At Feltracing, we impose four key challenges on ourselves every day as we’re writing a new product review article.

  • Never be satisfied

  • Always see beyond the limits of technology

  • Scrutinize the smallest of details on each bike to find out its advantages and what it is best for

  • Keep listening to our reader’s needs to categorize products as well as give you the most appropriate advice

  • To have top list products at hand to share with you, we put them through a gauntlet of tests and brutal real-world use.

How We Make the Best Product Reviews

How we do this

We’re confident in what we have learned for the past years in the bike-manufacturing process to set out our standards in finding appropriate products on the market through their online data, then make a comparison chart based on the critical elements.

This kick-off step seems to be not so important but in fact, it significantly helps differentiate the life span, key features, and material of the products.

To reinforce our choice, we also take and analyze customers’ feedback on each of our picks before deciding to purchase them for testing.

Every product once bought will then be used and tested for at least three months before our tester team jots down their final reports.

The last picks are the ones that satisfied both the manufacturer’s advertisement and our real-world tests.

Our ethics

We love a healthy lifestyle and greeny environments, which joining outdoor activities and playing sports are the best way.

We love sharing our knowledge and what we are good at with everyone. Helping one more individual to find out an appropriate bike or bike accessories for their needs is an undescribed joy

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