"Due to an injury, I had severe chronic upper back and shoulder pain for a year. After only a few adjustments by Dr. Slinde my pain was gone. He has also greatly helped my sinus problems as well as lower back, hip, and knee pain. With his continued care, I am gradually returning to my normal lifestyle." TS, Stoughton

"I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Slinde for restoring my faith in chiropractic. He is indeed an asset to the field of health care, and Stoughton is lucky to have him taking such wonderful care of us!" SB, Stoughton

"In my case, frequent headaches, chronic neck and back pain, muscular tension and an overall lack of well being were my companions on a nearly daily basis. I made a conscious decision that I would not 'prematurely embalm' myself with prescribed drugs or those I could buy over the counter. My body was not designed to be a chemical cesspool. I knew that in time those 'quick-fix' remedies would likely result in more suffering. I did not want to start that sort of vicious cycle. Therefore, I just lived with the pain the best I could. But, no longer! I came to Slinde Chiropractic because I was tired of suffering. The Gonstead System of chiropractic care in a rather short period of time has me feeling at least 90% improved. This system is far removed from the 'bone crunching' traumatic care so many are familiar with. Dr. Slinde is a master at his art and the system really works. He has my heart-felt thanks." - SH, Stoughton

"I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but have never experienced anything like I have at Slinde Chiropractic. I feel like a new person! I have already recommended him to friends and family!" SP, Evansville

"I have been having low back, neck, and shoulder pain for about 8 years. I have missed work in the past from these problems, but the biggest effect on my life is being 32 years old and feeling more like 80 years old! I've seen other chiropractors in the past, but none of them use the system of chiropractic that Dr. Slinde does. After being adjusted, I have less pain and am healthier, which has greatly improved my attitude. I have already recommended Slinde Chiropractic to others." LW, Stoughton

"For years I was reluctant to go to a chiropractor. Finally, a friend convinced me to give Slinde Chiropractic a try. I have no more pain, and I am healthier than I've been in a long time. I recommend them highly!" EF, Stoughton

"When I race, I want to be at my best. Having raced cars for 14 years, I've come to realize that I must be in great shape to perform at my best. Nowadays, I get checked and aligned on a regular basis. I've learned a lot in the past months, and one of the things Dr. Slinde has shown me is like my race car, everything has to be maintained and checked frequently for optimal performance. My body is no different in that respect. Before I had chiropractic care, I had a lot of ear infections, headaches, no energy, and lots of other problems. Now, I feel like a new person, I hardly every get sick anymore and most importantly, I'm able to perform at my best. Thanks Dr. Slinde!" RC, Madison

"I was experiencing pain in my shoulder which hampered my competitiveness in basketball. My father recommended I go to Slinde Chiropractic. I went, and after the first adjustment the pain was gone. It has significantly improved my ability to compete on the basketball court." NH, Stoughton

"I have had severe back pain for over 3 years. After Dr. Slinde's care, I am now free of pain! I feel like I have a new lease on life!" MM, Stoughton

"I have recently retired and I have many things that I want to do. Earlier this year when I would wake up in the morning I could hardly move my head and shoulders, in fact, my whole body was stiff and I just felt like laying in bed all day. So much for all the things I wanted to do now that I'm retired! Well, a friend noticed that I was suffering and he suggested I go see Dr. Slinde. Dr. Slinde explained to my why I was having these problems and I followed through with his recommendations. These days people compliment me on my improved posture. I feel so much better now, I'm able to move my neck and shoulders freely in the morning...I'm busy enjoying retirement and good health. I have already recommended you to my friends and family!" RR, Stoughton

"After 65 years of pushing it to the max, my lifestyle began to catch up with me. I began experiencing a considerable loss of flexibility and constant back problems. These problems have not only affected my health, but have also seriously impaired my ability to work and enjoy my hobbies. I have used chiropractic services in the past with limited success. After being adjusted by Dr. Slinde, I'm virtually pain-free, I'm able to experience restful sleep once again, and I'm back to my normal 60-hour work weeks. Best of all, I am now looking forward to the next 40 years! Dr. Slinde has made this possible for me. Thanks Doc!" CH, Stoughton

"I had an injury a while back that left me with severe headaches, back and neck pain, trouble breathing and depression. I saw several doctors and a physical therapist which did nothing to fix my problem. I saw one of Dr. Slinde's ads in the newspaper and hadn't heard of his system of chiropractic before. I decided to give it a try. It wasn't long before my headaches stopped, my neck and back pain disappeared, I was able to bend again, I could breathe better, and my outlook on life has improved dramatically! Thank you Dr. Slinde!" RC, Stoughton

"I came to Slinde Chiropractic because I was suffering from migraine headaches. I feel healthier since starting chiropractic care, the most noticeable difference being the lack of pain or soreness after sports. I attribute this to my neck and back feeling stronger and my body being aligned properly. I have noticed my ability to endure longer periods of physical activity without feeling as "run down" or physically drained. Also, I haven't had a migraine since I've started going to Slinde Chiropractic. I would absolutely recommend Slinde Chiropractic to friends and family." CH, Madison

"Chiropractic has been a part of my life for many years. I get adjusted to be as healthy as I can be. One of Dr. Slinde's favorite sayings is, "It's not just about how you feel, necessarily, but how you heal that's important." The adjustments not only make me feel better, but as Dr. Slinde points out, there's more to being healthy than just feeling good. I don't just want to feel good...I want to be as healthy as I can be! Chiropractic helps me do just that!" JN, Stoughton

"I have had very severe allergies ever since I was 8 years old. My mother knew that Dr. Slinde used to have allergy and sinus problems before he started with chiropractic, so she started taking me with her. The adjustments greatly reduced my allergy symptoms and at times I experience no problems whatsoever. Soon, I hope to be off all medication! Not only do I feel better, buy my posture is better too. I have had good results with chiropractic!" MC, Evansville

"My mom read about it and asked if I had ever heard of it before. I hadn't, so I decided to try it. Due to my job, I do a lot of lifting and bending, and was always having tension, stress headaches and lower back problems. Since learning about the Gonstead system, and starting care with Dr. Slinde, I am feeling a lot better. Most chiropractors I have been to just work on the spots that are sore, and tell me to come back when the pain returns. The pain always returns, and I seem never to get better. With the Gonstead method, Dr. Slinde has corrected the problem areas of my spine and I now go periodically to stay "tuned-up" so that I won't have the problems I had before in the future. I feel healthier than I have been in a long time, and I am very impressed with the Gonstead system, and will continue using it." SB, Stoughton

"I stand over a work bench all day, and have had a lot of problems with my neck and back. Thanks to Dr. Slinde, with about 6 adjustments the pain and stiffness is gone!" MN, Stoughton

"I have been going to medical doctors for years for sinus problems, aches and pains in my neck and back. I went to Dr. Slinde for just a few times. My pains are almost gone, and my sinuses are much better. Many thanks to Dr. Slinde." LC, Edgerton

"After years of chiropractic care, the results weren't as noticeable anymore. I went to my medical doctor and had an MRI and other tests. I was told there was nothing they could do at the time. I went to see Dr. Slinde and with a few adjustments I am feeling great again! I recommend everyone try Slinde Chiropractic." DG, Stoughton

"I had a sudden onset of neck and shoulder pain. After suffering much pain for 2 days, I decided to call Slinde Chiropractic for an appointment. Dr. Slinde showed me where my problem was. After a couple of adjustments, I was feeling much better and could turn my head with ease. I am very pleased with the adjustments and have never experienced anything like this before. I currently get checked periodically to stay at my best!" LB, Stoughton

"I had a year or so of knee pain. I went to physical therapy for 4 months with no results. My mom suggested trying chiropractic care. After 3 adjustments, I had already felt improvement from his help. Now, I have no pain and I am thankful for Dr. Slinde's care!" BV, Stoughton

"For years I gave my family a hard time about going to the chiropractor. Just recently, I injured my back and was in terrible pain. My son-in-law kept telling me to go see Dr. Slinde, but I put it off until the pain became unbearable. I finally went as a last resort. Dr. Slinde made me feel 100% better. He spent time with me. I used to call them "bone-crushers" but now I tell all my friends to check Dr. Slinde out. It was worth it!" JD, Stoughton

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