Research projects

Trajectories analysis:

stochastic dynamics of random walks and trajectories on random networks and in various spaces

(together with Ecole Polytechnique, INSEP, MIT lab)

Causality networks inference:

detection of causality from time-series

(collaborations with France, Ghent Univerisity, Dresden University)

Epidemics on networks:

analysis of the real datasets and data-representation techniques for the temporal heterogeneous data

presentation at CRI

(together with CRI and INRA, France)

Networks for social good:

inference from the data of scientific publications and collection of data

(together with CRI, Open Humans project)

Trajectories analysis in virtual space:

stochastic dynamics from data (project with M.Santolini and E.Barme, CRI, France) more info here

Project on the transportation dynamics: applications to Belgium train networks

(together with WWCS, Belgium Namur group, Utrecht Complex systems institute)

Topology and network dynamics:

how topological network properties are influencing dynamics on networks

(future project, France, Belgium, Germany, Los Alamos)

Lecturers without borders project


presentation about the project

(together with CRI, Göttingen Biodiversity, University, Barcelona University, Cambridge)

Analysis of spreading dynamics:

processes on heterogeneous graphs

(together with CRI, Tokyo Tech and Humboldt University)

Diffusion processes:

continuous limits of random walks and statistical physics of complex networks

(together with Ecole Polytechnique, MIPT, CRI)

Robotics project:

master project by Santino Nanini in collaboration with makar lab, CRI, Roberto Toro and Katja Heuer