First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for showing us that we aren’t alone in this frustration and alone in this fight against the use of discriminatory algorithms by FB/IG.

Thank you for wanting to help find a solution.

It’s not a new experience for us to have a post or product taken down without any reasonable way to appeal and have them restored, and as time has gone on the problem has changed from an occasional nuisance to being completely out of control. Even products and posts that are entirely harmless and have no use of innuendo are being taken down at rapid speeds, and we now know that we aren’t alone. We believe that the algorithms in place are targeting LGBTQIA+ accounts because it’s more inherent for our community to talk openly about gender and sexuality. Our business, GAYPIN’, and our community have been built on being unapologetically queer, and we believe that as contributors to these platforms we deserve to exist and thrive in these spaces without bias.

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