Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Everyone has been through quite a lot over the past year. From the onset of what has been called a “global pandemic”, we tried to think primarily about the health and safety of our brethren, especially the elderly. Therefore, we initially shut down our local services for about a month as we began holding church services online.

Some have yet to forgive us for so looking out for the well being of our brethren, though I remain convinced we made the correct decision, for it would have haunted me for the rest of my life had one of our dear loved ones contracted the virus because of any such decision made lightly and without setting reasonable guidelines. Still, others may feel our re-opening local services to have been premature and too risky.

Regardless of all viewpoints, we continued having church services throughout the year, both online and local, giving brethren the same free will choice that God gives us all — to think and make decisions for oneself.

Reasonable health guidelines should always be common practice. Those who are sick and/or have a compromised immune system ought to stay away from others. We should regularly wash our hands and/or use safe sanitizers when frequenting public places or handling money. For added convenience, we’ve also provided hand sanitizers on our food table.

It’s also always helpful to clean up one’s own dining area, placing dirty plates, plasticware, napkins, and empty drink cups fully into the trash (not dangling out of the can). When applicable, please also clean up and dispose of everything children leave on/under the tables. Also, please ensure it’s OK with someone prior to hugging them.

Understanding that brethren hold varied feelings regarding health safety, let’s also strive to never grumble about such matters, as grumbling does not yield the Spirit of joy we have in Christ, nor does it serve to edify our congregation.

Think not only of oneself, but also of others, and strive to love one another as God has commanded.

In the Service of Christ Jesus,

Danny Jacques, FOW Pastor