Fellowship of the Learning Activities

Learning Activity Designs - Indicators - Learning Analytics Tools/Dashboards

Next workshop: EC-TEL 2020

  • Introduction

  • Adding new cards to the game

      • Add pedagogy/educational vision cards

      • Add Technology Enhanced Learning cards

      • Add What do you want to know cards

  • Demonstration Card Adding & Review Device (C.A.R.D.)

  • Play the game

  • Questions

If you want to contribute to the game, or are interested in how to do a workshop with it mail: Marcel Schmitz

In an effort to bridge the gap between learning analytics (LA) and learning design this workshop presents a multidisciplinary perspective on the design of learning activities. The serious (board) game used in the workshop demonstrates opportunities to create awareness, use the game as a design tool, and design learning activities with LA in mind. Workshop results are added to a knowledge community where a collection is made of used connections between learning-enhancing technologies and LA, and of used examples of what teachers and students want to know from learning activities and how they register it in practice.

There are several card decks in this play. For instance the blue, red, yellow and purple (also white but they are not displayed here). Click on the cards below for more information per card deck.

Every Learning Activity Consists of several Interactions.

Every Interaction can be enhanced with Learning Enhancing Technology

With every Interaction one can wonder "What do we want to know of this interaction?

Whatever pedagogy or educational vision you come from. A Learning Activity is always present.

Our play board is presented here:

We are always available for help or support. Let's learn together to create together.

Buy your own copy at: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/fellowship-of-the-learning-activity1

Or use the files from our figshare account, please cite:

Schmitz, Marcel; Scheffel, Maren; Bemelmans, Roger; Drachsler, Hendrik (2019): Fellowship Of The Learning Activity - Learning Analytics 4 Learning Design Game.. figshare. Media.