What is docASSIST?

docASSIST is a Google Docs Add-on whose primary feature allows teachers to create customized rubrics for their students to guide their online written assignments. The goal of docASSIST is to create an easy-to-use application to provide students with better feedback about their schoolwork while assisting teachers in organizing their assignments and gradebooks.

For additional support regarding docASSIST, please email the team at:

docASSIST for Teachers

docASSIST provides many features for teachers to use, such as:

  • Using your own rubric to keep track of reviews and revisions on each of your students documents
  • Creating and editing a customized rubric for your students
  • Reviewing the document and giving feedback by simply highlighting a section of the document and selecting the corresponding category from the rubric you created
  • Persistent feedback and notes are for the student to see later if they revise the document
  • Sharing custom rubrics with other docASSIST users, especially useful if there is a school-wide rubric
  • Draft versioning feature, allowing you to take a snapshot of the document and save it for future reference
  • Google Classroom integration, allowing teachers with a Google Classroom account to create assignments from within docASSIST and push them to their Classroom
  • Archiving of unwanted rubrics for future reference

docASSIST for Students

docASSIST also provides many useful features for students, such as:

  • Having the rubric as part of the document so the student can easily see it while they are writing
  • Viewing and responding to feedback from the reviewer use the Revise tool
  • Receiving emails when documents are ready for revision after being reviewed by the teacher
  • Peer reviewing other students work
  • Easy assignment submission to the teacher straight from the document via the "Turn In" button