takes a risk to provide for her daughter, a stranger turns her transgression into a nightmare.

nuestra calle (OUR STREET)

Directed by Clara Santaolaya (Spain, 2018)

East Coast / New England / Maine Premiere

Together they stand up against and overcome the realities that others have chosen for them and, sometimes, a small day by day revolution can change everything.

pandora's charm

Directed by Alecia Jean Orsini Lebeda (U.S., 2017)

Maine Premiere

Most people don't box up their feelings, others do.

panic attack!

Directed by Eileen O'Meara (U.S., 2017)

Maine Premiere

This hand-drawn animation explores anxiety, obsession, and one woman’s slippery hold on reality.


Directed by Diana Belova (Russian Federation, 2019)

World Premiere

The wager’s conclusion at the bar drastically changes the ordinary life of selfish and egocentric Maria.

associate programmers

Shaula Evans

Shaula Evans is a writer, a speaker, and a social media consultant who specializes in building thriving online communities. She has offered diversity-positive online writing workshops since 2002. As the Director of Social Media for Stress Limit Design (2006-2007), she helped writers build audiences through online engagement. In 2012 she founded The Black Board, a forum for film, TV and sketch comedy writers, which became the official online writing community of the Black List and Go Into The Story; the Black Board was named one of the “Top 25 Accounts all Screenwriters Should Follow on Twitter” by Screencraft (2013), and one of the top screenwriting forums by Screenwriting Spark (2013) and Screencraft (2014). An alumna of École des Roches (France), Sophia University (Japan), St. Michaels University School and McGill University (Canada), she worked in international relations and cross-cultural communications in Japan and South Korea before moving to the US where she currently resides. She was honoured to be a final round reader for the Athena Film Festival‘s inaugural Athena List in 2014, which celebrates screenplays with strong female protagonists, and again in 2015. A former actress and director, she is also a poet, playwright, editor and translator.

Sabina Giado

Ethnically Sri Lankan, but born and raised in Dubai, Sabina Giado is a comedy filmmaker whose passion is empowered Muslim female protagonists. She was part of the first ever all-female comedy troupe, the Funny Girls, and the first improv troupe in the Middle East, Improv Revolution. Her greatest accomplishments to date? Her three short films in 1.5 years (wut wut). Her tornado, sorry, toddler son. The Funny Girls being mentioned in a TED Talk. An off-the-cuff remark on #activistpickuplines ending up in a Buzzfeed article (“I’m underrepresented. In your pants.”) And any number of failures that have made her who she is. She blogs at www.sabinagiado.wordpress.com and tweets at @SabinaGiado.

Special thanks to Annie Kelly Cormier, Betsy Carson and Wilma Davis.