Fellowship of the Word holds two special services during our Lord's Biblically appointed time for the Passover.  See our Schedule for service times.

The first is the Passover service itself which honors and proclaims Jesus Christ's sacrifice as our Passover Lamb, including His institution of the New Covenant symbols for His body & blood, being unleavened bread & wine as exemplified with His apostles during the evening He was betrayed.  We also observe foot washing during this service as well so please bring a basin and towel.  We ask that everyone arrive 30 minutes ahead of time for personal meditation.

The second, often called “Night Much to be Observed” (literally: “night watch vigil”) is a memorial celebration of ancient Israel's Exodus from their lengthy Egyptian slavery, which includes fellowship and a congregational meal (not a Seder).  An RSVP is requested to make appropriate accommodations for the meal.

Being children of God in His New Covenant, we understand that the new symbols of our Messiah’s body & blood (unleavened bread & wine) were given as a replacement for the Old Covenant symbols for His body & blood (the yearly metaphorically sacrificed Passover lambs).  Our understanding is that Jesus Christ, Yahshua Messiah, is our Passover Lamb whose slain body and shed blood washes away the sin of the world, which all prior Passover lamb sacrifices symbolically represented.

For the complete list of God's annual appointed times visit our Holy Days page.