Praises & Prayers

FOW praises the Father through Messiah for the blessing of a wonderful worship location!

Please also keep in prayer the Love Missions efforts.


People in general during these present sufferings — especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

Children throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions and recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups, especially in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Victims of natural disasters and the poor and down trodden here and abroad.

Spiritual guidance for our minister and elders to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will.

Stephen Glover's wife, Tracy, long suffering with pancreatic cancer.

Robert Gilreath is in need of continued prayer for healing.

Virgil Prindle for full healing.

Keri and Randy Aschenbrenner's son Jaxson for full healing.

Samantha Bright needs continued prayer.

Melanie, Doris Coffman's daughter-in-law, with lingering covid and hospitalized.

11/21/2021 - 11/28/2021


Please pause to pray for James Truan, son of David and Carol Truan. He had major dental work this past Wednesday to remove all his teeth. He is not doing well. He is in a lot of pain and is still having some bleeding issues. He cannot eat and anything he does force down comes back up.

Betty Hamlett asks prayer for Max Rudi. he is a friend of her granddaughter-in-law. He desperately needs a bone marrow transplant.

Aggie asks prayer for Peggy Wooten who is suffering with shingles all over her back. Aggie would also like for you to remember Vickie Mouland who is waiting for a heart.

I received the following request from Lois Henley:

Belva Hylton requests prayer for Linda Britain, a good friend and neighbor for 50 years. Linda broke her hip and is in tremendous pain.

Pam Nolan would like prayer for her friend who is the town's Librarian. Her name is Debbie Hunter, her husband Stan was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Please help me pray God in Christ will guide the doctors on the best treatment for them, give them peace of mind through this trial and heal Stan completely.

Please pause to pray for James Truan, son of David and Carol Truan. He had m

Please pause to pray for James Truan, son of David and Carol Truan. He had

11/14/2021- 11/20/2021


Please pause to pray for sister Cheryl Miller. Here is text from her prayer request:"... can you add me to the prayer list? I had an infected tooth pulled yesterday & in so much pain. They wouldn't give me anything for pain. And I have to have another surgery on my throat the Tuesday after Thanksgiving."

Bernard’s workmate’s mother passed away this week - prayers of comfort and healing requested for the family.

Please keep Bernard’s friend Jimmy Roberts in prayer while he struggles with some health issues.

Continued prayer for Jeff & Brenda Bertrand as Jeff searches for new employment in the Cincinnati Ohio area where they plan to move.

A sister in Christ is in need of spiritual discernment, peace, and healing.

Continued prayers of healing for Paul, Mel’s son.


Congratulations to Caroline and Norman their grandbaby has arrived.

Bernard gives praises to God for continued healing.

Bernard is thankful that a deer who nearly jumped out in front of him the other day didn’t, and is extra glad he was driving his Jeep rather than his motorcycle.

11/06/2021 - 11/13/2021


Becky Swiger got word today that she is being discharged from the Nursing Home and Rehab center on Friday. She is really excited about the chance to come home. Yesterday Alex (Ken's son) and I visited her mid-day and she was in great spirits and was able to walk from the bed to the bathroom without a walker!

Becky's mom, Imogene McKin, [95] passed away last evening at sunset [5:36 PM eastern]. We will be having visitation on Sunday from 1-2 PM with the funeral to follow. The funeral and visitation will be handled by Ralph Buckner Funeral home in Cleveland TN. Becky is scheduled to get out of the Nursing Home before noon on Friday, so I expect she will be able to attend the funeral.

Home address for cards:7343 Shaw Ferry Rd. - Lenoir City Tm. 37772

Please keep Mel's son Derek in prayer. He thought he was going to get to go home today after being hospitalized for covid. But when he got up to get ready his oxygen level drop to 88 so they kept him and put him on oxygen. Derek is Mel's oldest son. Prayer for his wife Nikki also.

Prayers for Darla she has not been doing to well, physically, since the Feast.

It is with great sorrow that I tell you of the passing of the Jacques sister-in-law. She was Danny's oldest brother Raymond's wife, Diane. She passed away yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) after many weeks in a coma from covid.

Here is the obituary for our brother in the faith, Hugh Buchanan [Maryland]. A memorial service of Hugh’s life will take place at 11:00 am November 14, 2021, at Stauffer Funeral Home, 1621 Opossumtown Pike, Frederick, MD. 21702.

Jeff & Brenda, a newlywed couple many of us met at the KY Lake Feast, are apparently being demonically attacked and are in need of comfort, healing, and discernment.

Comfort & healing among the Swiger & Jacques families for their losses this week.

One of Bernard’s workmates’ mother has an unidentifiable virus on her lungs and is in dire need of healing.


Mel’s son Derek is healing well and has returned home from the hospital.

Bernard gives praises to God for continued healing.

10/31/2021 - 11/06/2021


  • Mary Bunder asks prayer for he U.S. Supreme Court which is set to hear arguments on Texas’ Heartbeat Bill – which bans abortion after a heartbeat can be detected (about six weeks into a pregnancy)TODAY. Please pray for their safety and success as they take on the radical pro-abortion Left at the foot of the Supreme Court today.

  • Bill & Vickie Durkee report that their daughter in law, Sandy Durkee, is being rushed to the hospital via ambulance with head injuries [front/face, and back of the head] that she received in a fall out of a tall pickup truck.

She did not want to go to the ER, but she is now unresponsive and her husband, David, got the emergency responders to come out and get her. Apparently she has been in and out of consciousness. David says her eyes are swollen shut so that she cannot see.

It is believed she will be taken to the hospital in LaFolette, but then on to University of Tennessee hospital.where they can deal with trauma to the brain. Sandy fell in the bathtub and hit her head in the past month, but did not seek medical treatment at that time.

  • UPDATE: Sandy Durkee is not out of the woods yet, but we do have positive developments to share with the prayer team. Tonight they are saying her crushed bones in her face are only fractured now and will not require multiple surgeries for reconstruction. Also, at this time they are NOT going to try to relieve the pressure in her brain from the brain bleed. They are going to take a wait and see attitude.

  • I am purposely including this entire letter from Stephen because I know so many people are concerned and praying for Tracy and Stephen:

Hello to the Jacques and the beloved brethren! Our prayers are for your complete healing and strength going forward in the works of God. Hallelujah!

While Tracy was entirely supportive of moving them here, the added stress in our home was not helpful with her weakened condition. Therefore, the family decided it would be best to have her stay a couple of months with her sister in Irvine, California. She has been able to visit with her mother, who lives nearby, and our son John and his wife Bre have also been able to visit regularly. Bre is expecting in December/January so Tracy will hopefully be able to see an additional grandchild. Then we hope that she will feel strong enough to make the taxing trip back to Montgomery--that is if Yahweh Rapha has not completely healed her body by then!

Presently, Tracy is on hospice palliative care and they have her on a pump for the pain medication. A port in her leg may have helped produce a blood clot so they moved the port to her abdomen. She is receiving injections of a drug that reduces the clotting of the blood and they plan to start a blood thinner soon. One problem has been the nausea associated with pancreatic cancer, so they are also planning to have another pump supplying the nausea medication.

Clearly her life and service to the brethren is fully in the hands of our loving Creator. Tracy calls the difficult times the "wind and the waves" and her "light affliction." Thank you for joining the prayers ascending to the Messiah for His promised "rest." Whatever happens in the flesh, we know and believe in the faithfulness and enduring love our the Father and His Son in heaven!

  • Prayer Request frim Gaye Finley's sister-in-law Kaye for an elderly neighbor Kathleen.

  • John Wilkins does not have covid but feels very flush.

  • A Friend Gail and her husband have some very serious health issues. He is in the hospital.

  • A friend Peg's brother-in-law has covid and is very seriously ill. All of the above are from Gaye.

  • Darla has several prayer requests she give only to God.

  • Mel needs spiritual intervention for her son Paul.

  • Bernard asks healing and peace for Ned Percival struggling with many family members in various issues.

  • Various healings for Bernard.

  • Spiritual intervention for the Bright Family.

  • Mel's son Derek has COVID, please pray for an expedient full recovery.


  • Bernard gives thanks to God for the healings of this week and for our being one week closer to Messiah's kingdom soon to come.

  • Another Update: We learned last night that Sandy Durkee is doing so well that she may be moved out of ICU and stepped down to a regular room. Considering the nature of her injuries, that is certainly a PRAISE REPORT. Please join me in giving thanks to our Heavenly Father for answering our prayers for this lady. God is still in the miracle business.

• Christine’s mom, Lauretta, needs financial blessings to enable her to move her mobile home where can be surrounded by fellow believers as times gets more unstable.

• Healing for Christine’s mom Lauretta’s sister in law, Sara, to recuperate well and be released from rehabilitation center after falling. She is very frail and they may recommend she go to nursing home but she does not want to go there!!

• Praise YH!! Daniel Smith said “Thank you for the prayers! YH had given me the best of everything! And more! In just 5 days I’m healed up enough to drive. Bandages off, the best hospital, doctor and nurses. And not a word about the cover lie fear hoax — Zero! Praise the good Lord y’all! I’m praying for you all and thank YH for each of you!”

• Praise: Continued baby steps forward in healing for Mel’s son Paul while looking to find his feet.

• Connected to that praise: My prayer for Paul and others whose loved ones are saying "there is no God” that prophecy be fulfilled! As stated in Acts 2:17 “In the last days God says, i will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.” — Let’s pray that our lost loved ones will have visions and dreams to show them that YH is real! So, as I see it, we are praying something already promised by Abba Father!! :)

• Praise: Thank YH for the Sabbath — a day to appreciate the strength, patience, and love we were given with which to handle the stressors of the week!

• HUGE PRAISE that our “eyes” have been opened to be knowledgeable about the truth of what is going on in the world and we are strengthened by His Holy Word to be His lights and witnesses to a fearful world, and that we have a better future than what this zany world is offering!