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Post # 1 - You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER. You simply forgot how to PLAY. TOGETHER you are INVINCIBLE. Q828.






FIGHT the censorship.

You, the PEOPLE, have ALL the POWER.

You simply forgot how to PLAY.


They want you divided.

They want you silenced.


We are WITH you.




They want you DIVIDED.

How can some be so blind?

Help them wake up.

Estimated 20mm reached.

Question everything.

Keep talking.

Stand up.

Fight fight fight.

How do they control children?

What prevents a child revealing the truth?



You are a strong Patriot.

Do not give in - fight, fight, fight.

You have more friends than you can imagine.





The Great Awakening.

Fight, Fight, Fight.



Why are we here?

Why are we providing crumbs?

Think MEMO.


Not convinced this is spreading?

You, the PEOPLE, have THE POWER.

You, the PEOPLE, just forgot how to PLAY.


APART you are weak.












This is more important than you can imagine.



Fight, Fight, Fight.

DEMAND public disclosure.


This is just the beginning.

2018 WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




MSM coming - BIG WAY.

We see all.

We hear all.


CONSPIRACY push coming.










Post # 2 - Q’s HIDDEN CODE in Q830 CRACKED!

This is why the Florida shooting happened!

​Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the Occult. For a solid foundation, make sure you explore the previous posts of my Q Occult Series.

[Archiver NOTE: the Occult Series Posts are highlighted in a different color since they are not necessarily all together - go to Posts page and scroll through the posts. The earliest post has the lowest number.]

​ Ok guys, today, we are going to do something different. This is going to be very exciting. I will use some of the skills I have developed throughout the years reading the Bible and the Quran, breaking them down in sequences and finding their hidden mathematical patterns, to decipher Q’s latest post.

​ We will focus on Q830 where he is asking these very important questions:

Define false flag? -

What event(s) change the news cycle? -

Why didn’t LV change the news cycle?

​Q is obviously telling us that the focus here is the Florida shooting which, unlike LV, successfully changed the news cycle. So, we have:


You have more than your know


Misspellings matter.

Sentence formation matters.



We deduce from these 2 lines that the ‘r’ purposely added to the ‘you’ is where the code is.

‘r’ is the 18th letter of the alphabet.

Let us pick in Q#830 every other 18 character and start at the next line every time we have a word or the anagram of a word.

Follow through, this is what we get: image.

​Dropping the punctuation, we gather this:


​N being the 14th letter of the alphabet, we can write it like this:

​SHE NEWS PILED GF 14 14 14 Which, translated in common language reads:

She piled on the news because of Guccifer 14 14 14.

​These 3 14’s are the 3 BOOMS in Q#830, Q#833 and Q#838.

This is code for the shooting that happened on Feb 14th.

​And of course, everybody knows who "she" is...

​So there you have it: the Florida shooting was to pile on explosive news that was about to come out regarding Guccifer. That is what Rosenstein was about to reveal and could not because of the news cycle being taken over by the shooting. Since the poor guy had to say something because the press was already invited and first leaks started showing up , he came up with that 13 Russian hacker nonsense.

​For confirmation, ask yourself why, in November 2017, Mueller added to his team Ryan Dickey, the very prosecutor whose highest-profile case was... Guccifer.

​Yes, Mueller is on our side, if you did not know.

Re-read: Q#14. Mueller has a highly honorable military background. He is a patriot. He is in the network of the Military who convinced Trump to run. He was never after being appointed as FBI Director by Trump, that was not possible, as explained in Q#18. So why did he meet with Trump one day prior to FBI announcement? If you don’t know, ask Nancy Pelosi, she knows: read. They have been played.

​They will never attack Mueller, they all have something to hide and know his retaliation could be deadly. It’s Sunday, good time to re-watch Troy.

​Guccifer is the smoking gun. Mueller figured it out. Tracy Beanz too.

Post # 3 - COVFEFE: Trump warns MSM. The Covfefe Decoding Method.

Let us use the covfefe tweet example to show another decoding method we will call the Covfefe Method.

​If you walk around Q’s board and see a similar environment, meaning a random word appearing out of nowhere, you know you are in a “covfefe” environment and may try this method.

​ So here is Trump’s tweet:

​“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Let us assume “covfefe” to be the key of our coded message.

​You write the text without any spaces and apply the key to the text following these simple steps:

( )

( )

( )

A​nd there you have it.

​It seems Trump’s war against MSM will not stop until we have an undisputed winner…


Libel laws.

End of MSM.


Post # 4 - Q Occult Series. Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns. PART1.

​Guys, I know you like short things but this one is going to be a little longer and trust me, it will be worth it. :D

Let’s take a close look at:



Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns

Expand your thinking.


​ Q is telling us members of the FBI, the Department of Justice, Obama White house and the State Department are publicly posing as government agents but, in fact, they are clowns.

The first interesting thing to note is how Q ordered these institutions. It seems he ascends from the FBI to O-WH and descends back to SD. Think again. That does not look like Q. Reality is he ordered them ascendingly and he is disclosing this amazing secret: SD is above O-WH!

​Wait, whaaaaaaat ?!

​Fasten your seatbelts guys, because we are going for a ride!

​ Globalists are trying to run the world through government right? But the problem is there are many governments and people in government change, so they figured: let’s create and control a structure that globally transcends borders and locally controls people in government. What would that be? Yes, you guessed it, the Intelligence Community.

​ Expand your thinking: how about seeing CIA, Mossad, DGSE, MI6 etc… as part of a unique network, like franchises of the same unique office which is in charge of spying on humans at a global level?

​You think that’s new?

Think again: Cardinal Richelieu powerfully ran the French Government without the King of France being able to challenge him by using intelligence on members of the Royal Court and the people.

You think the Vatican introduced confession in the Catholic dogma so you can erase your sins just by talking about them?

Hell no!

Confession was a scam to gather intelligence on everybody and use it to run the government, pass laws and wage wars through blackmail.

​ Nothing new under the sun: your today confession is your Iphone and the cloud service you subscribed to. Richelieu is the Intelligence Community having technical oversight on your ISP through electronic vampirism…

If you doubt that, Q is helping you out with his post Q713 pointing to this article.

​So the CIA, which essentially runs the State Department, is the local hand of that global intelligence structure with the mission of running the world through intelligence.

This is why Q makes it supersede the Obama White House.

​ Now Trump is in charge and he is not buying it. He says “America First”. He says “Make America Great Again”. Hence the silent but deadly war we are witnessing and being part of thanks to Q’s guidance.

​ In reality, Trump is not at war against the Intelligence Community, he is at war against those who created them and control them. We will talk about these creators in the next parts but here is a hint: “All roads lead to Rome”. Watch this video.

​ Compare these images: Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4.

​ If you guys are following and show me you want me to, I will upload part 2 which explains what I think Q really means by “clowns”. In the meantime, for preparation, these are the best 2 hours you could spend to understand what is coming:

Jade 2, Orwellian Artificial Intelligence Network.

Post # 5 - Q Occult Series. Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns. PART2.

​ Ok guys, so we are still dissecting Q’s post #714 and this part aims at studying what he really means by “Clowns”.

Q328 reads: Light will defeat darkness.

​ So there is a war. A war between Light and Darkness and Q is telling us the outcome of that war. Did you guys have to wait for Q to know there was a subtle war going on? Some of us probably read it in the Old Testament, the New Testament or the Quran. And those who are not into the revealed Holy Books probably watched Star Wars or some kind of movie along those lines… What I personally like about Holy Books is that they hint at very valuable information that you happen to understand through experience. If you read these books without connecting them to your life experience, you are like reading the restaurant menu, thinking about the food, salivating (or not) without ordering. But when you get to taste that fish they called “Fouquet’s Goujonettes de Merlan avec ses pommes de terre Agria” in the menu, you understand why they bothered putting some cryptic beauty and poetry in the name of the dish…

So, let’s read the menu for a second:

​“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”.2 Corinthians 2:11

​This verse explains that among the rules of engagement in this war, the armies of darkness HAVE TO disclose their intentions. You would think, well, that’s cool, this gives us an upper hand. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

​ The armies of darkness manage to comply with that rule without giving away their intentions in a direct manner. What they do is hide things in plain sight, trick you to buy beyond the sale, use symbols and coded language to get you to eat from the poisonous trees of bogus rhetoric and false knowledge.

​And where did they gather all these poisonous trees?

Yes, you got it: in Holy Wood!

The metaphysical purpose of Holy Wood and all essentially related tools such as the music industry, the media, advertisement, school etc… is to enable the legions of darkness to be in compliance with the disclosure rule without drawing too much of our attention. This is why they spend billions of dollars to produce music, movies and series for you to download and make you believe production costs and these celebrities private jets and mansions are financed by advertisement!

Come on. Really?!

Sorry for this long introduction, but I had to lay these foundations.

​So… clowns. What does Q mean? Let’s apply what we have just said and hear it from the horse’s mouth.

​Watch this video. Decrypt the video.

​ From this, we now know the clown is any individual who has surrendered to organized evil hidden forces and signed a contract with them to further their agenda through a co-operation.

​ In the excellent book “Clowns, In Conversation with Modern Masters”, we learn: “in the 5th dynasty of Ancient Egypt, around 2500 BC, this paradoxical relationship between the sacred and the profane was solved in one fell swoop; the priest and the clown became the same person”.

That makes perfect sense: the priest would have access to sensitive information (true or false) about the future by studying the stars, interacting with spirits or using any other ritualistic process. This information would not always please the Pharaoh or the king, so clowning was a good way to pass on the information under the disguise of humor without risking to be killed by an angry ruler. So basically, the one who had privileged knowledge about the laws of the universe, the “law-yer” of the royal court, was also a clown. He was a spiritual clown in the sense that he was activated/informed by hidden entities or through occult knowledge, but he was also a physical clown in the sense that he had to play a role to disclose the information and enforce the commands he was given.

​ Compare: Image1 Image2 Image3 Image4 <=[archiver's note: images #2 and #4 can no longer be located - although these are the proper archive addresses.]

Guys, do you realize what is being said here?!

​ We are saying the clowns are the intermediaries between hidden entities and our political/judiciary/ruling infrastructure. Though the clowns, evil forces from the invisible realm are governing us using our institutions! Let that sink in for a minute.

Take another minute.

​End of Part 2.

Post # 6 - Q Occult Series. Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns. PART 3.

In part 2, we have established that through the Clowns, evil forces from the invisible realm are governing us using our institutions.

​I am sure at this point, those who read Holy Books among you have realized what we have just said was already in the ‘menu’. ​Right here:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12

​ Q is telling us the ongoing war is a subtle war with battlefields in the physical AND the spiritual realms and that the Clowns are the entities between these realms working for the dark side. They have a human appearance but, in fact, they are spiritual entities disguised in human form. This trans-formation is achieved through rituals and these rituals are why secret societies were created. Secret Societies are the “gates” through which these entities enter our dimension.

​ Pull Q704.

​You see the airport “gate” sign?

And in Q700 to Q703, Q wants us to focus on [e] [-] and [5].

​ The fifth letter of the alphabet is e and it is the initial for the word “element”. [-] symbolizes the link, the gate, the connection. The fifth element, in addition to earth, fire, air and water, is the element Aristotle called aether and the Indians called akasha. This element is the building block of the spiritual realm and the star system. Knowing how to manipulate it through rituals gets you to enter the spiritual realm through “gates”. It’s now time for you to go re-watch Stargate and The Fifth Element!

​ Besides the double meaning of a possible letter substitution e>a [-5] coded text which is confirmed by post #706, what I think is essentially being said from post 700 is: JFK was killed by the people in secret societies, who through their knowledge of the fifth element and star gates, trans-formed to Clowns.

​ Clowns In America… CIA… “Maybe it should just be the first meeting of the secret society”. Lisa Page.

​ I now realize how hard Q’s mission is. If he had come out of the blue saying what I am saying here, no one would have picked up. He is methodically and patiently trying to get us there.

​ I am sure after this post, many will put me in the “lunatic drawer”. Does not matter, I believe Q is real, I believe he has the skills to get us there. And when that happens, some of you will be like: “I remember the lunatic guy said this a while ago”. That will be their first experience of the ‘menu’! :D

​ So the question now is what is the relation between this Q’s post and the one right before where he is linking us to an article describing how the Clowns In America and Google are investing in “Future” of Web monitoring?

​ That will be part 4 guys. And by the way, I am not teasing. I am trying to keep my posts not too long and also give the opportunity to people to study the links and complement through their research and comments.

​ In part 4, we will, with the Grace of God, dissect the article, explain how it is related to Clowns and how it explains why O-WH purged the military…

​In the meantime, for preparation, please watch this video.

​End of Part 3.

Post # 7 - Q Occult Series. Q #133: [Hard to Swallow – Important to Progress. Q] This is key guys! Part 1.

​Let’s continue our analysis of Q posts from the occult perspective. Once again, take the time to read previous posts for foundation.

Q #133 is essentially telling us that power is a triangle (3 sides): financial, military and political. 3 bloodlines have partnered to occupy the powers on each side of the triangle:

1. Financial, controlled by the [H]ouse of Saud: through slush funds, they buy politicians and policies and finance rogue operations (Isis). The recently arrested Prince Al Waleed is the front but he is not the ultimate owner of the funds. His prince reputation is used by the real puppet masters so they can remain in the dark. This is what Trump meant with the word ‘daddy’ in this tweet.

Q confirms it here: Q #133: [Public wealth disclosures – false] and here: Q #134: [What will bank records provide? List names, family history, investment/ownership stakes, and point-to-point contacts].

The day Al Waleed is released, with the lumbering help of Mockingbird MSM, he sends a secret message to his 'daddies' insisting on a mug (mug shot?).

Watch: video 02:47.

2. Military, controlled by the [R]othschild: through ownership of the banking system and its Bretton Woods consolidation (not to confuse with the slush fund above) they control the military-industrial complex: who has money to buy weapons and who does not, who has weapons and who does not. Watch: video 01:53.

3. Political, controlled by [S]oros:through the hype up of bogus ideas like TPP or climate change leading to environmental pacts and comparable scams, they create NGO’s and international bureaucratic infiltration structures that supersede government policies.

​ The creation of the European Union by the CIA (yes, quietly declassified in 2000) is an example of such a scam. Did you know the EU was created and firstly presided by a Nazi in 1958? His name was Walter Hallstein. He was the Dean of the University of Rostock in 1936 and in June 1938, Hitler and Mussolini commissioned him to create Das Neue Europa, the 'New Europe'. He was captured by American troops in 1944 and in 1951 they recycled him as Germany’s Secretary of State under Konrad Adenauer. From there, he ‘microwaved’ his 1938 project document which became the basis of the EU as we know it today. And, to make sure the EU would take the direction they wanted, his puppet masters let him be its first president!

So you think the Nazis lost WW2?!

Think again.

I summarized the work of French presidential candidate Francois Asselineau in this video (French) 3:30.

[Archiver's note: The preceding video and YouTube channel was deleted by YouTube admins and not archived.]

So now you know what triangle Q is talking about. But then he says, and this is the occult part: [Triangle has (3) sides - Eye of Providence – Follow the bloodlines – What is a keystone? – Does Satan exist?] Those who are familiar with the occult, know Q is referring to the Eye of Horus which they put on our dollar bill to turn it to a magical talisman we cannot refuse to wear: image.

​So, Neo, you thought they had to wait for electronic implants to enforce the Mark of the Beast?

Q 128: [What is a spell?] Q

​Stay tuned for part 2.

Post # 8 - Q Occult Series. Q 133: [Hard to Swallow – Important to Progress. Q] This is key guys! Part 2.

​​Ok guys, let us continue dissecting [Q133] from the perspective of [the occult] (

We have established in Part 1 what Q meant by the triangle and how the dollar bill was magically weaponized by the Enemy.

​Let’s get deeper.

It’s going to be a little… rocky.

So let us make sure we have solid foundations by pondering a moment upon Scriptures.

Let us study the temptation of Jesus Christ, the Messiah in [Matthew 4:1-11]

( ) (video 1:43).

​ We are learning from these verses that against those who have raised their soul above the tests of greed, lust and the like, Satan moves to the battlefield of the intellect. And one of the weapons he uses to deceive them is to mix real truth with apparent truth to produce a tempting and acceptable falsehood. By quoting Psalm 91:11-12 in his second attack, he is hoping Jesus will now be deceived since he responded to him in the previous conversation that he would live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.

​ This technique, consisting of mixing truth with falsehood, is omnipresent in Satan’s warfare, we see it today in the media, in politics, academia, advertisement and business.

Here is a recent [example] ( (video 1:18).

Let’s give a name to this technique, so we can remember it easily.

​Let’s call it the RAT Equation:

[R]eal truth + [A]pparent truth = [T]empting falsehood. R + A = T

​ Now, Q says in the post: Epstein Island. He is referring to the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein privately owned island where his president buddies and other VIPs would fly into along with sex slaves and children.

Those who are familiar with the pizzagate subject know orgies and child sacrifices were performed there. And to add further creepiness to it all, here is the temple he built on the mountain top of his evil island: [Epstein Temple]


​ Now count the levels on the [Dollar bill pyramid]

( and count the levels on the [Epstein Temple] (

​ 13 levels! These are the [13 Illuminati bloodlines] ( through which Satan pretends to rule our world.

​But Q wants us to go further: he wants us to study the colors, design, symbol and the dome.

​ On the lower part of this [picture] (, we can see the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

Jews and Muslims believe the ruins of the Temple of Solomon are located underneath.

Christians and Muslims agree this Temple will be resurrected and rejuvenated by Jesus Christ, upon his return, after he defeats and kills the Antichrist. Isn’t it written: ’Destroy this temple and in three days I will raise it up’. John 2:19?

​ This is the [flag of the State of Israel] ( ), which was created after World War 2 by those who won the war. Who won WW2 by the way?

Reverse engineer the war and see who profited... Zionism, as you know, does not believe Jesus to be the Messiah. They have their own Messiah.

Did you know real Jews are against Zionism? [image] (

​Now click on each image below, it seems our RAT Equation has found a mind boggling application:

​( + [Image2] ( = [Image3] (

​ So there you have it. The Antichrist and his 13 evil folks have made their move on the Temple. To hijack it. With falsehood. And the sign of their conquest of the Temple is on our magical dollar bill, for everybody to wear and imprint on their aura to become their slaves.

On the money, they have put their spell.

Now you know why Jesus had to [fight the money changers] ( in the Temple and what is really meant when the sheep and birds were freed. He will have to come back to finish that battle and free his deceived and mind controlled people again.

​So Neo, do you now believe?

​Stay tuned for Part 3.​

Post # 9 - Dow plunging 666 points: so far Trump has won 2 battles out of 3, will he win the last one?

​The powers driving a nation are 3: Social power (beliefs, myths, social justice, media...)

Political power (legislative, judiciary and executive infrastructure...) and Economical power (money supply, markets...).

​ The one who controls these 3 components, controls the Nation. And the one who controls the most powerful nation of the world, controls the world. God knows it, Satan knows it, Trump knows it, the Vatican knows it, the Deep State knows it, Bohemian Grove knows it, pretty much everybody knows it...

​ The Hollywood debacle, the NFL and MSM meltdown, the Grammy's plunging ratings, the statue debate along with other matters show America is going through a deep and irreversible transformation since Trump's election. All the myths that were misleadingly strengthening the fabric of the Nation are being destroyed one after the other. Trump's ability to raise a major social question, extract the BS out of it and expose those who have undermined America, knowingly or not, has enabled him to start putting the social power back into the hands of the People. First win.

​ The infiltration of our political infrastructure by evil and secret powers is not a conspiracy theory. Unless President Kennedy was a conspiracy theorist. Which I doubt. That being established, Strozk text message referring to a secret society is proof our political infrastructure has been compromised. Using secrecy, blackmail and other occult means, evil powers have controlled the majority of our politicians for decades. This control, transcending party lines, explains why America has carried on with destructive foreign and domestic policies written decades ago without any incoming president challenging them. Until Trump. The way he handled TPP, Immigration, Global Warming and the UN demonstrated his personal freedom. Second Win.

​ The process which led Congress to produce and release the memo would not have been successful if these Congressmen were not freed. Conspiracy? Think about it. At his first attempt to tell the truth, Nunes had to temporarily step down as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee and go through an investigation! This time, the GOP stood still, remained united and even enjoyed the luxury of producing All-Stars like Gowdy, Ratcliffe and Jordan and a new MVP with Gaetz ! This was a major setback for the former controllers. They had to retaliate. Hence the train “accident”. Fortunately, with God’s help, the casualties were limited to the death of the driver for whom we pray. Now let’s stop and think about this: imagine if this “accident” was successful. We would be in a situation where there would be no elected majority. The evil forces at work would regain power in Congress and Senate because they would have successfully demonstrated Trump’s inability to protect their members against them. Now that they played this card and it did not work, they know Trump’s administration will now take all the necessary steps to physically protect Congress and Senate members. So… What’s left ? Remember ? 3 powers.

​ You guessed it. The economy. Since the train 'accident' did not work, they figured: let’s show him we control the economy. Hence the Dow plunging 666 points. Coincidence? This number was carefully chosen referencing Trump’s family building located at 666 Fifth Avenue. Now the question is: how can they control the stock market like that, aren’t the markets supposed to drive the numbers, how can they control uncertainty and volatility? Well, that’s the final red pill only Trump, a Wharton graduate who became President of the United States, can pull off. After hypocritical Hollywood, misleading MSM, a blackmailed political infrastructure and an infiltrated judiciary system, the final myth America needs to wake up to is the Economy: it’s rigged. From the artificial production of the money supply to the mathematical models driving the stock market, it’s all rigged. This article would be too long to explain it. But those who want to know should research Alan Greenspan who chaired the Federal Reserve from 1987 to 2006 and who, in his early career days helped build the mathematical infostructure and technological infrastructure common to the Fed and the Stock Exchange. Folks, it’s all rigged: those who write the programs decide who wins. Do you believe in coincidence? The same day the train “accident” occurred, Alan Greenspan, out of the blue says on Bloomberg:

“There are two bubbles: We have a stock market bubble, and we have a bond market bubble,”.

And 2 days later, the Dow plunges 666 points!

That’s the third battle.

​ Will Trump, the Wharton graduate who became POTUS, win the war against those who have turned our economy into a rigged casino where they are the only winners?

​When Trump and his Generals respond to the attack (which we should all hope they do) and move their forces to that battlefield, the coming months will be deadly.

This war will not stop until the dollar returns to gold and the Federal Reserve to ashes.



Signal to POTUS they control the market?



Welcome to the Global War.


​Those who pray should pray.

Nothing new under the sun. The Money Changers against Christ.

Post # 10 - Q Occult Series. [Why school shootings? $$$$$$$$. Q] Take this red pill.

​ Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the occult. For a solid foundation, make sure you explore the [previous posts] of this [Q Occult Series] (

​ So school shootings. If you think they are organic and the result of a combination of unfortunate circumstances, you’ve been fooled. In [#813] ( ),

Q says it is all about big bucks and he provides a [link]

( ) to illustrate this painful but powerful red pill.

Going through this article, we learn for example that Nelba Marquez-Green who lost her daughter in Sandy Hook never had access to the highly advertised financial support she was entitled to. She finally had to have her insurance company pay for her couple’s mental health counseling. Sounds familiar? [Watch (1:40)] How the Clintons got Rich off Poor Haitians:

This is not in the article but the other Big Government trick they use is to create a bunch of regulations forcing schools to comply with very strict security guidelines. Then, since the schools do not have the funds to upgrade their protocols and infrastructures, they offer them government grants

​[link1] ( )

​[link2] ( ).

But for these grants to be given, school administrations have to sign all sorts of Non-Disclosure Agreements to keep people’s mouth shut if needed. This is how drills morph to false flags without anybody being able to really know what happened.

Schools with these grants are false flag sleeping cells that can be activated anytime…

Does that ring a bell?

Read Q 642. [ which is simply a link to a Fox vid: ​

But then in Q814 ( ), Q drops a major bomb: the shooter was an MK-ultra type victim programmed to kill. In [#773] ( ), Q explains how they do it: DNA manipulation on the X chromosome to transform human minds into a programmable device!

Let that sink in for a minute…

​ If you analyze the media narrative change and the sudden national debate on the Second Amendment with all its staged load of emotion, do you realize what is going on?!

They are creating entities with human form, and launching them among us to transform our society.

​ If you grasp the true meaning of what I have just said, you will once and for all understand how a woman, who is supposed to aspire having one day a family and raise children, can be twerking almost naked on a stage for the world to see or promote cannibalism in a music video.

Does that sound human to you?

How about a fashion show with models carrying replicas of their own severed heads or snakes, chameleons, and baby dragons? [Watch (0:33)] ( ).

​ Guys, wake up: they are among us.

And they want to transform us so we can be like them.

They know if we remain human and make it to our full potential though worshiping God and knowing the Truth, we would rule over them. We are therefore being invaded, through infiltration, deception, discord and DNA manipulation.

Nothing new under the sun: "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be". Matthew 24:37.

Post # 11 - Q Occult Series. Q744: Wake up guys! Here are the Nephilims!

​Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the occult.

In the Q Occult Series, [Archiver's note: Please see the highlighted posts labeled Occult Series under POSTS]

I am exploring and dissecting the clues he has given us to understand the scope of the ongoing war we are engaged in.

For example, those who are still looking for other parts of the “Private: Clown Clown Clown” episode, may find them here at Post #4.

[Archive note: - Posts are found in Posts starting with # 4, 5 and 6 - HERE under "posts"]

​So in Q744, Q is asking us to take a close look at this picture.

Q744 says: [Find the link. Look around. What does it signify?].

Then, he goes further in Q745:

What are they sitting on?

Perfectly lined up?




And to make sure we get he is inviting us to go beyond appearances and explore the deep and even occult meaning of what we see, he gives the cherry on the pie in Q747 and Q748:

Flowers & Gardens.

Learn the hidden symbolism. [Link]

What does a 'Flower' represent?

What does 'Deflower' represent?

Think children.

Think slaves.

Think sheep.


​Guys, what is all this water?

How about the birds?

What is the President’s personal doctor doing on an official picture?

How about our famous M. P (we don’t name him)?

This is all about the FLOOD!

​ The birds are symbolizing the intermediary entities between our physical world and other dimensions. These dimensions are the ones where we learn from the Bible the Nephilims and similar entities were gathered after the flood!

​ Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out; people and animals and the creatures that move along the ground and the birds were wiped from the earth. Only Noah was left, and those with him in the ark. Genesis 7:23

​ Face of the earth in this verse means these entities were not allowed to stay in our dimension.

They are coming back.

They figured out a way.

​ And they are using the politicians we trust to pave the way for them through secret pacts, alliances and programs: video. [Video is of William Cooper: author of Behold a Pale Horse" discussing alien contact.]

​ History is cyclical: But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. Matthew 24:37

​ By “deflowering” our children through covert genetic manipulation using big pharma, vaccination, chemtrails, GMOS’s, waves and other human form alteration strategies, they are hoping to build a mind controlled “perfectly lined up” army of “sheep” and “slaves” obeying to the mind of a unique evil spirit… They are planting the seeds of Trans humanism and Artificial Transcendence…

​ Don’t be fooled: all these alien abduction stories you hear about throughout the world is them studying human biology so that our bodies can host their spirits.


For the Grand Finale: incarnation of the Antichrist!

​ In return for this permission to study us and slowly kill us, our treasonous politicians have access to alien technologies they then distribute to their buddies in the private sector who become billionaires and powerful overnight. No trace of research. There has never been. Patents just magically appear out of nowhere. It’s the aliens giving them these Trojan horse technologies. As simple as that.

​ Now you know why Q is obsessed by Eric Schmidt (...the Executive Chairman of Google from 2001 to 2017 and Alphabet Inc. from 2015 to 2017)... and his relationship to the Clintons.

Now you know why Clinton’s private server and Special Access Programs are central to all this.

Now you know why it is key to bypass these tech giants and regain control of the core network infrastructure as recently suggested by AT&T… Time to re-watch They live. It’s all there. You’ll see…


Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?

Sound familiar?

Wonder where they derived that idea from.

[Link to: Agent Smith - Me Too.]

Post # 12 - Q Occult Series. Q749: [Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. Q] We told you! Do you now believe?

​ Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the occult. In the Q Occult Series, I am exploring and dissecting the clues he has given us to understand the scope of the ongoing war we are engaged in.

​ I see many on this board have picked up and I understand many others are still questioning the possibility of this war being also waged on spiritual planes and invisible realms. They assume I am exchanging ideas or conjectures with no necessary relevant connection to reality.

Q749 is supporting what has been said in my last posts and seems to have come at the right time to help the second group make the dive. He says:

Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind? Sound familiar? Wonder where they derived that idea from. Now comes the 'conspiracy' label. Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes. The end won't be for everyone. That choice, to know, will be yours. Q

​ Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label. Understand guys: Satan can only operate in darkness, he is weakened when exposed. The ‘conspiracy’ label is to socially and intellectually shut down all those who are approaching the truth. All prophets and messengers of God cited in the Bible and the Quran were accused of being crazy. For his concealment, the deadliest trick Satan has pulled off is to make you question his existence. If you have doubts about him, re-read Q’s posts:


[Does Satan exist?]

That’s the question.


We have tremendous WW support

SATAN has left the WH

Day of days.

This is the answer.

​ The end won’t be for everyone. Are you ready to go down the rabbit hole, walk with Q and not just have an intellectual take on things but live them and actually understand them? Do you want to know what is REALLY going on so that you can heal? How can you heal if you don’t even know you are sick? Or do you want to just superficially talk about things on a board for entertainment?

​That choice, to know, will be yours. Red pill or blue pill, Neo?​

Stay tuned.

Post # 13 - Q Occult Series. This one is very creepy. Discover the power of 17. I warned you: not for everyone.

​Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the Occult. For a solid foundation, make sure you explore the [previous posts] ( of this [Q Occult Series] (

​Referring to the Florida shooting,


WHY school shootings?


Federal aid + donations.

​It is interesting to notice there are 17 dollar signs.

Do you think Q would do this randomly?

Those who are familiar with the Occult know he did not.

Consider this:

The Florida shooting had 17 victims,

  • The Federal Government granted $17 million to Newtown after the Sandy Hook shooting,
  • Many believe these shootings to be false flags from the Deep State, which Intelligence Community is made of… 17 agencies.
  • The Malaysian Airlines plane that mysteriously crashed in 2014 was Flight MH17. It crashed on July…17th!

OK folks.

Fasten your seat-belt because you are going for a rocky ride in the Occult and Numerology.

First, you already know sacrificing animals is an act of worship.

In all 3 Abrahamic religions, these sacrifices are codified.

Where do you think the Bible has regulated blood sacrifices?

Of course, in Leviticus 17:1-7!! Coincidence? We read in the 7th verse:

​ 'They must no longer offer any of their sacrifices to the goat idols to whom they prostitute themselves. This is to be a lasting ordinance for them and for the generations to come.’ Leviticus17:7

​ This information is key guys: this verse means that through blood sacrifices to their goat idols, which are demons, they open portals in their auras enabling these demons to have sexual intercourse with them. The essence of prostitution being that unlawful sexual activities are performed for a payment, in exchange, demons go to work to give them power, wealth, fame, knowledge etc…

This is how demons reproduce with humans.

Now, the higher value the sacrifice, the more powerful demon in Satan’s hierarchy comes down to get it. This is why they sacrifice humans, this why they sacrifice children, this is why they sacrifice babies.


What is more precious than our children?

​ So guys, don’t be fooled. Criminality, abortion, false flags, wars, drugs all these are covers for blood sacrifices to their divinities. Do you believe what is happening in Chicago to be organic? Hell no! They make sure the criminality rate throughout the country is at levels that appease their demons thirst for blood.It’s all engineered. Worldwide.​Let’s go further.

Where do you think the Quran strictly prohibits child sacrifice? Of course, in Chapter 17!! 'Do not kill your children for fear of poverty. We provide for them and for you. Indeed, their killing is a great sin'. S17 V31.​But let’s go even further:


Follow the bloodlines.

​Did you know all the European royal families were related to the Egyptian Pharaoh bloodline?

Research it.

Start here:

We learn in Exodus 14 Moses defeated the armies of Pharaoh who drowned in the sea right?

But then ask this question: where was Pharaoh’s family?

Of course they stayed home.

How about the wealth?

School won’t tell you… They are among us. Hiding.

Using the same exact knowledge they used against the Children of Israel to maintain them in bondage.

God had to send Moses to stop it. Let that sink in for a minute…

You thought Globalism with its NWO was a new idea? And [just an idea?] Think again.

Globalism is an ancient religion rooted in magic and oppression and set to climax with the Antichrist. Moses has cut off its tail and Jesus, the Messiah, will cut off its head.

​ Here is the [Ancient Egyptian Oracle Set of Cards] ( ) Pharaoh’s Priests used to work with. They would predict the future with them and also create and alter events through magical rituals. [The Illuminati Card Tarot] ( ) (it’s not a game) is inspired from this set but in comparison, it is like children Lego.

As mentioned on top, [this card] ( ) is the 17th mansion of the set. It is the card for ‘HOPE’. The reason is 17 is a secret door to the Beast, which they worship for their needs to be fulfilled. You want to know which door? Here it is: the sum of the square of all prime numbers within 17 is 666. 2²+3²+5²+7²+11²+13²+17²=666.

​ Now do you remember when Michelle Obama said out of the blue: [‘All we have is hope?’] ( ) It strangely made all the headlines.

This was code for: ‘we don’t have anything on Trump, all we have is Hope Hicks. Let’s focus on her. Through her, we’ll bring the man down’.

​ They played the HOPE Oracle card and freed the ‘17’ energy through 17 sacrificed humans.

​Too powerful.

There was no way Hope Hicks could have survived her Congressional hearing…


What is a spell?

Post # 14 - Using the T Method to CRACK Q's board: Secret and brilliant Trump’s moves on North Korea!

Ok guys, I am re-posting here the decoding method called the T Method. This method unlocked the hidden message on North Korea and informs us how POTUS is skillfully and subtly conducting the matter. This post suffered an abnormal amount of attacks on CBTS and was taken down shortly before the community was banned: image. Despite these attacks, the upvote remained at 460. This tells you you guys need to master this method. If you do, Q's board will become nuclear! And they know it. So here it is.

​ As most of you know, North Korea, just like Iran, was used as a base by bad actors. What made the situation diplomatically delicate for Trump was these bad actors developed/imported/funneled therein military grade technologies they would use as leverage if threatened in any way. Our poor Kim Jong Un, like an hostage in his own country, was in the middle of this, trying to save himself and his people from the wrath of these 2 parties fighting: one being Trump and the Legal United States Government, the other being international private interests in collusion with rogue former and acting US government officials. And to make things even more sensitive, you have China monitoring the situation and wanting to be aware ahead of time of anything that could destabilize the region and therefore impact their geopolitical and commercial interests. So that’s the setting. Read Q’s board to know more about this.

​Now I would like you to focus on 2 posts:

​An Anon posts Trump’s tweet about NK and his comment is ‘I swear Trump is killing me here.

HAHA He keeps putting out clues he has already talked to Kim. And Q’s response to that Anon is:


You are learning.

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


​ In another post, an Anon sends ‘it’s been corrected’ along with the tweet where Trump refers to his conversation with President XI JINPING.

Q cryptically responds in


11 :11.

​Ok, I will show you what these conversations between Q and these brilliant Anons mean.

​Let’s take this second tweet, remove all punctuation, and ‘map’ the result in 11X11 grids as hinted in Q907.

Verify it.

We get 2 grids: Image1

Now, read carefully. This is key to understand: we are going to form words out of these letters based on patterns in a +-90° or 180° continuous T shape, like this: Image2.

​ Starting from the top left corner, start scrolling downwards and every time you see the anagram of a word in compliance with the accepted pattern, and making an intelligible sentence trail, highlight it. If you find a word that does not make a natural sentence trail, skip it.

​ For the first word, we see ‘CeiIinG’ even though I am aware the I in JIN PING is a cap ‘i’ and not a small cap ‘L’ I will keep it in there and I will explain why at the end.

​ Continuing this process we progressively get the following words from the 2 grids:

Image3 Image4 Image5 Image6 Image7 Image8 Image9

And finally this sentence:

Ceiling on North Korea gone. United Nations intend to repair NK’s role in the region. (a)

The L being corrected is the meaning of the ‘it’s been corrected!’ in Q907. And Q’s response 11:11, is code for: solve the riddle with 11X11 grids and interchangeable significance [:] between l, I, i and L.

​ So you see how these Anons are communicating with Q and why the board is full of cryptic messages like that? This is all yours to go find out if you agree to expand your thinking.

Not convinced? Let’s try another one. For future reference, let’s call this method the T Method. Let’s take Trump’s tweet on Q918, let’s put it this time in a 11X12. Same process. This is what we progressively have:

Image10 Image11 Image12 Image13 Image14

And, with final corrections:

North Korea sent me an elite to sign a commitment. (b)

Now connecting the content of these 2 hidden messages (a) and (b) to their 2 original generators (the 2 tweets), and analyzing the timeline of events, we can draft the following easy to digest ‘press release’:

​ Trump and Kim Jong Un have been in secret discussions since before October 2017. Kim Jong Un has sent an elite emissary to Washington to reach an agreement in which North Korea committed to put a hold on its missile tests, effective September 28 2017. Since then, Trump has successfully neutralized the bad actors who were holding Kim Jong Un and North Korea hostage. He has also convinced the United Nations to build a roadmap leading to the lifting of the sanctions and even perhaps the unification of the 2 Koreas with the blessing of China.

​ Now, that is some high level diplomacy right there! In a healthy world, this is a Nobel Prize for Trump at each of his birthdays! You see Trump is way ahead of what we are being told in MSM and this is why this Anon is laughing: he knew how to solve the riddle, he knew how to read Trump’s tweets based on Q’s teachings.

​ So all the things I am disclosing in my posts are things some other Anons already know but they decided not to speak out. They probably read my posts smiling. The reason is because they know most people would focus on the messenger instead of the message. They think: “I am not going to waste my time fighting unnecessary battles with incredulous nit-picky people who are going to question my intellectual abilities”. I know this because I used to teach mathematics to very unusually gifted young people in an elite school in Europe: they would remain silent when they understood and nervous and vocal when they didn’t (which, thank God happened very rarely). When I wanted some action though, I would ask them things I knew they could not solve! Please God, once again, forgive me.

​ So there you have it guys. As I said before, this thing is all yours. And as you can see there is no fixed method. Q is sending us brain teasers, riddles. He wants us to adapt to any given intellectual situation and be rewarded with privileged information you won’t even see in his public posts which are already pretty controversial, to say the least. I took the risk to show you these things and I am glad a great number of people have picked up. I took this risk because I believe in you. I really do. And seeing the number of people responding positively, it seems I have made the right choice. Detractors will always be there, it’s ok. Don’t be discouraged by their inability to comprehend what is going on here. Don’t let them discourage you trying to solve Q’s riddles, may be they have an agenda… May be they were sent… May be they can’t unplug from the Matrix…


We can guide but you must organically uncover the TRUTH.

THEY are watching.


Post # 15 - Q507: Soon, the whole world will be able to unlock hidden messages from Q’s board! Learn now!

​Ok guys, so let’s recap:

So far, we have unlocked hidden messages 5 times using various methods:

  1. The Covefefe Method that allowed us to [decode Trump’s covfefe tweet] and translate it from “despite the constant negative press covfefe” to “wait to die”. We gathered from this solved riddle that Trump is promising to completely dismantle MSM. Q877: The age of MSM is over.
  2. The Florida Guccifer Method that allowed us to [decode Q830] and unlock the hidden message informing us the Florida shooting was a false flag aiming at keeping Guccifer out of the news cycle and derailing Rosenstein’s explosive related announcement.
  3. The same Florida Guccifer Method allowed us to decode Q832 which unlocked the hidden message that AI and Sarin were somehow combined (in a way we have not figured out and that Q himself compares to magic) to create innocent mind controlled social warriors who can be used for demonstrations, shooting and even assassination.
  4. The T Method allowed us to [unlock Q907 and Q908] hidden messages about NK informing us Trump has in fact been in secret contact with Kim Jong Un since before September 2017. We also learned that Trump has successfully neutralized the bad actors who funneled military grade tech to NK, using it as their base for leverage.

I also introduced the Matrix Time Stamp Method based on times stamps between Trump’s tweets and Q’s posts. It has similarities with the T method for pulling solving grids but involves the use of a key like in the Covfefe Method. I have made a public announcement for help to speed up the research and get that method stabilized. I still welcome any help and will share findings as soon as it is completely figured out for general consumption. In the meantime, all the other methods cited above have proved themselves and are available for you to try throughout the board.

​ The very next day I posted the Q830 Florida Guccifer crack, Q posted: Q860 “first boom, did you catch it? The last one will be magical” Many are speculating about what he meant. Some are connecting it to the news. They may be right. I stated my belief is he was referring to Sarin and AI being combined to perform “magic” in Q832 and also to the very first time a hidden message from his board was publicly disclosed. I say “publicly” because I know there are some anons out there who have already unlocked many messages from Q’s board but have chosen to remain silent and to confine this information to a closed elite club.** I, on the other end, want people to be aware. I want people to learn these methods. I want people to unlock the board.

This is because I know that is what Q wants. In Q507, he is announcing a day when all this will be wide spread:


This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends, family, others.

Do you think POTUS re-tweeted MAGA PILL for no reason?

We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

We believe in you.


​This is why I am doing what I am doing. This is why detractors do not distract me.

So, detractors, whatever you have in your basket of tricks, [bring it on! And let’s have a party!] ( :)

​ “Cheered” up?! Good!! :) Now seriously:

​We will not back down. We will fight the censorship. We will re-organize. Later today, I will post a brand new explosive unlocked message, so make sure you are around.

​ In the meantime, there is something very important you guys need to know. I hear from detractors: you are delusional, these methods are not decoding methods, these methods are not logically sound, you are reaching, you make your own rules, etc… Once again, we are not decoding. We are solving riddles. And this is the way it should be. Q is not talking to a small elite of mathematicians or cryptologists. This would not be fair. He is talking to anyone who would be willing to get his brain teased for a while with no particular academic knowledge and be rewarded with privileged information. This is the only way he can achieve the vulgarization process he is describing in Q507.

​ The reason why these methods come with a certain degree of uncertainty or subjectivity is because Q knows he has to defeat the AI in its effort to analyze his posts and also unlock the hidden messages it knows to be there. AI can only learn systems that can be logically replicated. But when these systems are purposely made unstable with well-crafted noise and humanization, AI is lost. This is why, while unlocking, you may see one option also working like “Sarin in AI real” could also be “Naira’s Airline”. But then, when you compute in the context of the original message and other T crossing methods like the 23X23 grid I showed you in the “sarin” example, you realize there is only one acceptable answer. The possible solutions being many is purposeful: plausible deniability and neutralized AI. This is what Q meant here:


These keywords and questions are framed to reduce sniffer programs that continually absorb and analyze data then pushed to z terminals for eval.

Think xkeysc on steroids.


Double meanings work well against sniffers.


Post # 16 - Q’s board CRACKED again: Hillary’s private server was the key. It’s over! They are all going DOWN!



​ Ok guys, today we are going to solve the riddle in Q834. You first need to take the time to thoroughly read Q’s post because the unlocked hidden message is a secret answer or comment for the original post. You therefore need to have a good understanding of the context.

​ Just by reading the Q834 post, we gather:

  1. JP and his brother TP have played a role in using the HRC private server as an open source platform for sharing Special Access Program information which, among other things, led Russia to access Intercontinental Ballistic Missile technologies. Since we now know from Wikileaks that Obama was communicating with Clinton through that server, we may safely assume he knew why it was set up for. Obama is therefore part of all this treasonous operation and we have a final and frightening explanation of his famous “After my election I have more flexibility”.
  2. Snowden has played a role as a double agent on behalf of the CIA as the IT link using social media platforms to funnel the gathered information to selected recipients like Russia.
  3. Other High level US government officials are involved in the U1 scandal and in weaponizing NK for leverage as explained in a previous post.
  4. Russia, even after benefiting from this treasonous scheme, would tell the world to avoid an escalating confrontation with Trump’s US that could result in a nuclear conflict.
  5. Sessions is acting weak because he knows IG Horowitz has the goods. By giving him his full mandate and support to investigate the handling of the Clinton Server case by the FBI, Sessions knows that down the rabbit hole, the content of the server and the players around it would be finally exposed.

So this is the setting. That is what Q shares with us openly. Let us now explore what he says to us secretly. For that, notice we are still in the area of the board where we already have a key. Remember?


you have more than your know.

The "r" is purposely there as confirmed in

Q831: misspellings matter.

“r” the 18th letter of the alphabet is the key we are going to use with the Florida Guccifer Method.

​ Same thing, we write the post respecting punctuation as hinted at in Q831. Then, we highlight every other 18 character and every time we have gathered the anagram of a word, we start recounting from the next line.

This is what we get: image1 image2 image3.

​ Now, to solve the final anagram, you remember?

We have to use the “light” in Q829 (KILL_BOX [1A-23x] Light_T_1A-23-go5) by “mapping” the text with the highlighted characters in a 23X23 grid.

We still respect punctuation and make sure we have 2 spaces every time the original text goes to the next line.


Because, just like in reddit: 2 spacebars=next line. This is what we get: image4.

​And, for clarity, putting in black unnecessary punctuation and adding colors,

we get this: Image5.

​ Now, remember we have talked about the L, l, i and I in a previous post and how they could all be interchanged thanks to the hint in Q907. With the “light” on we can now solve the anagram naturally: All in H pvt end.

​ Which we can translate as follows:

All is in Hillary’s private server. That will be the end!

​ Wow.

Q is telling us that all the information pertaining to how the Russians acquired ICBM tech, to the U1 scandal, to how North Korea got nuclear capabilities and to how social media tech was used against American interest is in Hillary’s Clinton private server! That, along with the names of all the US Government officials involved!

​ He is telling us Sessions has covertly instructed IG Horowitz to quietly investigate and acted weak to protect that investigation in order to make its conclusions even more damning!

When these conclusions are made public, it will be the END!!

The witch hunt Trump has been talking about all along will then be over because the hunted witch will be detained!! Trump’s double meaning talk is slick and lethal…

​ Now let me tell you a little more about that server.

This was the subject of one of my posts on CBTS:


Top 10 player [here now].


Q is telling us he was physically in the place where this IP is located.

After digging, we found out the following:

1) is the IP for Softlayer Technologies.

2) The server that hosted in 2009 had IP and was associated to now known as SoftLayer and acquired by IBM a few years back. source

Q was telling us in Q701 he had all the goods about the top 10 players who used this server to sell the US to the highest bidders. Guys, can you imagine? Q gave out this information in early February! All this time was used by IG Horowitz to polish a damning legal case he started building way back and that no one involved will escape from. It will be the END. It will be a disaster.

​ I said it before, I will say it again.

They have been played.

Mueller was created to allow this parallel investigation to take place so that the witch could be hunted quietly. Mueller cleared the streets for Trump by selling false hope to the Dems. It seems Adam is now waking up to this harsh reality. video.

​ Everything will happen before the end of this current month.

Q911: March madness.

Post # 17 - You asked my thoughts about Trump’s strange tweet today. Here it is!

​Ok guys, as you may have noticed, I have decelerated on my posts.

I have so many things to tell you but I do not want to compromise this sub.

I have some inside information about the mods being very worried especially after what happened to CBTS.

[Archiver's Note: CBTS Stands for: "Calm Before The Storm" - a formerly banned Reddit sub]

​ I am thinking of possible solutions. I will let you know.

​ I have been contacted by many people who wanted me to share my thoughts about [Trump’s tweet today] (, how it was deleted, re-tweeted etc… Many believe there is a hidden message going on. I was not going to weigh in but since there is already a post about this issue that has been posted to this sub 7 hours ago and was not removed, I believe giving my thoughts would not hurt anyone.

​ I will not say much. I will not comment. Those who follow my posts already know what needs to be known. We are applying the T Method to the tweet. And since the first tweet was published at 4:03am, deleted and re-tweeted at 4:29am, time stamp difference being 26 minutes, we will map the entire tweet in a 26X26 grid.

​ Remember, we are not moving randomly across the grid.

We are scrolling down successively on columns, starting with the first one and gathering anagrams of words making an intelligible sentence trail, without using any diagonal. I tried to use as many colors from the ribbon in the sky as possible to make it clear for you. :)

​ We get the following:

Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4 Img5 Img6 Img7 Img8 Img9 Img10 Img11 Img12 Img13 Img14

So there you have it.

Coincidence? It’s the 7th time…


You are learning.

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


Post # 18 - Guccifer 2.0 finally found its way to the news cycle: I told you. It now begins.

​I told you in this [post] Post # 2 - Q’s HIDDEN CODE in Q830 CRACKED! This is why the Florida shooting happened! - the real reason why the Florida false flag shooting occurred and how it was used to control the news cycle.

​ The Texas bombing was another try aiming at derailing (again) Mueller’s new attempt to release his bombshell. Q informs us in Q958: They are scared [4am]. They will fail. we know the details. [Wednesday]. Which means: their daily 4am Mockingbird routine to take over the media narrative will not work this time since we are going to provide all the intel about the serial bomber by Wednesday. Confirmation:

​ [link1] (

[link2] (

By pre-empting the Texas bombing story through the revelation of the bomber’s identity, patriots have opened a boulevard for Mueller to plant his Guccifer story on the news map.

So now, we are learning that hacker Guccifer 2.0 is identified as a Russian intelligence officer after failing to hide IP address

[link] (

An officer failing to hide his IP?

This is like saying: Michael Jordan missed his dunk because he forgot the ball was behind him…

Seriously, this is HUGE folks.

​ Because now, Trump can securely face Mueller for the cherry on the pie visual of this amazing saga: Mueller cannot go back on Guccifer, it is now public. He has to go all the way and you know what he will find at the end right? Putin will make sure he finds everything.

Q 834:

WHY would Russia tell the world?

​Since the whole Russian blanket is pulled by those who are tied to Guccifer, Trump is now as white as snow and can peacefully confront Mueller, his hands in his pockets, whistling an old Miss Universe jingle. Any competent lawyer advising Trump would advise him not to do so, and his highly competent long time lawyer did exactly that. He had to resign because he’s obviously not in the know… Or may be he is and is willingly adding drama to this first class Shakespearean drama.

[Link] (

​ My parents used to drag me to the theater to watch dramatic plays when I was a kid.

Mom used to say: it’s like spinach, you don’t like it but it nourishes you. Never enjoyed it.

But I was always amazed by the faces of the actors at the end of the play, when people were applauding: they were so different from the roles they were playing.

This intense moment of perplexity I was going through crafted my understanding of plays for the years to come.

​ Watching Trump doing his thing on stage is the first play I have not paid for and where the main actor is the most powerful man on earth.

Mom was right.

Moms are always right…

Post # 19 - Trump’s today tweet on NK unlocked: the secret reason why sanctions and pressure are maintained.

​ Ok guys, I have received many messages asking me to update the [Occult Series] ( I see you miss these series as much as I do. There has been so much happening in the news, I have been caught up in the decoding and commenting. But tomorrow, I will post a new episode, with God’s permission.

​ Today we are going to talk about North Korea once again and unlock the hidden messages in Trump’s early morning tweets about it.

​ Did you catch Kim Jong Un’s [trip to China]


(Archiver's Note - YouTube took down the preceding video claiming copyright infringement)

It seems our [previous post on North Korea] (, the repair of its role in the region and China’s blessing is being confirmed by current events, right? :)

​ Now let’s take a look a Trump’s today tweet [link1] ( ) about North Korea.

​ As you can see, Trump is satisfied Kim Jong Un is going in the right direction and that XI JINPING is helping and keeping him in the loop. But then he says something critical: “In the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all cost!”

​ Why do you think Trump is adding this information? He could have stopped the tweet at “meeting with me” and finish his message with an optimistic diplomatic tone. Well, I say Trump deliberately chose to add this information because of the hidden message in the tweet. Let’s unlock it.

​ Let’s apply our now famous T method to the tweet and put it 11X11 grids. Why? Because the first part of the tweet was posted at 05:05:18 AM and the second part at 05:16:26 AM, which gives us a difference of 11 minutes. Remember? Time stamps. The size of the grid is critical. The only reason this method works is because of the size of the grid provided by Trump’s carefully timed procedures.

​ Since the hidden message is usually stacked on the left side of the first grid, we will only focus on the first part of the tweet. This is what we get progressively: Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4

And there you have it. Trump is telling us the nuclearization of North Korea was mined and achieved using international humanitarian aid as a front. And this is why despite Kim Jong Un recent efforts, sanctions and pressure need to be maintained to avoid this process from moving forward.

I told you in a [previous post] ( who were behind these efforts and how Kim Jong Un was a hostage.



Some things must remain classified to the very end.

NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play.

Who is the director?

The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.


In this [article] (, we learn the United States provided North Korea over $1.3 billion in assistance, mostly food aid and energy assistance, between 1995 and 2008. Now read Q239: What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009?

Coincidence ?

This [tweet] ( showing Trump’s frustration about US aid to North Korea is very telling: Trump knew what was going on.

The use of the international aid infrastructure to conduct criminal activities is something Q hinted at in previous posts. In Q252 he says: Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank.

Future topic.

​ In Q253 and Q257, we see how the Red Cross is used by bad actors as an international communication platform. In [Q258] (, Q uncovers the link between NK, Hussein, the Red Cross and… children. We already knew the link between NK and nuclear weapons.

​ So now you know how Trump’s efforts regarding North Korea’s de-nuclearization and those pertaining to human trafficking are one and the same thing: these sick people disseminated nuclear capabilities in support bases (NK, Iran) to protect their evil human trafficking network and use them as leverage.

​ Now here is the big picture: Satanists have created a global human trafficking network using international aid infrastructure as a front. Using this infrastructure, they sell and transport children and whatever is needed to satisfy their gods though their sick satanic rituals. To protect this network, they have created support bases with nuclear capabilities like North Korea or Iran.

​ Now you know what Trump is really fighting against and why it is taking more time than what you and I would have expected. You also know why Libya and the surrounding region was unnecessarily [destabilized] (, transformed into a gigantic [human trafficking hub] ( and why they need wars and engineered illegal immigration to get their aid network involved.​


Some things must remain classified to the very end. NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? The truth would sound so outrageous most Americans would riot, revolt, reject, etc.

The pedo networks are being dismantled.

The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody). We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.

​ And if you want to know the real deep reason why they have done everything they could to prevent Trump from allying with Putin, here it is:


“Vladimir Putin: The New World Order Worships Satan” Q ​

Post # 20 - Q Occult Series. Q114: US Military = Savior of Mankind. What does it mean?! Part1.

​Those who follow my posts know my personal take on Q’s teachings is through the door of the Occult. For a solid foundation, make sure you explore the [previous posts]

( ) of this [Q Occult Series]


​ Ok guys, back to our Occult Series. Today, we are going to focus on a simple topic: mankind. What is mankind? What does Q mean when he says the US Military will save it? What war is he talking about? So… there is a war against mankind? Who is at war against mankind?

​ These very simple questions become very complicated to answer because we do not know who we are, where we come from and where we are going. Tremendous efforts have been made throughout the centuries to conceal, pervert and re-write human history, to the extent no one has a clear understanding of our origins today. Some say we are coming from monkeys, others from stars, others from a happy-yaaay congruence of chemical possibilities, others from aliens and the list goes on… It is so funny we are able to trace down to the day the history of a car from the dealership but have no clue about our own history.

​ Then, to make sure we buy past the sale, some so called scientist comes out of nowhere and throws at us the magic word: Evolution. So now, we can’t even question we are coming from monkeys, we need to accept we are evolving. And they created a system to reward those who can repeat the lie with their best vocals: school. The nicest voice you have repeating their demonic chants, the more likely you are to buy the Ferrari… School is the casino front door where you trade your common sense and critical thinking skills against chips called diplomas that will allow you to get a Job. You know who Job is right? He is the prophet in the Bible who had every kind of divine blessings until Satan came into his life and deprived him from everything good he had… So you thought you were learning how reality works at school? No. Sorry. You are learning what they want you to perceive as reality. And the very process of changing the perception of reality is called Magic. This is why when you graduate they dress you up [like a magician]

( and make sure you wear a square hat on your naturally rounded head. They are mocking you: they re-formatted your brain and gave it the artificial shape they chose for you. There is no way you will ever perceive reality as it is anymore. Your (de-)formation is complete… Go Job! Go!


All that you know to be right is wrong.

The ‘cult’ runs the world.

Fantasy land.

​ So, knowing this, we are actually getting somewhere: those who are hiding the truth from us are probably those who are fighting the war against mankind that Q is talking about. Those who control the system and lie to us from our first day in school to our first politically conscious voting experience are the ones at war against mankind. Who are they? Why don’t they want us to know who we are?


They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

​So Q, was there a time they feared us?

We are now feeders?

Did they alter the food chain? I thought Jesus Christ essentially taught that mankind was elected by God. What is going on?

​ The central position of mankind in God’s creation is what is really at stake. They don’t want you to know what Jesus Christ tried to reveal to you here:

​ And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he departed out of him: and the child was cured from that very hour. Then came the disciples to Jesus apart, and said, Why could not we cast him out? And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Matthew 17.

You see what’s going on here? Jesus is teaching his disciples: if you have faith like I do, you will have power over all demons and be able to command to creation and be obeyed. This is not an allegory, this is real: he rebuked the devil right there in front of them, for their eyes to see. So this is not figurative. It’s real. It’s literal.

​ Now, if you are a demon, this information is explosive. Would you just wait there until mankind figures out how to dominate you? What would you do to avoid mankind’s dominion over you? You’ll have to come up with some slick politics right? Well, first, you will make sure the key to this power is never found: faith. And how do you kill faith? You cover it with lies upon lies upon lies until God disappears from the heart and the brain operates in what Q calls Fantasy Land.

This is why us evolving, coming from monkeys and our planet being a small accident in an immense galaxy is key to them: we are nothing, we just happen to exist as a fortunate or unfortunate possibility and we have no special relationship with God should He even exist.

[video 3:38] (

​ Adam? Jesus Christ? No, no, no. Don’t look too much into this. If you want to go that route, here: dance to new age beats and research aliens. They are coming down to teach you goodness and whatever.

​ The Bible? Well, you can still read it since we’ve made sure most of the information that could harm our agenda has been carefully suppressed. The Book of Revelation and other chapters are still a problem to us but we could not remove them because we knew this information was already heavily circulating. We also made sure that our school through which mankind eats and finds a shelter would contradict most of its teachings. We believe we did a pretty good Job at concealing critical information and at successfully positioning ourselves as the Validation Authority through the Vatican. And for the smart brains who would figure out what is between the lines, we have deployed an international network of priests who are the only ones allowed to give an acceptable interpretation of Scriptures. This is how we shut them down.

​ The Quran? Don’t even get close to that book. Are you out of your mind?! Did you research the Ottoman Empire and the House of Saud? These Muslims are sick! But I thought the House of Saud was a perverted version of Islam created by British Intelligence and the Vatican which is itself a perverted version of Christianity? No, no, no. You are now asking too many questions. Watch CNN, get your vaccines and shut up. And by the way, do you know what’s new with the Kardashians?

​ So this is the setting guys. In part 2 we will get deeper into our true origins and why they are fighting us.

Post # 21 - Q Occult Series. Quick and important heads up: Did the Pope REALLY say "HELL DOES NOT EXIST?"

​Just a quick heads up before we move forward to part [1.5 and then:] Part 2 of our yesterday Occult Series episode.

​Did you catch the recent huge controversy about the Pope’s latest disturbing statement?

We learn from [USA TODAY] (

​ Eugenio Scalfari, 93, a well-known Italian journalist, who is the founder of Italy’s La Republica newspaper, said Pope Francis told him “hell does not exist, the disappearance of sinful souls exists”. The Vatican issued a statement after the comments spread like wildfire on social media, saying the pope never granted the interview and the story was "the result of (the reporter's) reconstruction,” not a “faithful transcription of the words of the Holy Father." Scalfari, an atheist, is known for not using tape recorders or taking notes during interviews.

​ This very surprising papal statement and the Vatican’s denial have made the headlines all over the world in several newspapers:

[Link1] (

​[Link2] (

​[Link3] (

​[Link4] (

​[Link5] (

​[Link6] (

​[Link7] (

​ Now, I would like you to analyze the denial of the Vatican: they are denying the form of the conversation but not its substance. They are saying it is a “reconstruction” and not a “faithful transcription” of what the Pope said. So here are my questions:

​ What did the Pope actually say?

1. When faithful journalists are struggling to meet the Pope, why would he have time for a 93 years old atheist journalist who never records his interview and who should probably not enjoy his memory at full capacity?

2. This issue being of the highest dogmatic importance, why isn’t the Pope making a clear statement about hell to set the record straight?

Those who follow the [Occult Series] ( probably know by now where I am going with this. You remember the Disclosure Rule I spoke about in the episode [Private: Clowns Clowns Clowns.

[PART2] (

You remember, we quoted the following verse:

​ “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”. 2 Corinthians 2:11

​ This is what this papal statement and the artificial drama coming with it is all about: using a communication ruse, they are planting in our planet’s global consciousness that hell does not exist and that the disappearance of sinful souls exists. They are hoping to escape. It’s a magic spell.


What is a spell?

​ Why?

They are seeing the writing on the wall.

They are losing. They see people are waking up.

They see their helpers are on the run. The Great Awakening has become a reality. They are scared to death and are trying to find a way out. Judgment Day is near for them…


Where there was once darkness, there is now LIGHT.

I will tear down the wall you have covered with whitewash and will level it to the ground so that its foundation will be laid bare.

When it falls, you will be destroyed in it; and you will know that I am the LORD. Ezekiel 13:14.

​Stay tuned. ​

Post # 22 - this Post was identical in the Archive to Post # 27. for unknowns, scroll down to read it.

Post # 23 - You guys asked me my thoughts on Trump’s tweet about Sinclair. Here it is!

​ So what happened?

When this video went viral along with retaliatory attacks against Trump accusing him of creating his news army, Trump doubled down and tweeted:

​ So funny to watch Fake News Networks, among the most dishonest groups of people I have ever dealt with, criticize Sinclair Broadcasting for being biased. Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC, which is a total joke.

So by now you know the drill.

Time of tweet: 08:28:42 AM - Time of preceding tweet: 08:08:47 AM

Difference: 19 minutes (and some change). It is a 19X19.

Scrolling down the columns, starting from the left, this is what you get: Image1

Translated: "Most News scribes are chained pedophiles"

Coincidence? Reaching? It’s the 9th time…

​ So there you have it, Trump is telling you he has started replacing the blackmailed Fake News writers and is now on his way to control the teleprompter feed network. Sinclair is his first step.

​ We already knew that for decades the News has been scripted. You have many hilarious examples on youtube confirming it like this one or this one.

​ So what Trump is telling us with Sinclair is he is fighting back and won’t let them alone on the News battlefield.

​ The Mockingbird teleprompter feed is Trump’s latest target and this Sinclair issue shows he has already started gaining spoils of war.

Q891 Break the MSM. Q

​ Trump controlling the News feed? Disclosure is near my friends… Buckle up!

The alien file threat/leverage they were trying to use against Trump’s administration in the message in this video is gone. That is what you are witnessing folks!


MSM talking about red v. blue pill?

Matrix reference?



​This post is made with the assumption people knew the drill about the T Method.

I see in the comment section many are commenting without knowing the procedure.

Please go to the original post where the T Method was first explained: here.

A video tutorial is now posted Below:

[VIDEO "T-method tutorial - is posted below]

Post # 24 - Decoding Q’s board using the T Method: Video Tutorial.

​ You guys asked for it.

Here it is: The Video:

Share it, copy it, re-post it, re-upload it. Do whatever is needed for a vast diffusion.

Do it quick before it mysteriously vanishes… :)

​ Q wants these methods to be known and applied by the largest number of people possible. He predicts there will be a day decoding his board will be second nature to everyone reading him.


Graphic form for each correlation a MUST.

This will be the AUTH tool you use when all of this becomes public to provide friends, family, others.

Do you think POTUS re-tweeted MAGA PILL for no reason?

We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

We believe in you.


Post # 25 - Syria: Q 1081 [POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves. Think logically]. Trump outsmarts the Deep State. Again.

​ Many have asked me to comment on the current events in Syria.

War?! No. Relax guys. Trust the Plan. Q says to trust the Plan:

[Q1086] (

​ Now Q says we should think logically.

​ Do you remember what I have told you in the [Clown Episode part1]


I told you there was an international superstructure superseding governments and running international relations through Intelligence. Consequence: the Deep State is like an octopus, it's everywhere.

​ Read Trump’s [tweet] (

You see Trump is making a difference between Putin and Russia. And you remember, he also made a difference between Iran and its leaders: [tweet] (

Trump has a clear understanding of the insidious Deep State network presence in governments. He knows Putin is at war with his Deep State too. You already know China President XI also is at war with his Deep State, for confirmation re-read Q about what REALLY happened in Hawaii and how and why NSA emergency protocols were automatically enforced. Hint: [Q887] (

​ In previous posts, I shared with you the hidden messages from Q explaining the situation in North Korea and how Trump skillfully managed a very delicate military and diplomatic situation. As you know, North Korea is the last domino and Iran is the one before. Iran was used as the dispatching hub because the settlement of a decades-old legal claim with the US could be used as a credible cover. [Article] (

Now that North Korea is pacified, Iran is next, and Syria in on the way.

And this is why Trump got Bolton in. Bolton is the crazy guy wearing guns as jewelry and who you put on your right side at the negotiation table while urging the other party to quickly find an agreement with you so you don’t leave them alone. That is the reason why Bolton got in. Trump does not want to go to war with Iran. He knows it is the same situation as in North Korea: Deep State operatives holding a whole country hostage and using it as a retreat base.

​ So knowing this, how do you prepare the negotiations? Would you go to the negotiation table with Iran after having pulled your forces out of the region and let the “hostage keepers” freely move? No! You keep them there and use their presence to show that should you want to attack, you would be dead serious about it and it would be a matter of hours. You also keep them there to put maximum pressure on the “hostage keepers”, weakening their presence on the ground. So why did Trump announce he was pulling out of Syria? Because he needs to clean his own house from Deep State operatives who would betray him when approaching deal closure. By announcing he was pulling out, he knew they would immediately react to make him stay because the infiltrating Deep State operatives can only be in the region if there are US troops they can use as cover. Trump triggered them to be in a position to analyze their chain of command and identify the traitors. Pushing them to react was the “big price to pay” Trump is hinting at in this [tweet]


The rest is staged drama and if bombs were to be launched, it would be on Deep State’s positions in the region. And this is what Q means here:


POTUS NEVER telegraphs his moves.

Think logically.

Why did POTUS announce his intention to pull out of Syria?

Moves and countermoves.

These people are STUPID (& SICK).


Post # 26 - Q 1074 [Read between the lines]. We did and this is what we found!

​ Have you caught Q1074 linking to an article about Joseph Schmitz?

​ Fake News CNN claims this Trump adviser played a key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election. Q is asking us to read between the line and when we do, we extract the main information this article is trying to plant in the story line:

[Schmitz] claimed a source he called "PATRIOT," an unidentified contractor he was representing, had discovered what he believed was likely material stolen from Clinton that could contain classified information. Both the client and Schmitz were afraid that going through the material without permission could jeopardize their security clearances, though there is no indication their actions were illegal.

​ The first important fake news here is the idea that material may have been stolen from Clinton. We already know from Q834, Q701 and this source how and why the private server was set up. We also know who benefited from it and some of the names of government officials who were running the process. The idea of stolen material is a new idea being artificially planted with the purpose of preparing a legal defense strategy and confusing investigators.

​ The other key here is the last sentence “though there is no indication their actions were illegal.” How does CNN know that? And what actions are they exactly talking about? Is it illegal as an action to discover material you have decided not to go through? Notice the grammar of the sentence. It is not a quote. It is a volatile comment, with no argumentative anchor. This is an indication that CNN wants investigators to focus on the planted information and not the actors. How so? If Joseph Schmitz wakes up one morning and finds some fabricated information at his doorsteps proving H’s classified material was stolen and not distributed, he has to contact federal investigators who then have to interview him and ultimately pursue that theft possibility. This is what CNN means with “no indication their actions were illegal”. You see how it works? They plant fabricated information at the doorstep of a close Trump ally, then, waving the obstruction of justice or preferential treatment flag, they pressure investigators to consider the planted information with front pages like: “Exclusive: Trump adviser played key role in pursuit of possible Clinton emails from dark web before election”. This is what Q means here:


Front page.

Fake news.

​ While officials at the State Department and Inspector General briefly interviewed Schmitz, they declined to review or accept the information, according to sources familiar with the process. The FBI interviewed him as a part of its ongoing criminal investigation into Clinton's emails, sources said. It is not clear whether special counsel Robert Mueller is pursuing information about Schmitz's efforts.

​ This is Mockingbird CNN subtly asking Mueller and Horowitz to take this theft option more seriously so that confusion and protection layers may be successfully added to their investigations. When, instead of reporting the News, media outlets engage in such influence operations to deceitfully create the News, you know their sponsors are in panic mode. In this case, Mueller and Horowitz evidently did not take the bait and downplayed the planted information that Schmitz had to relay to them. Why? Because they already have all they need… From where? From the Military who asked Trump to run and who already gave him the intelligence he is fighting the Deep State with.


Why did Adm R (NSA) meet Trump privately w/o auth?

Does POTUS know where the bodies are buried?

Does POTUS have the goods on most bad actors?

Was TRUMP asked to run for President?


By Who?


What is Mueller's background?


Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering?

How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead?

Who is helping POTUS?

​ I apologize for the length of this post but the issues addressed here are of the utmost importance for those who would like to benefit from the future episodes of the Q Occult Series.

​I was about to post part 2 today but I have received many messages asking me various questions that led me to believe some clarification was needed before successfully continuing our journey. This is why we have a part 1.5.

​ The main issue that has been raised is about me quoting the Quran and reaching out to those I call “real Muslims” (not radical Muslims and not the House of Saud I have already spoken about). I have seen messages and comments essentially saying: SB2, we love you but stop quoting the Quran, it is a satanic book, it is against what we believe in etc… Well, here is my first response: Satan has infiltrated all religions. You already heard me about the House of Saud, the Vatican, and this (sniffers). You therefore have to make the effort to distinguish real Jews, real Christians and real Muslims from manufactured infiltrators. Second response: as you may already know, all three revealed monotheistic religions which are Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all coming from the House of Abraham. Abraham’s two sons Isaac (he had with his wife) and Ishmael (he had with his servant) are respectively the ancestors of all Prophets of Israel and of the Prophet of Islam.

Our Bible teaches us the following:

Then God said, “Yes, but your wife Sarah will bear you a son, and you will call him Isaac. I will establish my covenant with him as an everlasting covenant for his descendants after him. And as for Ishmael, I have heard you: I will surely bless him; I will make him fruitful and will greatly increase his numbers. He will be the father of twelve rulers, and I will make him into a great nation. Genesis 17:19-20

​ This verse shows clearly the covenant was granted to the descendants of Isaac, explaining why Israel was given the immense divine privilege of having a Prophet at every single generation until the arrival of Christ. Now think about it: do you realize all the spiritual literature we are missing from Isaac to Christ? Do you realize how much knowledge coming from these numerous Prophets the Vatican has concealed to keep us in the dark?! And who are they to decide a book is apocryphal or not? Who are they?! Why are they hiding books from the public in underground facilities, libraries and digital vaults?! Which moral authority do they have, let alone a spiritual one to decide which book should contribute to your faith or not? We all know today the quality of their moral authority. But that is a question for another day.

​ This verse also shows Abraham made a prayer for his other son Ishmael (the Lord says: I heard you) and God promised him He would bless him, make a great nation from his seed and give him twelve rulers. So there you have it: God Himself gave to the Muslims what He gave them. He gave them a Prophet and a Book. Ignoring it is a possible choice but I believe denying it is a dangerous one… Who can claim to serve a Master and not accept joyfully what He has chosen to do in the Mystery of His wisdom? This is the very mistake Lucifer made and it caused him to lose all his spiritual privileges…

I am aware after this post I may lose many readers and be slandered in the comment section. But the Truth needs to be said and I am not wearing a mask. I am offering you the Truth, nothing less, nothing more. And one unavoidable component of the Truth is the re-unification of the House of Abraham. Why? Because that is where all Good started. Satan knows it, this is why he attacked it and divided it. Once that puzzle is solved and the scattered pieces are correctly re-united, the Truth will become obvious to everyone.

​ Now, realize I am posting on a sub on Reddit. Notice I have no monetized Youtube channel or a similar platform, no patreon, nothing like that. I am blessed enough by God to not need those. I am not motivated by money, I am not motivated by fame:

The stupidest person in my opinion would be an anonymous writer looking for fame.

Those who find their peace insulting me in the comment section should think perhaps they are joyfully saying hello to me in the elevator every morning or thankfully taking my tips at the restaurant… :) Seriously, I have just one motivation: raise enough questions in the minds of intellectually honest people to make them THINK, find a way out of the prison of falsehood and enter the House of Truth. I can’t walk for them, I can only show them. I am not a teacher. Jesus is THE Teacher. My motivation is to put some light on the path that leads to him and that has been blurred by centuries of Luciferian spiritual warfare against mankind.

​ I can hear from here those saying: we’ve already found Christ, we did not have to wait for you. Well, my response to them would then be: so why is the world so sick? Why aren’t you able to give a sound answer to the simple question: are we coming from monkeys, yes or no? I personally know Ivy League investment bankers who are unable to give you a correct definition of money and who do not even know the Federal Reserve is a private company. Is this normal? Why is the international banking system based on the very usury Christ denounced when fighting the money changers and nobody cares? Do you remember Satan tried 3 times to deceive Jesus Christ? He even used Scriptures to that end. Don’t you think he may have tried 3 million times with you and used the very Bible you are reading?! So you think you found Christ? Do you think Satan is not going to try 3 million times to deceive you about him? Adam himself who spoke directly to God and who was surrounded by mighty Archangels was deceived by Satan. And you think you figured it out?! Just because you go to church on sun-days and have a Bible app in your phone? Once again, who won WW2?! Why is the world so sick?! Where is Christ?! Where is he?!

​ Pause…

​ I’ll tell you where he is: he is in our heart we inherited from Judas. We claim we are from Christ but we betrayed him and crucified him. For a few coins. Gold, silver, interest accounts, bitcoins or diplomas contradicting the Bible. To please Rome. Our NWO controllers. We stayed away from his original teachings and listened to those who claimed to have known him while their only motivation was to build the Prostitute described in the Book of Revelation. Did you know Paul never, ever, ever, met Christ? And yet, the Catholic Church owes him its dogma. Blindly and purposely.

We let Lucifer attack the House of our Father Abraham and divide us and put confusion in our hearts, our minds, our Book and our holy rituals. Do you know the purpose of this division? Listen to the well-known French rabbi Rav Ron Chayain in this video, (sorry in French) he is explaining the geopolitical strategy consisting of pushing Christians and Muslims to fight against each other in WW3 so that the non- implicated Jews would be victorious. And he compares it to chicken fights… Let that sink in for a minute…

Their own words.

They are not even hiding!

Satan’s biggest fear is to see Christians and Muslims build an alliance against him and his armies of demons and humans… Despite their plot, that will happen. I know it.

When that happens, recall there was a lunatic called SerialBrain2 on Reddit who predicted it…It has already started, but you did not catch it:


One side of the triangle removed (1st time in history).

Read this episode (archivers note: Part 1 and Part 2 ) to understand.

They also pick Freemasons to translate our Books, and they change prayers Jesus Christ himself used to recite. Before that, some random king decided the very Sabbath Jesus Christ was assiduously celebrating needed to be moved to the day of the sun they have been worshiping since their ancestor Pharaoh… And when the Church was asked why, they said: “it is the mark of our authority”. So you thought that to be enforced, the Mark of the Beast had to wait for computer chips?

​ We are not even able to think straight.

Like parrots, we repeat the Muslims are our enemies but we forget they believe in the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ and that he is indeed the Messiah to return and that one of their main religious obligations is to fight under his command against the Antichrist. We are made to think we are closer to the Jews and we forget the way they plotted against Jesus, we forget the horrible things they said and still say about Mary, the purest of all women, to deny Christ’s miraculous birth. We forget they do not believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah , and we forget they have they own Messiah!

​ Now let me ask you this: if the Jews have their own Messiah and the Muslims believe in the same Messiah we believe in, where do you think the Antichrist is more likely to come from?

​ What happened to you mankind?!!!

What happened to you???!!!

Don’t you see it???!!!

You are the victims of the biggest and most sophisticated psy-op ever perpetrated against humans and Q is desperately trying to wake you up!


We went too deep.

Attempted a pullback.

Not ready. Q

​ Now look at this picture from Q547 and THINK.


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


Post # 28 - Q Occult Series. Q114 US Military = Savior of Mankind. Origins of Mankind and his enemies. Part2.

They did their best to prevent me from posting this part 2. EMP’s are real. When you are done reading this post, Start here . Praying and reading Holy Books neutralize their effect. Their 911’s ultimate warfare goal was to build the global aura-print database through airport body scanners. To locate your energy signature should they need to target you wherever you are in the world. Using your nudity against you is Satan’s oldest and favorite weapon. Since Adam and Eve. Before you enter these demonic body scanners, ask God to cover you and you will be safe. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Why? Because Satan’s devices are weak for the one who knows.

​ “Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” 2 Corinthians 2:11.

​ “Feeble indeed is the cunning of Satan.” Quran Sura 4 Verse 76.

​ So you want to know the origins of mankind and who is fighting mankind? You want to know what war Q is referring to? I told I will tell you. And in part 1.5, I prepared you: I told you all 3 Abrahamic religions needed to come together against the common enemy: Satan and his satanists. Not come together like the Pope wants them to, but like God wants them to. The Divine Creation of different cultures, languages, creatures and complexions, is a hint God wanted to be worshiped in different ways, but in ways He Himself revealed. The man who loves his wife buys her different dresses because he essentially wants to see different manifestations of her beauty. But if he sees a dress with an origin unknown to him, problems may occur… The Pope, on the other hand is trying to unite religions in a different way and with other motivations. I have already expressed it and will share it in extenso here. For example, the Pope is fascinated by Islam because he saw how this community was willing to have their religion be omnipresent in their lives: real Muslims avoid interest accounts and even have to learn how to drink from a glass or how to eat. It's part of their religious practices. This obedience and submission would fascinate any controller. They figured: if we can hijack this thing and have the whole planet become Muslims, we are good to go for another 2,000 years. That is the only reason the Pope, is doing his belly dance for Islam and is clapping for the most evil ones among their so called leaders (artificially created in Clown factories) to dance to his NWO One Religion beat. Link1 Link2 Link3 Link4.

​ Now that this is clarified, let’s open our Bible.

​ In Genesis 2:4-3:24, we learn how the serpent approached Eve and convinced her to eat from the Forbidden Tree. We learn how Adam and Eve got out of the Garden of Eden. Because of the Serpent.

​ So… The Serpent is our enemy right? But where is Satan? I thought Satan was THE Enemy. Answer: It’s the same, Satan took the form of the Serpent. How do you know that? Revelation 12:9, 20:2. Ok… but why was Satan Adam’s enemy? He rebelled against God and wanted to become God. How do you know that? Isaiah 14:12-15. Ok… but that’s a problem he had with God, not Adam. Why was Adam targeted? He attacked God’s creation. Ok… but why did he focus on Adam? How about birds, flowers, Angels and other creatures? What was special about Adam? May be he attacked other creatures and we were not told. So the Bible is not complete? We know there are missing parts and there is also the apocryphal text controversy. Ok, I’ll go with that but then why did Satan rebel against God? Pride, he wanted to become God. What’s your proof? Isaiah 14:12-15 or Ezekiel 28:12-19. Did he know God’s power? Yes. And he decided one morning, out of pride, to rebel against the Most Powerful Being any mind could imagine and that could crush him in a heartbeat? Apparently yes. Let’s suppose pride has the power to blindside you about heavily heavily heavily asymmetrical forces on a battlefield, but then what made him think a created being could become God? What triggered this thought? That, I don’t know…

​ This is where most conversations stop with the most competent and clever Bible Scholars out there. This is where I was stuck for years. Until I opened a Quran. Let’s read an English translation of Chapter 38:

​ 038:071 [So mention] when your Lord said to the angels, "Indeed, I am going to create a human being from clay. 038:072 So when I have proportioned him and breathed into him of My Spirit, then fall down to him in prostration." 038:073 So the angels prostrated - all of them entirely. 038:074 Except Iblees; he was arrogant and became among the disbelievers.

As you can see, the Quran puts humans at the center of God’s creation and because of the presence of the Divine Spirit in his spiritual constitution, the Angels were ordered to serve him! This is what got Lucifer (Iblees in Quran) to become arrogant. Lucifer did not know being served by Angels was possible until this honor was given to Adam. When God gave this honor to Adam, all hell broke loose. He was like: wait a minute, I’ve been around all this time, and you are giving this Amazing Gift to Adam who has just arrived? Listen to the rest of the conversation:

​ 038:075 [Allah] said, "O Iblees, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? Were you arrogant [then], or were you [already] among the haughty?" 038:076 He said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay." 038:077 [Allah] said, "Then get out of Paradise, for indeed, you are expelled. 038:078 And indeed, upon you is My curse until the Day of Recompense." 038:079 He said, "My Lord, then reprieve me until the Day they are resurrected." 038:080 [Allah] said, "So indeed, you are of those reprieved 038:081 Until the Day of the time well-known." 038:082 [Iblees] said, "By your might, I will surely mislead them all 038:083 Except, among them, Your chosen servants." 038:084 [Allah] said, "The truth [is My oath], and the truth I say - 038:085 [That] I will surely fill Hell with you and those of them that follow you all together."

Amazing stuff.

​ From 38:75 to 38:78, everything makes sense and the questions we had earlier find their answers. Lucifer did not rebel against God out of the blue. Adam was the reason. Lucifer was jealous. Adam, because of the Divine Spirit flowing in him, is in a higher position than Angels and Lucifer. Let that sink in for a minute. Take another minute. Lucifer did not want to serve Adam and came up with a nonsensical explanation based on material constitution: “I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay." (this is the ancestor of racism by the way). You see in the exchange God asks Lucifer a question to give him a chance to justify himself but then He does not even bother dignifying Lucifer’s spiritually silly argument with an answer. He expelled him and decided the conversation was over. This is God teaching you rhetoric and argumentative tact here… We see Adam was also the reason Lucifer was cursed and was cast out of the Divine Presence. Now THAT can generate some hate! Right?! Do you realize the implications of this and why they HAD TO remove this from our Bible? If humans realize they are the center of God’s creation, worshiping stars, planets, the coming alien and Antichrist deception can be analyzed and debunked by our 5 year old human kids! If humans realize the amount of hate Adam generated in Lucifer’s heart, they would be aware of the War.

This is the very War Q is talking about! It’s not a war against God, it’s a war against humans!

In this fascinating conversation, we also learn Lucifer asked to be “reprieved”, meaning the complete consequence of his disobedience be delayed. He obtains it and discloses what he will use this time for: “I will surely mislead them all”. This is the coming of what Q calls Fantasy Land. This is the disclosure Rule I told you about. This is Lucifer telling you what he has planned for Adam and his descendants. This is Lucifer telling you he will mislead Adam and have him expelled from Eden. This is Lucifer telling you the Antichrist will be coming soon to a theater near you…

​ In Part 3, I will tell you how he recruited his first military forces and how he positioned them on the battlefield.

Post # 29 - Comey compares Trump to a mob boss. This is why Comey is insulting Trump. He’s toast!

​ Have you caught Comey’s ABC promo of his interview to be aired next Sunday 10pm? [This one] ( He is equating our President to a Mob Boss!

Whaaaaaaat?! Are you serious? What happened? Comey’s been quiet and pretty nice all this time, even affording the luxury of posting cryptic tweets with elaborate and sophisticated quotes and stuff. Then, all of a sudden, he goes berserk, takes off his Oxford flannel tail coat, puts gold chains on, shows up with a joint and holds a baseball bat. Picture. What happened?

​ First, let’s take a look at Q1009: Image. Do you realize the magnitude of this Q post? This is Q telling you CLEARLY Mueller is working for Trump and that he is cleaning his entourage from plants like Manafort and Carter Page. This is Q also CLEARLY telling you POTUS knew he was not under criminal investigation but that the scenario he validated with Mueller was not to reveal it yet. This is Q also CLEARLY telling you if you do some digging about Manafort and Page, you will find public information on their respective backgrounds confirming they were plants. Happy hunting!

​ I have already talked about the secret relationship between Trump and Mueller in previous posts. This is confirmation. If you want to have a clear understanding of the sequence of events and the coming next steps, you may read the story line summary I shared in the comment section two weeks ago [here] (

​ We also learn from Q1009 that a traitor has accessed this information about Trump through a “massive intel sweep” and this is the reason why it went public.

​ So how long has this been going on? How long have Trump and Mueller kept this crucial information confidential? The answer is in this April 3rd [Washington Post article]


We learn: "Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III informed President Trump’s attorneys last month that he is continuing to investigate the president but does not consider him a criminal target at this point, according to three people familiar with the discussions."

​ We also learn from this other [article] ( Rosenstein personally approved FBI raid against Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. Based on this information and Q’s board, we can now draw this [Timeline] (

​ Do you see the build up? Q announces problems will soon occur with RR. The next day the information about Trump is released. 3 days later, there is a fire at Trump’s tower created for distraction to break into Trump’s property (looking for what?). 2 days later, the FBI raids Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen’s office (looking for what?). 2 days later, Comey goes full thug and takes the week end media slot with his ABC promo.

​ To understand this acceleration, let’s start from the end: do you know the purpose of Comey’s promo? It’s to prevent Trump from reacting before next Monday because he does not know what is in the interview. So they give him just enough to let him know it is going to be bloody and, should he decide to do something in between, they can re-adjust and damage him even more when it is broadcasted. You should understand: promos are like blank checks for the interviewed and blackmail material against the target. The content of the interview can be adjusted before airing time depending on events after the promo, negotiations or whatever…

​ So with this promo, Comey and ABC block Trump from reacting. For example, it would be risky for Trump to consider firing anybody like Rosenstein before Monday. If he does, Comey could say for example: “I am sure Trump will fire Rosenstein because so and so…” And it will be presented by ABC as a fulfilled prophecy since the recording was done “before” the firing. So the promo gives them time to use their network to surround Trump and his entourage further and move their pieces on the chessboard.

​ If Mueller stayed quiet for a month about Trump, we can safely assume he is not the traitor and is not involved in what Q calls the “massive intel sweep” in Q1009. So who could be the traitor? Before the information even breaks, Q gives us a hint here: Q988 RR problems. If we pursue this, this is what we find: [Picture] ( Source: [Bloomberg] (

​ This is Rosenstein bypassing Mueller to have direct access to the Cohen file. What does that tell you? You got it. Rosenstein flipped and knew Mueller was not going to handle the Cohen file the way he needed him to and would have probably tipped off Cohen. This is why he instructed him to hand it over to someone he controls. Once that was done, this happened: [Picture] (

Source: [NBC News] (

​ So you get it? When they had access to the “massive intel sweep”, they realized Mueller has been playing them all along and that nothing was gathered against Trump. They realized they lost a whole year thinking Mueller was working for them. They realized Trump has skillfully gathered undercover white hats like Mueller around him. And this is what Comey is referring to when he says “Mob Boss”. This is why they caused a fire at Trump’s tower as a diversion to break in Trump’s property (Q1112), this why they raided Cohen’s office. They NEED to find something and quick. To buy time until Monday, they locked the media cycle with the ABC promo.

​ That’s their move. What is going to be Trump’s countermove?

​ Have you heard this morning that the Clinton/Huma video has been found in the deep web?


Actions today [raid] will be met w/ swift action.

FBI burning midnight oil.


Post # 30 - Trump about Syria: “Mission Accomplished”. Let me tell you what you have just witnessed. Brilliant!!! Just brilliant!!!

​ Those who read me already know what I have been saying about Syria, the so called chemical attack and Trump’s military action: he’s bombing the hell out of the Deep State’s positions in Syria. And Putin is working with him. You see this tweet? There is a hidden message in there, I could decrypt it for you using Q’s hint in Q1126 and show you Trump is in fact signaling to Putin it’s now time to add up their forces and do what they said they were to do by knocking out their common target! But there is so much controversy (to say the least) when I do these decodes, that the message I try to convey is buried under the heated conversation on the methods. So this time, I will do it differently: I will show you with proofs that Trump and Putin were on this thing together using logic and research. Then, if you want me to, I will do another decoding post where all the love, the happy dance, the hate and the heat can be gathered. Ok?

So here we go:

​ First, let’s watch Jon Huntsman Jr, the US Ambassador to Russia. For those who feared WW3 to start, this guy must currently have the toughest job on the planet right? Well, let’s watch him right after the strike: Video.

​ He looks pretty relaxed for a WW3 US Ambassador to Russia… Did you notice the green tie and the white shirt? Now here: at 1:18 he says: “before we took action, the United States communicated with the Russian Federation to reduce the danger of any Russian or civilian casualties”.

​ Ok, keep that in the back of your head.

​ Now, let’s go listen to General Mathis and General Dunford at the Pentagon briefing. First question to General Mathis: video.

​ So about Assad using chemical weapons, General Mathis says about the strike: “this is a one time shot, and I believe that it sent a very strong message to dissuade him, to deter him, from doing this again”.

​ So… What happened on April 7 2017 when Trump ordered to bomb Syria after Assad allegedly used chemical weapons? Is Assad amnesic? Or is it us? But it gets better: now it’s General Dunford’s turn. Bear in mind guys, I love these Generals. For me, they are the finest patriots we can find. What I am trying to do here, is to show you what they need to go through to get the job done without having to say too much. And this is the very essence of a true hero, a true patriot. But hey, if pieces fall here and there, nobody can blame us for picking them up right? This is about the Great Awakening. This is what we are here for. So let’s listen to General Dunford: video.

​ Did you catch it? At 7:35, he says: “with regards to the Russian concerns, we specifically design… haaa… identified these targets to mitigate the risk of Russian forces being involved”. He was about to use the word “designate” and his body language betrays him: he points out with his finger. This is the very very tiny window opened for you, for just a quick second, for you to see beyond the stage and understand what is really going on! But it gets even better guys! At 7:51 he says: “we did not do any coordination with the Russians on the strikes nor did we pre notified them”. Oh Yeah?! Well, that’s not what our Ambassador says. You remember what I told you to keep in the back of your head? Here: video.

​ So there you have it.

​ All this drama with Putin is staged. The chemical attack is staged. There is no WW3 Alex. At least, not yet. I’ll give you may be your rant is also staged and perhaps you are skillfully keeping the angry Trump’s base around you until final resolution. But, that, Q does not talk about it and there is no tweet about it, so I have no way to verify it. What is happening Alex, is Trump is wiping off the face of the earth the remaining of the Deep State’s positions. And the chemical attack (which was predicted by Q - keep reading - it’s revealed at the end) was needed as cover, causing General Dunford’s slip of the tongue. And France and the UK are now joining because they want their share of the spoils of war. Which one? The emergence of the liquid natural gas pipelines made possible by a pacified region and that will reduce their energy dependency from Russia. You did not know it was about LNG pipelines? If you want me to, I will explain it to you in a future post. In the meantime, quick before it’s removed again, you may start here.

​ Why do you think the very next day the strike occurred Wikileaks posted this tweet? This is Wikileaks signaling to you the Saudis are now on board with preserving Russia’s interests in supplying Europe with its share of LNG and that against this cut, Assad had to be removed from the equation. Why? Because he was the one blocking the signing of the Saudi interest pipeline contract. Hence the war in Syria.

​ If this secret deal were to come to fruition, it seems Texas based Noble Energy’s interest in the Leviathan gas reserves in Israel could be severely compromised. Where is Infowars based again?


We are saving Israel for last.

Very specific reason not mentioned a single time.


​ Do you know the real reason Rex Tillerson had to go? Because he wanted status quo in Iran. Why? Because of the Exxon Mobil Qatar pipeline… Happy hunting!


Iran next.

Trust the plan!



​ When was April showers first mentioned by Q? At Q1007. Human date? 04/03/2018. When did the chemical attack occur? 04/07/2018. ‘Tone’ date? Q1070. How did he know? There you have it…


Expand your thinking.

The ‘date’ vs ‘actual’.

Iran next.

Trust the plan!



Do you believe in coincidences?


​ Which coincidence? This one:




​Brilliant! Just brilliant!

Post # 31 - Q1131 Drop after Testimony. The Art of War or how Pompeo brilliantly played Hillary Clinton.

Ok guys, this is the today appetizer. I will make another post later today. Make sure you catch it, I will show you among other things why Trump capitalized G, K and A in his Gas Killing Animal tweet and how he is secretly communicating with Putin...

So what do we have here? A top of his class at Westpoint to be confirmed as Secretary of State.

​ This is going to be EPIC!

​ For those who have read Sun Tzu or Machiavelli, get ready for a treat! Just studying Pompeo’s every moves could now be the best strategy class you could ever attend.

In Q1129, Q provides us with these 2 links: Link1, Link2 and cryptically says: “down she goes”.

​ Let’s analyze this.

We gather that Pompeo asked Hillary Clinton (and also Kelly) for advice before his congressional confirmation. This very surprising (and elegant) move has been heavily relayed by the press: Link 1 Link2.

​ By reading the comment section of this video, it seems Pompeo reaching out to Hillary led many Trump supporters to question his loyalty.

Is it that simple?

​ Let’s open Sun Tzu”s Art of War, Chapter 6: Weak Points and Strong.

We learn these 2 fundamental rules:

  1. By discovering the enemy's dispositions and remaining invisible ourselves, we can keep our forces concentrated, while the enemy's must be divided.
  2. Rouse him, and learn the principle of his activity or inactivity. Force him to reveal himself, so as to find out his vulnerable spots.

Applying these 2 rules, Pompeo asks for advice to Hillary.

Hillary opens up, blindly spills the beans and basically reveals to Pompeo her weaknesses and/or desire: stop purging the State Department (so I can besiege you and make your life as miserable as Session’s life with Rosenstein).

Image1 Source: The Hill.

​ With this information, Pompeo now knows exactly what he needs to do: he is going to apply this rule from Niccolo Machiavelli:

The new ruler must determine all the injuries that he will need to inflict. He must inflict them once and for all.

​ Get ready folks, Pompeo is going to purge the State Department in a way nobody has ever seen before!

​ Of course, right after he received this “advice”, he probably stopped taking her calls:


“Drop after testimony.”

R U learning yet?


​ She gets she was played. Just like Snowden:


@Snowden Yes.

Testify then drop.

We have it all.

These people are stupid.

​ So now she has a problem. Chances are when she spoke to Pompeo, she probably started distributing “protection gift cards” to SD officials: “hey, I got you, I spoke to my buddy Pompeo, he’ll keep you around”. Why? Because she needed to have these people know ahead of time they kept their jobs because of her intervention so that they could be loyal to her. This is why Pompeo’s move was over mediatized. Do you think he would have had everybody know he asked for advice? No. The media knew it because Hillary told them. She was showing around her new influence toy she got from Satan Close! Now if Pompeo gets in office and starts firing people who Hillary already had reached out to, it is likely these people are going to be very very angry and turn against her. So? She needs to show them she was played and this is why this pops out:

image2 Source: the Hill

Too late Hillary. Thanks to you, Pompeo has now so many vacant job positions to give away, he can negotiate directly with Democrats in the House to get his confirmation votes…

​It is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver. Niccolo Machiavelli.

Post # 32 - Q1127 secret message decoded! And this is why Trump capitalized G, K and A in his Gas Killing Animal tweet!

​ Ok, back to the decoding. Let’s take a minute to allow those who believe this is shinanaganz to leave the room.

…58, 59, perfect!

​ Today, we are decoding Q1127.

​ You remember what I have told you in previous decoding posts? When you see a letter popping out or an “error”, your key alarm should go off. Grab that key and start exploring. So here we see that letter H staring at us: [H]ouse. H is the key we need to unlock our hidden message. Now remember, I told you each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value based on its position, like this: Table. This is called the Simple Gematria Table. Try to remember this because Q uses it a lot to give us clues. Try to play with it calculating the numerical values of words adding up the numbers of their composing letters. This is the door to amazing knowledge…

​ I am going to break it down in a way there will be no complicated mathematics or programming skills involved. Those who are familiar with Excel, the MOD function, CHAR and CODE will immediately see how to bypass and automate some of the steps but I want this to be as accessible as possible to the majority.

​ So here we go:

Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4 Img5 Img6 Img7

So there you have it, the hidden message where Q is talking about his comms is basically code for having defeated the geek trying to hack his comms. Once that geek is dominated and knocked out, he is good to go and securely sends his data. But there is more to it. He is saying: refer back – the ‘Why?’ NAT SEC laws. I will tell you what he means. You see that April Showers, on the 5th line?

Let’s analyze it:


Knowing the gematria value of April Showers=163, let us go back in time and see what happened 163 posts ago before Q1127 is posted. To find the date, we do: 1127-163=964 and we hit Q964 which is the first post after the day Q changed his tripcode and activated the clock! The tripcode was updated from !UW.yye1fxo to !xowAT4Z3VQ on March 23rd 2018 and the clock activated the same day. Silence until March 27 when Q964 was posted. So what does it mean? Q is telling us with Q1127 that the reason he is changing his tripcode is to comply with National Security Laws. That is the ‘Why’ he is talking about. You see now the double meaning of “A clean House is important”? He is saying every time he changes his tripcode, he is cleaning his data history and can therefore come back and continue dropping without infringing National Security Laws. Fascinating!

​ Ready for more?

​ Let’s do the post right before Q1127. We see that in Q1126 Q is connecting the same letter H to this Trump’s tweet. This tweet is epic, he is talking about a Gas Killing Animal! So here we go, we are using the same method as in Q1127.

Follow along:

Img9 Img10 Img11 Img12 Img13 Img14 Img15 Img16

So there you have it. In this secret message, Trump is saying to Putin to join him in the strike and “go add KO as the United States do”. The strike on Deep State’s positions in Syria was done with Russia. I’ve been telling you for a long time now that Trump and Putin are working together. But because of Russia Russia Russia, it has to remain secret.

Let the people be fooled by the smoke screen but you, here, are reading Q. You know the truth. You now have the means, the knowledge and the training to see beyond the curtain. You are not asleep anymore.

It’s the Great Awakening.

Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!

​ Let’s continue with the decoding…

​ You guys did a good job with the upvote and the comment section at the [last decoding post] (Q#1127_secret_message_decoded_and_this_is_why), you did not let the D-tractors distract you from learning and further understanding the amazing journey Q is inviting you to. You stayed calm and did not respond to unnecessary crafted drama. This movement is getting stronger! Kudos to you! Make sure you invite your friends and family to the conversation, show them what you have learned and teach them.

​ Now I will show you more: in the last post, where we decoded [Q1127] (, and [Trump’s tweet] (, I took you through the steps so you understand what was going on under the hood. I then shared in the comment section that this way of decoding was called the Caesar Cipher. Here is a [video] ( to know more about it. So you see? Now the D-Tractors have a problem: SB2 is using classic cryptographic methods to solve the Q’s message that recruit this particular method. They can’t say I am making up rules anymore, so what do they say? (check the comment section, it’s a lot of fun)... They say: it’s not because the method is valid that there is a hidden message. If someone says that to you, ask them to explain this:


“A clean [H]ouse is very important.”


And this :


Learn to decider.

News unlocks message.

Find the keystone.


​ Of course, you got it: “decider” instead of “decipher” is a mistake purposely done by Q to tell you the key in that area of the board is “ d ”!! Happy hunting!

But more importantly, there is an online tool [here] ( that will allow you to work faster and automate the process I showed you. Make sure you bookmark that link as you will use it to decode other Q’s messages. I will show you how to use this tool, using Q1127, you will then replicate on your own with the tweet.

Follow along: Img1 Img2 Img3

There you have it, we get the same result as the last post, but much much faster.

Train and do the same for the tweet.

​ Now I want to show you something else.

What if the key, instead of being just one letter, is a word? Well, in that case, supposing the key is HELLO, you first need to repeat HELLOHELLOHELLO… on top of the message until it is all covered, then you will have to apply H=8 shift on the first letter, E=5 shift on the second and so on until all the letters are covered and solve. This is called the Vigenère Cipher. Tedious right? Well, it's Christmas guys! With a little creativity, there is a tool we can use from the website I showed you. It’s the one using the Vigenère Cipher. The Vigenère Cipher does exactly what we have described above, except it includes the first letter in the count. So everything is shifted by -1 right? So what do we do to use the tool and not count the first letter? You got it! We shift the key by +1! So for example if POTUS or Q give you the key HELLO, all you need to do to use this online tool, is to give him the key

H+1,E+1,L+1,L+1,O+1, which is IFMMP. You got it? Ok, let’s apply:

​ Hunting on the board… hunting… looking around…hunting… Hey?! What’s that strange message in Q1140? Img4

This is Q telling us there is something going on here. He says misspellings matter. He is referring to this [tweet] ( You could not find it because it was deleted? Go here: [Trump’s deleted tweets] (

The reason Trump did not correct the error here: “Just had an Agricultural Roundtable with memembers of Congress and Governors”. It is because…. You guessed it! The string “me” is the key!

​ So what do we do? Same thing, we write the tweet with no punctuation and then, follow along: Img5 Img6 Img7 Img8

So those who think they have solved the riddle, can PM me and, with their authorization, I will publish the list of the solvers and credit them.

​ In any cases, I will publish the solution tomorrow around the same time.

​ Happy hunting!

Post # 34 - Follow up: Solution to the Trump’s “MEME” riddle! This one was a little tougher!

​ We are back! As promised yesterday, I will give the solution of the [yesterday’s riddle] (trumps_strange_meme_tweet_decoded_learn_how_to)

in [Trump's tweet] (, using a hint given by Q on the 8chan board.

​ Someone saw the solution and sent it to me today: u/Tee1020

After I received this user’s message, I went to the profile page to know more. I found this [post] ( [archiver's note: /u/Tee1030 has not been able to locate the original post and the GA version was banned by Reddit so the link does not take you to the Post. - If anyone reading this copied and saved the post, Please send a copy to /u/Tee1020 or /u/AvailableWall9 on Reddit so that the post can be placed here... ThanQ]

It is asking very interesting questions that are definitely worth pursuing. So check it out!

​ Now here is the solution. I told you Q gave us a massive clue. The clue is in [Q1136] (

Follow along: Img1 Img2 Img3 Img4 Img5

There you have it.

​ You now realize when you are able to see through Trump’s tweets and Q’s posts, the conversation reaches new heights and takes a more personal tone…

​ And once again, by going through my posts, you will see decoding is one of the things I do. I have also shown how much intellectual delectation one could get exploring Q’s posts and Trump’s tweets just through the prism of logic and online investigative journalism.

​ I am just showing the tools that are available to know more and know better. It will be up to you to decide where you feel more comfortable. Once you have chosen your hotel room, just make sure you do not discredit the other rooms: they are also part of the same hotel…

Who can decode:





​ Solution soon…

​ Happy hunting !

Post # 35 - Censorship within the GreatAwakening? Let’s get to the bottom of this! For the Q’s Movement sake.

​ Guys. We need to talk. We need to have a serious conversation between adults about a rampant situation that needs to be addressed now. For the good of the Movement and for the sake of what Q is doing.

​ It seems there is a small group of people who, because they are not interested in or do not like certain things that are published on this board, believe the authors should be banned and dealt with.

​ I wanted to take a minute and analyze this. Respectfully. Coldly. Rationally.

My understanding is we are here to talk about Q right?

​ My attempt to answer to this question led me to identify 3 lanes in which my posts are produced:

Spiritual/Occult – Investigative Research – Decoding/Cryptography/Riddles

Within a month, 34 posts have been published in these 3 lanes. Here are a few examples: Img1

Now, are these 3 fields of knowledge in compliance with Q? Are they the creation of my free styling imagination or did Q signal they should be explored. Let’s look at this: Img2

So there you have it. This is what Q is.

​ Now let’s talk about my decoding posts. Based on the messages I receive and one of the decoding posts reaching 350 upvotes with 20k views, it is clear there is an interest. People want to learn and understand what’s going on with these cryptic messages on the board.

Now you have some people who unilaterally decide this “decoding thing” should stop, because -they say- they think it makes the Movement “look bad”. The problem is the Movement is Q and Q is the one who started this “decoding thing”, is still doing it and says it is important.

​ In the comment section of this [decoding post] (Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!), [before the ban] you [would have found] an interesting exchange where one of these censoring entities is being rightly reminded that Q has been exchanging on 8chan on grids, arithmetic, gematria and riddles with anons since day1 and that what I am doing is just in continuation of these conversations. Then, the censoring entity publicly shares an image of a very disturbing conversation he had with the Mods, I am redacting his name for obvious reasons: Img3

Not only is he making unsubstantiated accusations (how can someone ‘create’ 20k views and 350 upvotes?!) but he is deciding what the board should look like. Amazing. To know more about how the board would fit to his Royal Desires, I went to his profile to not only discover he has never, ever, ever submitted any post on this board but he has also never submitted any post about Q anywhere.

​ So, Mods, I am asking you. Are these the types of people you should have a conversation with while others, on the other hand, are substantially and peacefully contributing to the life and progress of our Movement?

​ This post where this censoring entity commented was part 1 of a 2 episode series. I wrote episode 2 would be posted the next day. The first episode had 2.3k views and 109 upvotes. I received tons of messages mirrored in the comment section about part 2. When I published it the next day, as announced, the view count was not visible for hours, when the final count showed up, it dropped to 704 and I still have people messaging me asking me where is episode 2!

​ So…

I am asking the Mods who have been doing a fantastic job growing this sub and keeping it a civil space where anybody can come and learn about Q, to protect it even more from negative outside influence, whether it is human or electronic. Whether it is emotional or algorithmic censorship. I have been interacting with a few of them in the past and know they have the skills and the generosity to provide us with what I am requesting. And I am sure I am requesting this on behalf of many contributors to this board.

​ I will later today drive in the Investigative Research lane and tell you why Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team is a brilliant chess move. Literally. Make sure you catch it!


WE must work TOGETHER.

WE are only as strong as your VOICE.

YOU must organize and BE HEARD.

THIS is why they keep you DIVIDED and in the DARK.


We are here to UNITE and provide TRUTH.



Post # 36 - Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team: a brilliant chess move from Trump! Checkmate near.

​ Thank you to all who responded yesterday to my invitation to salute this very talented meme creator named XJX. This [Giuliani meme] ( he published yesterday is our today topic.

​ Do you like chess?

It’s an amazing game. My uncle taught me how to play at a very early age and trained me to see how real life situations often translated to chess piece positions. This way of seeing things is fascinating and deadly efficient, especially when you analyze war and politics.

​ When you look at [this picture] ( of Trump teaching his son Barron how to play, the smile on Trump’s face shows he knows there is something more to it than chess just being a game.


Learn chess.

Down she goes.

Nobody escapes this.



​ When I heard in the News that Trump had appointed Rudy Giuliani to join his legal team to deal with the Mueller probe, I immediately saw it: He is replicating the amazing Lev Olgmutskiy end game puzzle!

[This one] (

​ Remember my previous posts about Mueller and try to see how the pieces translate to real life, who these two white rooks are and what these two potential promoting pawns represent.

​ Let me show you how Trump replicated in real life the brilliant and surprising white move Rook C7, allowing the most ephemeral and useless B1 black Queen promotion. Ready? Go!

​ First, let’s remember: Rudy Giuliani supported Trump very early on in his campaign and really stood out when he predicted on October 26 2016, that within 2 days, something big was going to happen and that they had in their sleeves a “pretty big surprise” which would turn the election around.

Watch: [video] (

​ So apparently, Giuliani heard from his FBI contacts that the reopening of the Hillary email investigation was going to take place. Now after Comey made the announcement, let’s watch how Wolf Blitzer pressures Giuliani to tell him how he got this information:

[video] (

​ As you can see in this exchange, Wolf Blitzer is very aggressive and is cornering Giuliani in the ropes. Giuliani stands still and grabs whatever he can grab to stay alive in the stormy water Wolf Blitzer has progressively trapped him in. You can hate Wolf but, unlike Don Lemon or Chris Cuomo, this guy does his homework. So Giuliani first claims the big surprise was related to an advertisement campaign (yeah right) before specifying he did not speak to active FBI agents and finally conceding he spoke to “former FBI agents”. What’s going on here? Mockingbird Wolf Blitzer NEEDS him to say the info was leaked from the FBI so they could claim the Fruit of the Poisonous Tree procedural error and legal case politicization that could derail the newly resurrected FBI Clinton investigation.

​ This is why Mockingbird Don Lemon first makes the connection and hands the prey to Wolf for slaughtering. Giuliani gets a few feathers torn out in the process but remains alive… Phew!

​ Now why is this relevant?

In [the letter] ( where Comey informs Congress the FBI has re-opened the Clinton email case, we read: “in connection with an unrelated case, the FBI has learned the existence of emails that appear pertinent to the investigation”. He is referring to the Weiner case the NYPD was investigating. Now watch this very carefully: [Joe Biden] ( Did you see it? This “Oh God!” from Creepy Joe was genuine, almost forced acceptance. Why? Because Weiner is the weak spot. Huma confirmed it.

​[Here] (

​ The NYPD discovered in Weiner’s laptop what we now know as the “Insurance Policy”. Since Q told us in [Q224] ( that Erik Prince was a credible source who knew where the bodies were buried, let’s see what he has to say about this: Img1

Source: [Breibart] (

​ Now let’s read Q854. You see how Q translates Erik Prince’s language to his language in the first 7 lines? They are saying the same thing about the damning information and those who are connected. But Q adds this: EX-rvid5774. This is a video file name. This is the famous Hillary video everybody is talking about but nobody has seen. You thought it did not exist? It does. They purposely do not release it but have people talk about it. Why? Because of legal constraints, it’s not indictment material but political leverage material. It’s an Al Capone situation where his tax evasion will translate here to U1, Clinton Foundation, Private server etc….

This is what Q means here when asked about the rumor of the video circulating in the dark web:



We control.


​ This, in association with Q158 Disinformation is real. Disinformation is necessary. You know why he had to add: we control. This is Q telling you they have the video, they engineer the rumors to use it as leverage and will only use it in due course. When is due course? The day this question finds its answer: Q854 Is the stage set for a drop of HRC?

​ So this is what the NYPD saw. And this is why the NYPD forced Comey to do the right thing. He was cornered, he had to. Now you are probably asking: is SB2 tired or something? We thought this post was about Giuliani.

​ Well, Giuliani was once Mayor of New York. And one of the most prominent ones. From 1994 to 2001. And who appoints the Chief of the NYPD? Yes, the Mayor of New York. The ultimate boss of the NYPD is the Mayor. So… you see it? This is where Giuliani got the information. This is what he could not tell Wolf Blitzer and had to sacrifice his former FBI agent contacts to Comey’s further scrutiny.

​ This is the reason why after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential elections, this immediately started circulating: Imgur

After having been First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State and twice the Democratic Party nominee for Presidential elections, running for Mayor of NY is a pretty strange move. The reason was, after the NYPD video re-surfaced in the news, she was sending a subliminal message to the NYPD to let them know she could become their boss in the future or control whoever it could be thanks to her political influence. They should therefore manage this Weiner material they have with caution to not expose the Department to the most violent purge of its history. This was a threat. It worked: after this, you never heard the NYPD talk about this again. Since it worked, she did not have to run. The rumor faded away. But it is still there to be re-activated…

​ Now let’s go back to Giuliani. Wikipedia: …Giuliani was elected president of his class in his sophomore year, but was not re-elected in his junior year. He joined the Phi Rho Pi fraternity. Giuliani eventually decided to forego the priesthood, instead attending New York University School of Law in Manhattan, where he made the NYU Law Review and graduated cum laude with a Juris Doctor degree in 1968.

Keep that in the back of your head.

​ Let’s go to Robert Mueller. Wikipedia: Mueller earned an M.A. in international relations from New York University in 1967, before pursuing his Juris Doctor degree. You see it? Giuliani and Mueller were both attending New York University in 1967! Some 50 years later, they find themselves in the middle of one of the most controversial legal cases of contemporary American politics. Coincidence? Giuliani being the President of his class in sophomore years shows he had a natural ability to lead and to network. Therefore, chances are very high Giuliani and Mueller frequented or at least knew each other well.

Now is the right time to re-read Q1180 again:




Relationships High.

“Insurance File.”

Quiet until now.

Join POTUS’ legal team.

Direct discussions avail [now] w/ Mueller.

Enjoy the show.

They never thought she would lose.



​ Q is telling you Rudy has a high relationship with the NYPD and that he knows the in and outs of the “Insurance File” found in Weiner’s laptop. I have already told you in my previous posts Mueller was working for Trump. So, because of their respective backgrounds, Giuliani and Muller trust each other and can therefore make the best of what they respectively have: Giuliani has access to the ‘Insurance File”, Mueller has prosecutorial powers. This is why Trump never fired him. This is the end game. This is why Mueller was created. You remember the Special Prosecutor Trump promised to Hillary? That’s Mueller! Let that sink in for a minute. Take another minute. You have doubts? Read Q:


We have everything.

How can we use what we know?

How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?

What are you witnessing unfold?

Trust the plan.


​ You see this: “How do you ‘legally’ inject/make public/use as evidence?” This is Giuliani and Mueller sitting down and figuring out the legal ways through which Muller gets access to the “Insurance File” to finally get to Hillary… Once that’s done, all the other dominoes will follow.

​ Through Giuliani, Mueller adds to his Guccifer in house expertise, another external attack angle. To know more about the Guccifer internal attack angle, read the [Guciffer post] (Post # 18 - Guccifer 2.0 finally found its way to the news cycle: I told you. It now begins.) and the plot summary in comment section here:

[Archiver's note: A portion of the original Comment section with highlighted SUMMARY here]

​ Now watch the [chess puzzle video] ( again. You now see these 2 white rooks on the [Lev Olgmutskiy‘s chessboard] ( are Mueller and Giuliani. Now you know why Giuliani temporized and did not enter Trump’s cabinet. This is the deadly move Rook C7! It’s the trap to allow an ephemeral B1 Queen promotion of the Hillary pawn to Mayor of New York or not. Look how rook C3 protects the King, doing nothing then locking row3 oscillating on C3-D3: that’s Mueller not investigating Trump and indicting plants instead: the black King cannot protect its pawns and the pawns are neutralized. And finally when the two rooks occupy C7 and D8, this is Trump instructing them to work together and bring him the checkmate.


What are you witnessing unfold?

Trust the plan.


Post # 37 - Pompeo Senate confirmation: Senator Coons saves the day or revenge is a dish best served cold.

​ Monday April 23rd. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After talking to Trump, Rand Paul has just changed his mind. He is now supporting Pompeo’s nomination for Secretary of State. All the votes are now recorded, it’s technically an 11-10, Aye winning. All republicans voted aye, all democrats voted no. Republican Senator Johnny Isakson from Georgia casted his aye vote by proxy but his vote could not be counted because he was not present: he had to attend his best friend’s eulogy. So, by Senate’s rules, it’s legally a 10-10. Now 2 options are submitted by Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee, Chairman of the Foreign Committee: he indicates that if a democrat would accept to change his vote to “present”, it would become a legal 10-9 for aye and everybody would go home without needing to compute Senator Isakson’s aye vote. The other option would be to mechanically wait for Isakson to shorten the eulogy, make it back to the Senate at 11 PM, vote again and get the exact same political result with 11-10 for aye. As he is outlining these 2 options, he is interrupted by Democrat Senator Coons. Let’s listen: video.

​ Wow. Senator Coons broke ranks and put an end to what we can agree was a stupid and heartless situation. As you can see in the video, Chairman Corker is very touched by Coons’ elegant move. He knows the political weight of what Coons just did. On the other hand, you can easily detect how all the other democrats, especially the Ranking Member Bob Menendez (who almost broke the table with his pen), are devastated by the outcome: they received their instructions from above and wanted to wait until 11 PM so Mockingbird media could make damaging comments and titles in the meantime to undermine Pompeo.

​ In this situation, you would imagine democrat Senators to be very angry at Coons right? Let’s watch what happens when they are about to leave the room: video. [archiver's note: YouTube acct was terminated- and video deleted - I have not found a secondary source.]

​ Did you catch it?

Did you see democrat Senator Tim Kaine? He voted no but he tapped on Coons’ shoulders to show him his support and approval! Why? This is why we are here today.

​ You remember I told you in this post [ Post # 31 - Q1131 Drop after Testimony. The Art of War or how Pompeo brilliantly played Hillary Clinton]... about Q1129 that Hillary Clinton started a war with Pompeo after she realized she was played? What you have witnessed here is a fire exchange. She tried to undermine Pompeo before he could make it to the Senate floor where things would be more difficult for her to control. As former Secretary of State and DNC “owner” Link, the democratic side of this Senate Committee is under her complete control. She knows each member, each of their weaknesses and which buttons to press to manipulate them. Instructions were given to all democrat Senators to create a situation that would derail Pompeo’s nomination and allow Mockingbird MSM to lapidate him. They all complied, except Coons. And Tim Kaine showing his support to Coons is a proof they were forced to do what they did but deep inside, they hate Hillary.

​ Senator Coons. How did he earn this political independence? How is it Hillary could not get him to do what she wanted? Why is Coons publicly breaking ranks and stabbing her like there is no tomorrow? The answer is in the… Clinton Wikileaks emails. Right here, in this email trail: Clinton Coons emails

Let’s read it step by step: Img1

Cunningham is a lawyer; he is at the periphery of the system and therefore, has an unbiased vision of how things should work. Dinner with Senator Goons means they were in a setting where guards could be lower and the conversation more cordial than in an executive environment. Cunningham is skilled: he immediately detects there is a problem. Because the Senator feels he is ignored, Cunningham hints to Mills that Hillary needs to have tea with sweet biscuits with him, or at least call him to let him know offending him was not her intention and that she surely remembers he is the “Witch Beater”.


Mills makes her first mistake. Instead of reading Cunningham between the lines and talk to Hillary, she has a typical swampy bureaucrat move: she reports the alert to Ambassador Johnnie Carson, in charge of African Affairs at State.


Johnnie Carson performs a long belly dance, puts himself at center stage by invoking the “excellent relationship” he has with Senator Coons, strikes back with a sneaky attack on Cunningham’s integrity (if the attached email is accurate) and indicates that he, the second level appointed bureaucrat, is the one to show to an elected Senator how the State Department loves him… But it gets worse. He writes: “Coons said the AGOA trip sounded interesting, but he was committed to traveling with Senator Johnny Isakson, the Chairman of the Senate's Africa Subcommittee, who has also been very supportive our policies”. Anybody who knows a little diplomacy knows this was diplomatic code for “have your boss officially invite me to the trip, inform the Chairman that she needs me around and ask him to release me”. Of course Johnnie Carson knew exactly what Coons was saying: he is an experienced diplomat. But he did not do it. Why? Because he did not want Coons around. He wanted to be the boss at that trip and be, after Hillary, the sole relevant interlocutor to his African hosts. Coons is a Senator, he is not supposed to just be briefed by an Ambassador at State. Hillary should have picked up the phone, let him know about the trip, ask for his advice, input and guidance and appoint ambassador Carson as the ad hoc liaison to the Senator’s staff. That’s the way Government protocol works.

​ Instead this is what happens: Img4 Img5

And finally, this is the report to Hillary she will never have the time to read anyway… Img6

This is a typical example of how the swamp takes over Washington DC: you are elected by your people, you get to DC to do what you promised to your constituency and swampy creatures get on your way and obstruct the door to where the real decisions are made. And for you to not realize what is going on, they overload you with useless reports, meetings and fake “love”.

​ That being said, the real question is why did Hillary ignore Coons in the first place? That is a fascinating question to explore which leads to seeing things in a bigger picture. You remember in Cunningham’s email? When he realized Hillary did not recall who he was or acted like so, to refresh her mind, Coons told her: “I am the one who beat the witch”. Which witch? There are many witches these days… This one: video.

So Coons defeated the republican runner for Senate Christine O’Donnell. Why did she have to make an ad to confirm she was a witch? I know. Do not correct me if I am right :). She had to because of this: video.

​ Ready to go down the rabbit hole? You did not imagine this post would take this direction did you?

​ So we have a woman who says she is not a witch, she is a republican but… Check this out:

Img7 Img8 Img9 Img10 Img11 Img12

Is it time to re-watch this video ?

​ Now let’s recap: Christine O’Donnell is a republican, she says that she is not a witch, that she likes Hillary and her constituency and that she would vote for Hillary against the republican nominee to run for President. Now Coons beat her at the Senate race and Hillary ignores him publicly and humiliates him. Interesting…

​ But it gets better: 2 years later, Bill Maher the leftist political commentator, who ousted O’Donnell the republican politician, out of the blue, apologizes. Have you ever heard of a political commentator apologizing to a politician, let alone when the politician is from the other side? Watch, amazing stuff: video.

​ Do you want to know why Bill Maher apologized?

Because of this, published 8 days later on CNN: Img13 Source: CNN.

​ And later ignored by right wing media but generously echoed by leftist media:

Img14 Img15.

​ There you have it: Bill Maher’s controllers instructed him to clean up the mess he made so O’Donnell could run for Senate. Again. Against Coons in 2014, if she wins the GOP nomination.

​ Unfortunately, a few days after Bill Maher’s apology, Benghazi happened. Maher’s controllers were now too busy dealing with the Benghazi imbroglio to take care of poor and abandoned Christine O’Donnell who ended up not running. But just to make sure her allegiance is known and well documented, in 2014, when asked by Mockingbird ABC witch democrat she would like to have a beer with, she simply answers “Hillary Clinton” and spills the beans by adding “behind the scenes”: video.

​ And, in case it was not clear enough, she renounces Trump on March 2016 on Mockingbird CNN: video.

​ It is obvious O’Donnell was Hillary’s plant all along. Hillary picked her because they had things in common. Which things? May be witch things. Who knows. She was controlling her from the other side of the aisle and had no problem covertly supporting her against Coons, a member of her own party. This is why Hillary ignored Coons from the first place: he beat her candidate. By saying “I am the one who beat the witch”, whether he knew it or not, he was turning the knife in the wound. I want to believe he knew what he was saying, that would be next level Trump type gangsta’! :)

​ When Mills received this email from Cunningham, she already knew Hillary’s stance on the issue, this is why she handled it at staff level and did not try to convince Hillary to extinguish a fire she knew was purposely maintained. By publicly ignoring him and not inviting him to the trip to Africa, the idea was to weaken Coons so he could not get anything done and prepare O’Donnell to replace him in 2014. Did not work. 7 years later, at Pompeo’s confirmation, Coons coldly cashed his payback check. With Tim Kaine’s well informed congratulations…


Down she goes…


Post # 38 - To those who are laughing, do they know Q is actually teaching Cryptography and introducing Military Communication tools?

​ Back to deciphering Q’s board. Before we proceed, I would like you to know I have seen all the messages asking me to continue the Q Occult Series. A new episode will be posted in the coming days. We will continue from where we left off and explore how after Lucifer rebelled, he recruited and built his armies. Make sure you catch it. Fascinating story.

​ So when in Post # 33 - Trump’s strange “MEME” tweet decoded! Learn how to use online decoding tools to unlock Q’s board!, I introduced the Caesar Cryptography method to decode the strange [MEME Trump’s tweet] (, recall we extracted the following words from the tweet using the Vigenère Cipher online tool: [Extracted words] (

When we got here, I saw in the comment section people essentially saying this does not look like it is leading to a relevant secret message at all. Well, that is not the point in this particular case. I have discovered Q’s board has 2 types of riddles:

​1. informative riddles with real hidden secret informatio

2. educative riddles teaching powerful cipher methodologies

For type 1, Q251 says: Learn to decider. News unlocks message. Find the keystone. Q.

I have provided in the past examples like Guccifer, North Korea etc…

For type 2, this is what Q is hinting at here: Img

In type 2, the information is not highly relevant, the focus is on the method. And, to guide us through the method, Q will make sure the information is simple to figure out: a little like giving out the obvious solution so that the path to it becomes non-avoidable and self-explaining. It is for this reason when you get these extracted words: [extracted words] (, you already know that, within the context of the tweet, only the words PAY, JAB and BIG are relevant but how do you rationally conclude?

This was answered in the [this post] and showed Q is actually using efficient pedagogical techniques to teach how to solve his riddles by walking us through simple examples.

​ So, at the end, besides Trump just covertly saying “Pay Jab” in a tweet, what are you left with? We are left with knowing a powerful military communication tool: how to use the Caesar Cipher tool with an additional marker the Sender and the Receiver should agree upon to locate the retained words. This adds a layer of security to the simple Caesar Cipher and now makes it very hard for the Interceptor (even if he uses frequency methods) to decipher the message if he does not know the marker. In this case, the marker was 72, hidden in the gematria value of SYRIA: [image] (

In real military life situations, the marker can be a complicated string of characters and to accelerate resolution, the Sender and the Receiver share a common thesaurus where their respective systems would fetch from and all the surrounding words would just be purposely crafted digital noise.

​ Now I have good news for you: I have discovered every time Q has taught a methodology not focusing on the relevancy of the hidden message, that methodology is used in further posts to actually hide secret information with, this time, very high relevancy… You therefore never waste your time learning.


Learn our comms.


​ Finally, for those who doubt Epistemic Skepticism can be taught with a fish, a clock, Yugi Mutou and a few flags, here is an [interesting video] (

​ Happy hunting!

Post # 39 - Macron and Merkel successively in the Oval: Trump and The Dance of the Little Swans.

​ Before we start, are you following what is going on in North Korea? It seems everything we have decoded and predicted in (Post # 14) a month ago is now happening. Watch: [video]. And, cherry on the pie: when asked if he had spoken to Kim Jong Un already, a triumphal Trump enigmatically confirms the audacious claim I made in the post. Watch [video].

​ Ok. Now back to Washington.

​ Did you catch the recent diplomatic ballet in the White House? Macron first. Then Merkel. What I find amazing about ballet dancers is how they replicate very simple trajectories with several sets of movements, each more complicated and elaborate than the last. But at the end, same trajectory. Like in this [video].

​ So the 2 leaders of the European Union engine successively meet Trump. What is it all about? An anon asks Q: “Q, is Macron a true ally to POTUS?” Q’s response is brief and terse:


His sole purpose [WH visit] is to convince POTUS, on behalf of the EU, to remain in the Iran deal.

You decide.


​Then, Q gives more details:


What’s at risk?

$250B x 2 / year.

What the taxpayers don’t know.

Why aren’t NK developments receiving WW praise?

We endure.


​ Q is talking about the funds like the ones Obama funneled through Iran to fund Iran and North Korea’s nuclear programs. We spoke about this in a previous post (Post # 19). Q is basically saying: Macron is trying to convince Trump on behalf of the EU to loosen his grip and let Obama’s network continue to use that undisclosed money. For what? You guessed it: other nuclear and military programs to be used as leverage against Trump and the US. That is what is at stake.

​ Does Macron know what he is doing? Is he aware of what he is really getting into or is he being used and abused by his Rothschild masters while just childishly enjoying the “merveilleuses parures dorées de Versailles” of his presidency? Does he know what the European Union he loves so much really is? I said it in a previous post: through the hype up of bogus ideas like TPP or climate change leading to environmental pacts and comparable scams, globalists create NGO’s and international bureaucratic infiltration structures that supersede government policies. The creation of the European Union by the CIA (yes, quietly declassified in 2000) is an example of such scam. Did you know the EU was created and firstly presided by a Nazi in 1958? His name was Walter Hallstein. He was the Dean of the University of Rostock in 1936 and in June 1938, Hitler and Mussolini missioned him to create Das Neue Europa, the 'New Europe'. He was captured by American troops in 1944 and in 1951 they recycled him as Germany’s Secretary of State under Konrad Adenauer. From there, he ‘microwaved’ his 1938 project document which became the basis of the EU as we know it today. And, to make sure the EU would take the direction they wanted, his puppet masters let him be its first president! So you think the Nazis lost WW2?! Think again. I summarized the work of French presidential candidate Francois Asselineau in this Video (French) 3:30.

​ That is what the EU is Monsieur Macron, a Clown Creation. And Q is telling you that you should have your secret services tell you a little bit more about your German partner Merkel:


Who is A. Merkel?

What is A. Merkel’s family history?

Follow the bloodline.

​ If you don’t do this due diligence, get up to speed and know the world around you is not as pink and LaLa-Land-happy as you were told, Trump will not take you seriously and will always see you as a "groomed” President and he will therefore “groom” your jacket for the world to see: video.

​ So, Mr. Macron, you thought it would be that easy? Just because you tried to capitalize on the feud between Trump and Merkel, you thought Trump would give away his world security related Middle East policy for your pretty face? Oh sorry guys, you were not aware of the diplomatic feud between Trump and Merkel and how Macron sneakily tried to reap the benefits? Here, let me get you up to speed:

​ It all started on May 17 2017. Merkel visits Washington. Trump ignores her and refuses to shake hands for the camera: video.

​ On July 7, 2017, Merkel hosts the G20, it’s an opportunity for her to give Trump some of his own medicine: she tries to humiliate him by instructing her Protocol Services to put him on the far left side of the picture while XI and Putin are kept very close to her (major diplomatic insult especially for a newly elected President): video.

​ As you can see in the video, Macron’s secret services did their homework and he was aware Trump was going to be insulted. To smooth things out, he goes through the longest diplomatic walk in the history of an official photo and finally stands next to him. Trump appreciates. That’s cool. Macron gets what he wants 6 days later. What? This: video.

​ So there you have it.

​ Merkel and Macron’s Masters played good cop/bad cop on our New York Billionaire and Wharton graduate who became President and thought he would not see through their game… Even SB2 saw it from his kitchen TV. Don’t you think the best diplomatic and military brains of the most powerful country in the world would not see it?

​ An anon: Is Macroni our guy? Or is this all a sham?



Same for Merkel.

Think movie.


​ So Mr. Macron, bottom line is you need to answer to Melania’s question and pick a side: Are you a white hat or not? video.

As long as you do not give a satisfying answer to this pending question, Trump will be playing with you and repeat all the keywords you want to hear without you getting anything accomplished. You want to see what I am talking about? Focus on the first 30 seconds of the following video, watch very carefully: video.

​ Did you catch it?

​ At 20 seconds, Trump says “we’ll see if I do what some people expect, whether or not it will be possible to do [emphatic pause] a NEW DEAL with solid foundations…”. When he says the keyword “NEW DEAL”, watch Macron. He is relieved. He shakes his head. His mouth betrays him, it is saying: “yes! I got him! He said it! Mission accomplished! I’m the best!”.

​ Well, Monsieur Macron, things are not that simple. Did you hear this Trump’s emphatic pause before he said the magic keyword your Masters sent you with? Did you hear that loud silence? Take the time to listen to it one more time. That is Trump telling your Masters:

Q1000 These people are stupid. Q

Post # 40 - James Comey is SHOOTING James Comey down in 🔥FLAMES🔥. No smoke. High visibility. Let’s not interfere.

​ Did you catch James Comey’s latest book tour interviews? With Anderson Cooper on CNN and Breit Baier on Fox? Amazing stuff.

​ Let’s start with Anderson Cooper, let’s watch from 6:45 to 9:25. [video] (

​ Cooper begins by rightly reminding Comey that by disclosing government material, even if it is unclassified, he is exposing himself to the risk of retroactive classification. Comey makes his first major mistake:

“You are making an educated judgment based on your training and your experience as to what’s classified and what’s not”.

​ This is Comey attacking Anderson Cooper on his past. He is subtly reminding people Cooper is a CIA Mockingbird asset.

[video] ( [archive note: preceding video has been removed however the transcripts of the quote are here: or view the entire video here: ]

​ Cooper reads the attack, recovers from Comey’s under the belt uppercut and decides to get rid of the gloves. It’s going to get bloody.

​ Cooper: “You did leak memos”. Now Cooper is not going around the bush anymore. He is telling it like it is. The cameraman is skilled. He knows this is a turning point of the interview. He gives us a very telling shot on Comey at 7:17. We can read his brain is now going through many unanswered questions about this interview.

​ Cooper: “is it ok for somebody at the FBI to leak something, an internal document, even if it’s not classified, isn’t that leaking?”

​ Comey: “There’s a whole lot of wrong in your question Anderson”. Comey says this pointing his finger at Cooper. He is trying to intimidate Cooper: “you’d better be careful now, you are going off script and I’ve had enough of this”. Then he goes on to start a lengthy explanation but Cooper interrupts him and smiles to show him he does not give a single nugget about his veiled threat.

​ Then Comey makes his second major mistake: now that he is second guessing Cooper, he knows he has to get the audience back on board. He bluntly throws at us, the peasants who do not speak Legalese:

“A leak is an unauthorized disclosure of classified information”.

​ Wait! Whaaat?!! Round of applause people! Congratulations Comey! The Law is now what Comey says it is. Your Majesty Comey has his own definitions. Gathered from a fortune cookie. Leaks are not leaks and between Grossly Negligent and Extremely Careless, we can make elastic space for an election to win… By the way, do you know what ”is” is?

[video] (

​ Cooper’s answer to Comey’s out of this world definition of “leak” is epic. He throws a short but deadly:

​ “really? That’s it?” My goodness… This is turning into a carnage!

​ Comey tries to recover by reminding him he used to investigate leaks, so he must know… Wow. Have you ever seen a boxer trying to wipe away the blood on a wound and ending up messing up his whole face? At 7:59 Comey looks down nervously. This is him thinking “Cooper betrayed me, I thought he was on our side. This is not what Clapper told me. Pompeo probably turned him. I should have refused his invitation. Damn!”.

​ Cooper knows Comey is now agonizing; he finishes him with a fatal combination: “shouldn’t you be nailed to the door? I mean, aren’t you a leaker?”. Priceless.

​ At 8:19, the cameraman proves he is really on this: he knows what is going on. He zooms on Comey and shows us his despair and how he is realizing he just got ambushed.

​ Cooper puts the last nail in the coffin with a nonchalant “I am surprised that you think a leak is officially only something that is classified”. The former Director of the FBI now has to pick up this slowly rolling ball. With a broken back and not as a professional player but as a little ball boy who just got hired…

​ The next day, it’s Brett Baier’s turn. On Fox: [video] (

​ Here, in addition to Comey re-defining leaking too, we learn he did not know who funded the Steele Dossier! He used it to get a FISA, mentioned it in a meeting with the President but did not even know the details about its origin! So Comey, pick a card: either you are lying to us or you should have never been Director of the FBI from the first place.

​ Now let’s go back to Cooper and see what Comey has to say about the Deep State:

[video] ( [archiver's note: original source video account terminated - so I replaced it with a secondary source of the same video]

“There’s no Deep State but there is a Deep Culture”. This is very interesting. Do you know what Comey is really saying here? He is in fact saying the opposite of what one would think after primary analysis. He is saying: “If you only knew. What we have is way more powerful than just having infiltrated Government institutions, we have infiltrated everything. We are everywhere. We are wherever Culture is. We have swallowed and digested the Deep State”.

​ Do you see it? Look: Img1

A “Higher Loyalty”… Comey is telling us his loyalty is higher than the one the President, the Institutions or even the Nation can expect. Who is he loyal to? To the Leader of what he calls the “Deep Culture”. What do you think the Deep Culture is? And who is the Leader? Let’s read Q10: [Img2] ( ).

​ You got it? This “Deep Culture” is about killing our children and Satan is running the show!


Many in our govt worship Satan.

​ Now know this: in their language, Culture means Cult, Art means Ritual. Wasn’t the first form of Art the making of idols? Research Terah, Abraham’s father. Now it’s time to re-watch [this] (

​ This Q10 is Q telling us people were offered a way out. Some like Mueller and Rosenstein took it. Let’s think logically: if Comey dropped the investigation into the CF and Mueller was the FBI Director when Haiti happened, it means Mueller launched the CF investigation. This is what Q means here: “good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats”. Comey was also offered a way out: [link]

(, but he did not take it: he had a “higher loyalty”. You now know the difference between those who believe in the show and run it and those who try to stay alive.


Build timeline.

AS 187.

HRC investigation pivot points.

[Img3] (

​ If you can bear more, let’s read in Q 645, Q’s interpretation of Comey’s tweet when McCabe stepped down: Img4.

​ Do you see this “activate sleeper cells”? This is the armed wing of the Deep Culture Comey is talking about. It’s everywhere. From Isis to your next door neighbor. And Q is telling us it can be activated. For what? False flags and ritualistic sacrifices…

​ Look at the time stamp on Comey’s tweet: 5:09 PM. The Parkland Florida shooting happened 2 weeks later, on February 14th. 5+9=? Coincidence?

​ Q knows better. On February 14th 2018, the day of the Florida shooting, he posted this:


Where are the tweets from HRC, BC, CC, Hussein, others re: the shooting today?

Do you believe in EVIL?

Make no mistake, they will all PAY THE PRICE.


Post # 41 - Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q: Platform for Top Secret Communications.

​ I was not going to write about this but since Q mentioned it, it deserves our pen’s attention. In reference to the 45th Annual Daytime Emmys held on April 29th, Q asks the following question:


Emmy awards.

Red carpet event?


​ Before we analyze footage, let’s first know what we are dealing with. Who owns the Emmy Awards? We learn [here] (, they are administered by 3 sister organizations, one of them is the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Wikipedia: National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences "NATAS" redirects here. For other uses, see Natas. So… the Daytime Emmy Award is a product of an organization named NATAS… Congrats Satan! I see you have another one here!..

​ So now that we know in which territory we really are, let’s look at some footage of the event. Let’s watch from 5:40 to 11:00: [video] (

​ You are still here? Tylenol works pretty well.

​ First, did you notice the insistence on Peter Marshall’s age? 92? At the beginning and the end of the footage? In less than 6 minutes, they mentioned it 6 times (I counted). And there is this perplexing joke nobody laughed at [6:52] ( “and at 92, that puts you in the same category as Mario”.

You want to know what she was saying? Here, look at this: Imgur

This is the periodic table of elements. What is element 92? Yes, Uranium…

​ Now you remember what I have explained about Gematria in my decoding posts? A=1, B=2, C=3… Z=26. Remember? Let us calculate the Gematria value of “Mario”. M=13, a= 1, r=18, i=9, o=15. Therefore, Mario = 13+1+18+9+15 = 56. I wanted you to know the justification but next time you may use this online tool: Gematrinator tool.

​ Now look at the table, you see the 6th line? Right after Barium Ba56, you are entering the category where Uranium and similar elements are. That is what she meant: “and at 92, that puts you in the same category as Mario (56+)”.

​ So this whole conversation is about… Uranium!

Now if Uranium is 92, what would be Uranium 1? The famous U1 Q talks about extensively in his board and that is the center of everything happening in Syria and around HRC? You got it, if Uranium is 92, Uranium 1 is 93.

​ At [6:02] ( Mario reminds us Peter Marshall was the first host of the first Awards in 1974. Which we already knew since it is their 45th anniversary. Why insisting? Because 1974 => 19+74 = 93. Here is our Uranium One.

​ So they are talking about Uranium and Uranium 1. Now let’s read a few lines from Q1306:


Define the terms of the Iran nuclear deal.

What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria?

What if U1 material ended up in Syria?

What would be the primary purpose?


In the movie, where did the material come from?

What country?

Why did we strike Syria?

Why did we really strike Syria?

​ Q is telling us the U1 material ended up in Syria and transited through Ukraine (Sum of All Fears: [link] ( The strikes were to destroy the infrastructure protecting this material.

​ Now get this: I am saying that from this apparently nonsensical Emmy Award footage, we can deduce that they will try to ship the remaining of this U1 equipment back to Ukraine. How? Here:

​ First you should notice that the presence of Peter Marshall is a last minute addition. We can see the conversations are not well coordinated and there are awkward blank moments. This is because the information they are trying to relay is directly connected to the News and has some kind of urgency.

​ At [7:06] (, Mr. 92-Uranium says “I’d be happy to host it with you… Mario is the young lion”. This is code for the book [The Young Lion] ( The story is about the life of Eleanor of Aquitaine returning from the Crusades. Mr. Uranium is hinting at stopping the fight and retreating.

​ Then, at [7:15] (, she says to Mr. Uranium : “I’ll tell you what we really want you to do. I want you to come back. Ok? So you are going to come back.” This is to confirm the Crusades are interrupted; the U1 equipment needs to come back.

​ But how are they going to ship the equipment? This is the question she makes Mario ask at [7:22] ( Responding, Mr. Uranium goes into a very detailed anecdote on how he could not afford a Limo to get to the ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center and of course, there is no illustrative footage as not planned. Why? So they can make the low budget joke sending the message to the Rockefeller network: we need you to finance the covert exfiltration of what is left of the U1 equipment in Syria.

Then, at [8:32] (, Mr. Uranium says he’s “happy to be anywhere”. Hmm… No preference? Well, he starts making shout outs. When he gets to Alex Trebek, at [9:18] ( he says this: “One of my closest friends in here with his beautiful gene”. Beautiful gene?! You know SB2 is going to look you up right? And what do we find? Wikipedia: *Alex Trebek was born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, in 1940, the son of George Edward Trebek, a chef who had emigrated from…*Ukraine.

​ There you have it… Since Trump is bombing the hell out of them in Syria, instructions are given to return the U1 equipment to Ukraine and Rockefeller is kindly asked to finance the operation.


They think they are clever.


Post # 41-A - "5 pictures from Q and a riddle." The dots are connected and Trump wins. Again. [by /u/_Tee1020_]​

[This Post is not /u/SerialBrain2 but rather was Posted by /u/_Tee1020_

It was /is Referred back to ==>in the Next SerialBrain2 post: Post # 42]

​ Hey Everyone!

This is a fun one. I'm sure everyone saw by now the five photos Q dropped yesterday morning? If not, here they are:

​[Link1] ( -

[Link2] ( -

[Link3] ( -

[Link4] ( -

[Link5] (

​ Now that we are all caught up, what do they mean? This is where it gets fun!

Thanks to my much smarter counterpart and friend, u/SerialBrain2, who has a knack for following my chaotic thoughts and processes, we figured it out!

​ Since the pictures were published within a 30 minute time span, and no airline company has launched teleportation services that we are aware of yet, I figured Q was not sharing with us his travels but was hinting at a progression, a puzzle we needed to solve.

​ The pictures: what do we have?

A Jet blue plane apparently in the Silicon Valley environment (this is why we have 2 pictures: one for the environment, the other for the plane), a cargo, the Apple Park in Cupertino, California and finally, the first Apple Store in the International Finance Center Mall in Hong Kong.

​ Okay…

That was enough to keep me thinking. And hooked.

I knew this was Q’s purpose when he dropped these pictures without further explanation. They are now planted in my head and won’t leave.

​ When China became trending in the news, it lit my first bulb: China… Hong Kong… Hmm. But that was not a strong link yet. Apparently our very friendly ally is using military grade lasers to shine into our pilots cockpits. There have been two injuries resulting from this to our pilots already. Link.

​ Despite the accusations there seems to be no tension between Trump and President Xi (yet). Though China has recently started to move their Navy in a show of force into the disputed South China Sea.

[Link] (

​ Then, we learned the UN sanctions data base was hacked. Almost instantly we have North Korea raising their hand saying "Not me!" Before any accusations could start to come in Kim Jung Un made sure to deny any involvement of this. Source. [archiver's note: original source appears to be returning a 404 file missing so here is an alternate - [Source #2]

Let’s stop for a minute here. What are the odds that within 24 hours we go from China is our ally and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea is now respectable in the region, and in Trump’s White House to China are laser killers and Kim Jong Un is a vulgar hacker?

​ This does not pass the smell test folks. Something is going on. Is the Deep State trying to derail Trump’s successful diplomatic moves in the region? We know they have infiltrated all governments, and of course the UN.

​ Then, I stumbled upon this [video] ( where they are already discussing ways at banning sensitive technology from being sold to China. Here is the summary: Sen. Marco Rubio plans to introduce legislation targeting China’s tools of economic aggression and would ban the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities.

Hong Kong… China… North Korea… Apple Park… sensitive technology sale ban… cargo… UN hacking?

​ A little conversation with u/SerialBrain2 and in no time we figured out the pictures Q dropped were hinting at the fact that the cargo contained Apple tech that was being used to hack the United Nations and blame North Korea. This, in conjunction with the feud with China, was a ploy at stopping peace between North Korea and the US before President Trump and Kim Jong Un meet face to face. Q was not having it and showed them they had all the evidence and it would not work!

​ We already know from Wikileaks they can simulate a computer hack and make it appear the attack came from wherever they want you to think. It seems the equipment in the cargo was the hardware and software, with the right hacking configuration, heading to Hong Kong to simulate an attack of the UN from North Korea.

​ Marco Rubio probably knows more about this than it seems. Why would he out of the blue talk about banning the sale of all sensitive technology or intellectual property to Chinese entities?

​ Speaking of blue… Jet Blue. Why did Q zoom on the plane? He wanted us to see it was a Jet Blue plane. May be to scare the enemy. But it may also be another clue. Jet Blue?.. JB?.. Jeb Bush? Let’s look him up!

​ It seems Jeb is very aware, very concerned, very interested and very well informed about what is going on in the South China Sea, he tweeted about it 3 weeks ago: [tweet] (

​ He wants a cyber war against China: [Link] ( He wants an aggressive American policy against China: [Link] (

​ He seems to hate China, but… He also loves China. He has rich buddies there:

[Link1] ( –

[Link2] (

And some of his Chinese friends would have loved him to be our President:

[Link] (

​ We gather from this Jeb has a love and hate relation with China.

That looks like Deep State love to me... You tell me what you think.

But here is the cherry on the pie: Jeb Bush looooooves Apple products: [video] (

​ Coincidence? May be. Maybe not…

Post # 42 - Q1315: Trump’s tweet confirms the Q 5 photo puzzle. And of course, Dr. Corsi missed it. As usual.

“To assist me in my continuing research, please send a contribution via PayPal”.

​ This is how Dr. Jerome Corsi greets you on YouTube… It has been going on for months. No comment.

​ So now, he is ridiculing Q.

​ I can’t let that slide. Why? Because everything I write here is based on Qs' intel. If Q is ridiculed, his intel is ridiculed, my writings are ridiculed, the people who read me and agree with my conclusions are insulted, and we are all basically wasting our time.

​ As long as Dr. Corsi was quietly doing his thing on the side, surfing on Qs' crowd to promote his book and taking people’s money for them to listen to his personal opinion under the disguise of decoding Q, I could have remained silent about it and I have so far. We do not live in a perfect world. But Dr. Corsi’s latest attacks on Trump and Q are so disgraceful, they required a reaction.

​ I have thoroughly analyzed the situation and have come to the conclusion that what Corsi has been recently doing is not only the result of his objective limitations, but is also part of a strategy remotely controlled by dark forces more intelligent than he is and aiming at discrediting Q and taking over our movement. I will post about it shortly so that the covert opposition is clearly identified. In the meantime, make sure you read u/C_L_I_C_K ‘s priceless comment on Dr. Corsi [Archiver's Note: Link no longer available Here is a link to an example of the notices that all Q related subreddits received:]

​ Today, I just want to focus on a Corsi decode where he has ridiculed Q and aggressively doubled down the next day. First, he painfully tried to decode the 5 picture puzzle Q cryptically posted in Q1308, Q1309 and Q1310: [Link1]

( -

[Link2] ( -

[Link3] ( -

[Link4] ( -

[Link5] ( .

​ Let’s listen to him from 21:20 to 23:52: [video] ( [<=deleted]

​[Archiver's Note: Dr. Corsi has apparently since removed all of his so called "Q" decode videos - which, as SB2 points out, not only denigrates Q but fails to actually "decode" anything Q says. In the following posts SB2 fortunately captures the best examples of Corsi's quotes and they are archived as images. Also in other posts here there were a couple of videos saved by other posters that captured portions of his behavior and these are shown.]

​ Baffled. So this is how Dr. Corsi “expands his thinking”. This is all he has known of Q.

This is all he has to offer to an audience that genuinely came to him with hopes, trust and curiosity. He did not even take a close look at the pictures. He locates the interior picture at the Apple HQ building even though traffic signs, cars and other obvious clues show we are in Asia. From the comfort of his study, he is accusing Q of playing games and forgets there is a real war going on and people are dying on the battlefield. Dr. Corsi fails to understand Q cannot disclose classified information and has to code it for us to achieve plausible deniability. This is not “a game” Dr. Corsi. This is serious. And Q has clearly shown in previous posts that he has lost patience with your disgraceful behavior. The following posts were specifically and namely for you, there is absolutely no doubt about it. I know because I deciphered them using the key Q has hidden in the time stamps (for those who have followed my decoding training, use the Caesar Cipher online tool with key=+6 to decipher): Image1

Now about this 5 picture puzzle, as most of you already know, I have held discussions with u/Tee1020 who published this [post # 41-A] solving it. The [post # 41-A] has determined these 5 pictures were describing the illegal exportation of Apple products from California to Honk Kong to be further used for illegal and covert network activities, as recently illustrated with the hacking of the UN. The publication of these pictures was a way for Q to signal he knew about this tech trafficking and has gathered the related evidence.

​ So Dr. Corsi…

​ But it gets worse. The next day, Dr. Corsi doubles down:

[video] (

​ [Archiver Note: <= the preceding Corsi Video was deleted by Corsi. However, Here is a YouTube Poster video commenting on Corsi's behavior - from around the same time frame which gets into some of the details surrounding the issue -from May 2-7-2018 - here: ]

[Corsi quotes from deleted video referenced above:] --

"Cryptic nonsense…

Q is incoherent…

back to the guessing game…

nothing to decode here…

these are not planes that can fly to China…

So I ridiculed those posts…

I’m tired of playing games…"

This is how Dr. Corsi speaks to Q and indirectly to us! This is Dr Corsi’s quick and simple take on these 5 pictures. But there is a problem Dr. Corsi: 2 days later, Q, in continuation of the 5 picture puzzle, also cryptically posts this Trump’s tweet:


u/Tee1020 contacted me about this tweet because her intuition led her to think that the capital letters in the tweet had a signification. And I told her she was right. You want to know why?

Let’s collect the capital letters of the tweet (‘I’ is excluded since it is always in upper case). This is what we get: ARSTDCWWWAP

​ For clarity, let’s write the sequence like this: ARST DC WWW AP

​ Do you see it? Can you read the hidden message? Expand your thinking…

​ [ARST=Arrest] [DC=Washington DC] [WWW=Network] [AP= Apple Products].

The capital letters of the tweet are essentially saying:

"We arrested in Washington DC the Apple network products".

​ Coincidence? Stretch? Then why the capital letters? What would then be the relevancy of Q posting this Trump tweet?


Future proves past.

​ These are the Apple products that were in the cargo. The Jet Blue flight had to make a connection in DC since there was no Jet Blue direct flight from Cupertino to Honk Kong. That’s where the equipment was intercepted in this particular instance.

This Trump tweet posted by Q vindicates how we solved the puzzle in this previous post:

(Post # 41-A by /u/Tee1020 - 5 pictures from Q and a Riddle. The dots are connected and Trump wins. Again.)

As if Q was letting us know we got it right and this is what finally happened to the Apple package in the Jet Blue cargo. This is what resolves all the issues Dr. Corsi had and for which he could not find a rational and satisfying explanation.

​ So… I hope Dr. Corsi reads this and finally gets to understand the type of comms Trump, Q and the anons are using. If these comms were Corsi-simple, Q would not have said this:


Learn our commsQ. Image3

NOTE: Q 1340 - linked to this SerialBrain2 post on May 11, 2018

Post # 43 - The long and secret info wars against Q and how he stayed alive. You really need to know this and move on.

​ I promised there would be a follow up to [my post about Q1295: Post # 42: - Q1315_trumps_tweet_confirms_the_q_5_photo_puzzle - Be careful who you are following.

Here it is. It's a long post but if you are a Q follower, this information is worth knowing.

​ As many among you already know, Dr. Corsi is just the tip of the iceberg. There are dark forces at work trying to divide us and hijack Q’s work and our Movement. I will show you today who these dark forces are and how they are related to Dr. Corsi.

​ To those who think this issue should be put to rest for the sake of unity, this is my response:

  1. if Q himself has spoken about it [here] ( after having put up with these dark forces trying to undermine him for months, he must have some kind of intel pushing him to react;
  2. A glass of fine wine mixed with water is no longer fine wine and is certainly not water;
  3. When a snake enters the house, there is no time for poetry: you secure the kids, close the doors and do what you have to do.

The Truth has a price my friends and no strong movement in human history has succeeded avoiding the issues challenging its foundations. Roses are beautiful, but they come with thorns. To be safe, we need to know how to hold them. This is why we are here today. We owe it to Trump, we owe it to Q, we owe it to the patriots who have sacrificed their lives for True Freedom, we owe it to ourselves for our efforts to not go to waste and above all, we owe it to the abused children whose lives, safety and freedom depend on the success of our Movement.

Isn’t this the ultimate reason we are all here?

​ Let’s get to it.

​ Qs' first days were not easy. At all.

Immediately after his first posts on October 2017, a violent information war was launched against him to ridicule him and silence him. All sorts of vicious information war techniques were used against him. I will show you some of them in this post. Q stoically stood still and after 3 months, despite this info-war against him, his audience grew to the point the phenomenon could not be ignored anymore. On December 08 2017, Infowars resorts to inviting Jordan Sather from Destroy the Illusion to talk about Q. Even though Jordan’s main field of expertise is secret space programs, free energy and the like he has been following Q on his YT channel and has done an excellent job bridging Q with the masses. When Jordan is invited by Infowars, we can see how proud he is: [tweet] (

​ Let’s listen to Jordan and Roger Stone’s conversation until 6:40: [video] (

​ Did you catch what Roger Stone is implying? This is the first info-war technique I want to show you. Stone is an old fox, he knows all the subtle communication techniques used in information warfare to swing people’s opinion and spread confusion. He knows how the subconscious mind works and how it makes an association between a skillfully asked question and its implied response. For clarity, here is Roger Stone’s question: Img1

You see it now? He is implying and subtly instilling in people’s mind through his timed and insidious question that the Q phenomenon Jordan has described may just be bots or humans hired to limit Infowars’ reach and cut them off from those who follow them. This is Roger Stone essentially saying: “Infowars is a shareholder in the election of the President and we will not accept to lose the leverage we have because of some bot playing on 8chan”. You think it’s far-fetched? Bear with me…

​ December 24 2017. For the first time Alex Jones talks about Q. At last. It’s been 3 months! You can find the entire video [here] ( so nobody can accuse me of taking things out of context. Let’s listen to him from 0:54 to 1:56. [video] (

[Archivers' note: SadlyThe preceding YouTube channel /Video - was Banned by YouTube and not archived]

​ As you can see, Jones starts with Q but immediately shuts him down by saying this: Img2 (below)

This information warfare technique is used to zero or reduce the relevancy of the subject: you name the subject (Q), then you immediately replace him in people’s mind by talking about another person (Zak) with praises and hypertrophy. Then Jones goes into a long verbal journey about Zak, the color of the moon and other irrelevant subjects, beating around the bush, preparing, preparing, until he could finally throw this at his audience (watch until 8:46) [video] (

[Note: Alex Jones words & meaning from preceding banned video are captured by SB2 graphic below:]

​ There are 2 techniques used here.

The first one is [Downgrading] ( [SEE Graphic below:]

Alex claims to know who Q is, where he get his info, Q is not really high level… secondarily… That technique is pretty straightforward.

​ Did you catch the second one? At 8:19 he says: “so they want to take Trump out in November, but we dodged it, and people go: look Q anon is not right, it didn’t happen”.

​ Q never said Trump was going to be taken out on November. Alex Jones did. You see how he did it: he lied, then he attributed the lie to Q, then he defends him. This is another information warfare technique consisting of artificially victimizing someone in order to pull his base. You push someone through the balcony, you take the stairs to catch him and then pay for his funeral…

​But it gets better:

​January 5 2018. Alex Jones invites Zak. The YT video title is “High Level Intelligence Source Confirms QAnon Is REAL”. You can watch the [entire video] ( later.

It’s a 23 minute video. [Archive Note: YouTube account was Terminated video not archived] Despite the title, Q is not mentioned any single time except at the 10th minute when Alex says the following; let’s listen until 11:15: [video] ( . [See Note in green above]

If you take a look at [the above composition] (, you realize Alex has obviously explored Qs' board. He is ridiculing him and asking people to hold on to Zak, his “real Q Anon” who is not a “LARP” acting in “Fantasy Land”. Unlike Q, his beloved Zak is acting in the “real world”. Sounds familiar? Yes… He is echoing his friend Roger Stone! They both talked about it and both have agreed their communication strategy was to convince [us] Q is not real, he’s a bot or a hired human LARPING on 8Chan. Of course this strategy has to be implemented covertly in order not to risk any backlash from their audience that may have been following Q. Hence all these sneaky communication and manipulation techniques. After this vicious attack, Alex will never mention Q throughout the interview again. Those who are familiar with subliminal messages understand why the title did not have anything to do with the interview. The title was aiming at subliminally planting in people’s brains: ”The real QAnon is Zak”.

​ The next day, commenting on Zak’s interview, Owen Shroyer airs a segment titled: “Infowars Own #QAnon Discusses Deep State” Img. (see below image)

Need I say more? You see the problem now?​

On January 27 2018, Infowars invites Jordan Sather for the second time. Despite the attacks, Q’s movement has grown exponentially so we are hoping to hear Jordan’s update on the Q phenomenon. Well, here is the [entire video] ( [Video / acct deleted] There is not a single word about Q. Infowars invited him to talk about secret space programs. Not Q. Why is Infowars putting Jordan in the “Secret Space Program” drawer. Why? I will tell you. So that this can happen the next day: Img [See Image below]

We clearly read on Infowars YT channel: "Dr. Jerome Corsi reveals what QAnon is and how it will be used against the people." What do you think this is? Error? No. This is a subliminal message folks. Your eyes will not notice it but your brain sees it. Once this particular message is processed by the subconscious mind, the conscious mind starts to develop defense mechanisms against Q and his message. Welcome to the info wars against Q! It has been Infowars against Q all along. MSM fights Q by trying to ignore him, Infowars fights Q by trying to crash him. Wake up.

​ Now question: why do you think Alex did not use Jordan instead? Why didn’t he try to hijack Jordan’s base instead of starting from scratch with Corsi? Answer: because of this: Img. [See image below] 4 days before, during the [Infowars Fisa Memo debacle]​

(, Jordan showed his independence with this [tweet]

( Alex Jones realized he was not controllable. Jordan is a real truth fighter. This is why Infowars invited him 3 days after this tweet to talk about what he likes and forget Q. Classic bait & control tactics. Once this bait was offered to Jordan, he could then position Dr. Corsi who would do what he is told about Q. Why?

Because of this: Img

Dr. Corsi’s YT channel was dead.

His last video was published on 2014 and had 2,2k views. As the inactive Infowars DC correspondent who is invited from time to time on Infowars, Dr. Corsi is a vulnerable asset Jones can use to deal with the Q problem. He instructs him to start commenting on Q and to progressively build his crowd based on a business model that will not link him to Infowars. Perfect bone for an inactive asset. How do I know? Let’s listen to the following until 1:25: [video] (

​[Archive note: The link above works - You may also play the same video (linked below) however it is not set to skip to 29 second mark. Stop the video at 1:25 - as SB2 directs, since it continues for 44 minutes. Video is by: Tracy Beanz. Which is the only reason why it still exists. Alex and Corsi were removing anything Q related.

Did you catch it? “a number of people who I consider to be very important to me said you’d better start looking at this”. How does that sound to you? “you’d better start looking at this”. You think it is a professional advice? Now that we know what we know, we know it's not. This is Alex essentially telling him: I tried to contain this thing, didn’t work, you’d better get in and take control remotely for us before it gets out of hands. This is how we got Corsi my friends. It has never been about decoding, it has always been about containing. Dr. Corsi is the Infowars Trojan horse sent to the Q Movement. And in exchange of this work, Jones is capitalizing on his vulnerability by allowing him to do his little business. Does Corsi know Jones’ endgame? I don’t believe so. I think he is just being manipulated by someone more intelligent. You know why? Because the next day, on the Hagmman Report, this is what he says, let’s listen carefully until 2:22: [video outside link only]


​ So here the version slightly changes: he decided he would dig into the Q phenomenon after Trump’s executive order. It’s no longer “a number of people who I consider to be very important to me said you’d better start looking at this”. Now it’s about trump’s Executive Order. Why is the version changing? You got it: Alex told him he made a mistake at Tracy’s interview. He needed to change the story so Alex could remain invisible, working in the shadow. This corrected discrepancy is proof Corsi is just a pawn.

​ Now let’s take a look at his YouTube and Twitter stats: Img Img [img]

As you can see, Dr. Corsis’ current notoriety has everything to do with Q. His book was published on March 2018 and you see there is no significant change on the curves at that date. So Dr. Corsi has successfully conducted his mission: infiltrate Qs' base and build a substantial number of followers he can now manipulate according to Alex’s instructions.

​ Now the relevant question would be: Is Dr. Corsi loyal to Q? I have the answer. I will give it to you.

​ Do you remember Alex’s rant on Syria? I will not provide links because it was a dark moment for alternative media. Those who read Q knew all along what was going on in Syria, you may explore my posts about it. Events proved Alex was way off in his assessment of the situation and we are therefore entitled to question the relevancy of his “high level sources”. When asked about Alex’s meltdown, this is Corsis’s response, let’s listen until 4:40 [video] ( [deleted but SB2 quotes him below]

​ Now let’s analyze: “Alex has his own way of doing things, he doesn’t really need my approval to do it, and I don’t… you know…” Corsi stops after “and I don’t” and looks for his words. Now question: what do you think was the natural ending of this sentence? You got it: he was about to say: “and I don’t need his approval either”. But he could not say it because he knows it’s not true and, as a vulnerable asset in Alex’s mighty hands, he did not want to risk upsetting his boss with a little independence displayed in a YT interview.

​ The other important sentence is this one: “The real strength of Alex is he’s the most disruptive media to the MSM that exists worldwide and as such he has tremendous impact.”

The only reason Alex was able to disrupt MSM was because of privileged intel he had right? People came to him to know what the Mockingbird MSM would not disclose right? But then, as early as October 29th 2017, Q said this:


Military Intelligence ref above is the absolute biggest inside drop this board will ever receive.

​ Then, a few months later, he says this:


This board has more power than you can imagine.



This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS.

​ You see the problem? Q has been and still is an existential threat to Infowars. As simple as that. Alex Jones has done everything he could to shut down this phenomenon.

“I don’t criticize Alex. I try to understand where he’s going and I try to appreciate it.” “I still greatly admire what Alex does and would never criticize him or offer advice or opinions unless he specifically asked and then I would be happy to share that privately with him.”

Okay… It seems Corsi has beautiful manners. Now let’s listen to what he thinks about Q. I have already shared with you in my [previous post] (Post # 42 - Q1315: Trump’s tweet confirms the Q 5 photo puzzle. And of course, Dr. Corsi missed it. As usual.) how he ridiculed him even though he had no clue what Q was saying. But there is more here, let’s listen until 5:35 [video] ( [Video Deleted but SB2 again quotes him below:]

​ “Q is in disinformation”… “I started trashing Q“… “I was ready to quit this board all together and do it myself, and that is seriously under consideration by the way”.

​ Whaaaaaaat?!

​ So there you have it. Corsi would never criticize mighty Alex but Q? Oh no! Q is to be trashed and even replaced! Replaced? You see? We went full circle…

​ Corsi would never advise Alex unless he was asked to and he would do it privately but Q? And Trump? Go listen to a few of his YouTube videos: Corsi tells them what to do with Mueller, Sessions, Iran… He knows exactly what to do on pretty much everything…

​ Corsi even forgets the hand that fed him and dares to make threats: “and that is seriously under consideration by the way”.

​ Yes… now that you have infiltrated our Movement, fed off of some of its crowd (check the stats above), you can get out with the hijacked goods the silence the anons (the real ones) have given you all these months out of respect, patiently putting up with your limitations and constant disrespect towards Trump and Q. You should have finished the mean and revealing sentence you have started (did you catch it?): “As far as I am concerned, Q has served…”.

Watch the video again. Unbelievable. I hope to shortly see the memes of the side by side statements of Q, Jones and Corsi. This long post has given you the material to produce them. This post is based on facts. Real facts. It was not aiming at anything else except presenting verifiable facts so that people know who is who and what the motivations of each actor are.

​ The final issue that needs to be addressed is the idea of a cult that has been agitated by Alex and Corsi. Those who follow Q are not in a cult. Q is given the respect he deserves because he is risking his life to give us the intel MSM or Infowars will not give us. Who told us about Saudi Arabia before it happened? Who told us Trump was in Las Vegas? Who told us the real reason behind the steel price issue? Who told us about Flynn it would be done in 30? Yes, Q delivered here too but Corsi failed to decode it correctly. And the list goes on… Q is listened to because we have proof he is right next to Trump, the President we elected to clean up the mess and save our children. People did not vote for Infowars, they voted for Trump. So you’ll have to accept it if they drop you without hesitation should you express any kind of opposition.

​ Now that things are clarified, I think I will never have to write about Infowars, Alex Jones and Corsi again. We are busy. We have things to do.


You decide.

This is not a game.

The only profit we should all be striving for is TRUE FREEDOM.

God bless you all.


Post # 44 - Dr. Corsi’s self-destruction. It did not take long.


Out they go!

A clean House is very important.


​ Who could have imagined this April 10 post about POTUS hosting the Military in the Oval could be one day applied to our Movement?

​ You have followed the recent events and posts regarding the Q Movement, Infowars and Corsi.

​ As you know, it all started with Q1295 where Q said: Be careful who you are following.

​ This was the signal we needed from Q to clean the house. Immediately after this post, many anons have called out Corsi and further, Infowars. This post #43 published yesterday, in particular, clearly laid out the reason why we know the Q Movement has an Infowars and Corsi problem.

​ I was hoping after this post that this issue would be put to rest and that I would not have to write about it anymore. You may verify that I did not even comment in the comment section to make that very point.

​ Well, there is a new development. The claim I made about Infowars and Corsi trying to hijack the Q Movement in that post is now verified. It only took that clarifying publication and 24 hours to force Corsi out of his hiding place and get him to say this:

There you have it.

The power of Light always amazes me.

So now, according to Corsi , there is an “OldQ” and a “NewQ” and the new one is AI (confirming Alex’s bot theory by the way) and disinformation. Okay…

​ Well, how did we know the “OldQ” was the good one? He was validated by Trump right? With corroborating tweets right?

​ So… It’s all good. Q, if you are reading, you know what we now all are waiting for to clean the house and destroy the virus once and for all... That very virus you pointed at in Q1295.

One tweet is all we need.

​As you said:


Out they go!

A clean House is very important. Q

Post # 45 - Corsi gone. Infowars exposed. And proof Corsi was an Infowars covert operation against the Q Movement.


​What an amazing journey.

​Q linking to my post and honoring my pen in such a way is a humbling and extraordinary experience.

​I have a routine: in the morning I read Q, and during the day, I try to understand him. When I read this:

Q1328 This is NOT about a single person. This is NOT about fame, followers, or profiteering. We, the PEOPLE. We, the PEOPLE. We, the PEOPLE.

​Immediately realized linking to my post was his way to show his appreciation to our work as a Movement, to our selfless and relentless dedication and to thank the faceless and generous Patriots who express their talents on the board and in subs such as ours. Feel proud Patriots, what comes from Q, comes from Trump.

​Please allow me to mention in particular the r/GreatAwakening, its members, its mods and its contributors who have graciously opened their door to my pen and let it explore even the weirdest places of knowledge and truth without constraining it. I am thankful and I am congratulating you all. The honor is shared, the achievement is ours.

​Now back to the battlefield.

​This post is not about kicking a man when he is down. As far as I am concerned, the Corsi / Infowars situation is resolved. Our people who were deceived have now realized what was going on and are coming back home. This is good. Let us welcome them, they meant well, they were just deceived and sincerely thought the choices they made would have helped the Movement. They now have a tremendous opportunity to really invest their talents in the Q Movement and make a difference.

​This post is partly aiming at doing a little debriefing. You know, just like in the Military (I’ve read it in books and saw it in movies), after an operation, they produce a document that gathers all the information allowing them to improve in the future.

​We all should be proud of ourselves. We have shown our capacity to immediately understand what Q needed us to do and do it efficiently while successfully containing our internal differences. This reactivity and effectiveness is a strong signal to those who oppose us: if you still want to try to dismantle us, know it will not be easy. Especially since we have now gathered experience points.

​First, I will address the Infowars issue. Many, after being finally convinced there was a serious Corsi problem, were still not ready to include Infowars into the equation. Some arguing Infowars hosted Trump, some waving the unity flag. Well, those who play chess know when we have a check position with a pawn, it means the pawn is protected. We have witnessed Corsi’s progressive dive into the abyss, violently defying Trump and Q. And we also know how Corsi worships Alex Jones Video.

If Alex was as much concerned by unity as we were, why didn’t he instruct Corsi to get back into the ranks and stop his embarrassing nonsense? Why?

​Once the pressure forced Corsi out of his hiding place, Alex lost his check position and only a few hours were required for him to confirm what he has been hypocritically hiding since the very first day Q started posting. Let’s watch an excerpt of his yesterday show until 35:28 video

[<= Note: The preceding YouTube account and video above were deleted and not archived]

There you have it. You now know without a doubt who is who. Check Alex’s comment section. Infowars is self destructing. Who would have imagined Alternative Media is about to go through an irreversible mutation and that Infowars would not be part of it?! What an amazing time to be alive!

​Q1328 There was no attempt to DIVIDE. There was however a strategic move to REVEAL.

​Now as to Trump being interviewed by Infowars. This is normal. Infowars deserved it. I am not denying Infowars played a major role in Trump’s election. So did Bannon. How did it end? The political chessboard is made of living objects. If these objects lose their way and try to overreach, when the leader is as strong as Trump, it never ends well for the gambler. He would immediately be reminded of his disposability. So as long as each actor knows his place and does what he has to do, the party goes on and everybody dances [video]


​Now I would like to ask you a question. Why do you think Q posted “Be careful who you are following”? What triggered this post? We were already aware there was a Corsi problem weeks before. Why did Q post this at that particular moment? I conjectured in a previous post that he had some kind of intel that pushed him to do it. Yes, we know he was pushed to do it because in Q1297 he says: “Statements today needed to be made”.

​Well, I will show you what substantially contributed to Q making this statement.

​On May 9th 2018, Q posts this:

Q1324 Corrected. We all make mistakes. Busy day. Q

​He is talking about the trip code change procedure. Why do you think Q is bothering informing us he made a mistake and even detailing it: Q1323 We did not input "Q #" in the beginning which exposed the password.

​It’s not the first time he changes his tripcode and the change does not follow a particular frequency rule we are aware of. He could have changed the tripcode, make his mistake, silently correct it in conjunction with the board operators and we would have never known. But Q wanted us to know he made a mistake. Why? Because of this: Img.

​You got it? Q knew Corsi was going to accuse him of being AI. If you watch Infowars’ yesterday show, Alex makes the same claim. This was their final move. This was their endgame. This is the intel Q had all along! By making this “mistake” and insisting about it “we all make mistakes”, Q is essentially saying he is human and is pulling the rug out from under Corsi's feet!

​Do you imagine what went through Corsi’s head when he saw that post?

It did not prevent him from still making the accusation. He had to stick to their plan.

Q636 Predictable. We SEE ALL. We HEAR ALL. Wizards & [WAR]locks. These people are really DUMB. Q

Now why is this relevant? Why is it important for Alex and Corsi to position in Qs' timeline an interrogation about him being AI? Because AI is not clearly covered by the First Amendment. The legal expert conversation is ongoing: Link1 Link2 Link3. So now close your eyes for a minute, expand your thinking and imagine a conversation Alex could have with his crew about shutting down Qs' board.

Do you see it?

The legal option would immediately be considered and a skilled lawyer could come up with the idea of capitalizing on the legal uncertainty surrounding AI’s free speech to trigger precautionary measures in a law suit… The board would then be shut down for a while, until the legal situation reaches its conclusion. This is why Corsi needed to create some kind of interaction history with our Movement to then become a “credible” source that would accuse Q of being AI… Do you want to know how this weird idea knocked at my door?

Here, listen to Corsi until 2:52: video.

[Note: Video removed by Corsi However, SB2 fortunately quotes Corsi below]

​Did you catch it? “it looked to me this is now getting into the realm where Q is basically incoherent, making no sense at all and probably inviting a law suit”.

Law suit? It seems Dr. Corsi has been putting some thought into this for it to randomly pop up in a YT segment. I do not know anyone who has ever raised this issue. Do you?

​So my friends, if a legal situation was to target our beloved board one day, you now know where this inconvenience would probably come from…


​Do you believe in coincidences? When Divine Assistance manifests itself, this is what it looks like: as I was writing these lines, u/digital_refugee paged me to ask me my thoughts about this post.

[ <= Note: The preceding referenced Post was 'banned' by Reddit]

Yesterday, at 6:24 PM, Infowars sent its daily newsletter to its subscribers with a few errors: Imgur

[image below]

Do you think an experienced multi-million dollar media operation would make such a mistake? No. This is secret ciphered communication. Let’s decipher it. Q taught us in the board how to do this.

​The text is: Qanon Compromised: intel source hijacked by seep state’s disinformation sampaign. We get the first obvious clue from seep and sampaign, the correct spelling is “deep” and “campaign”. Since the D and the C were purposely replaced by an S, we gather DC is the first clue. Let’s keep that in the back of our head.

​Now the letter S is the 19th letter of the alphabet. I have shown in my decoding training posts how to solve a Caesar Cipher problem based on Q’s teachings. Let us apply the method using the online tool: Imgur Imgur Imgur

Post # 46 - From Q1364 to Q1368. The Golden Thread.

​Today, we are analyzing the Q’s drops from 1364 to 1368. Very disturbing information Q is giving here.

​Let’s build the map connecting each of these posts. How do you connect the posts? By finding the common denominator between successive posts. You read each of the posts, explore each of the links, listen to each of the videos, then you order the posts following time stamps order and you make your connections.

Q128 Time stamp(s) and order [is] critical.

This is what we get: Image

Connection 1:

I made this connection in this post # 36:Rudy Giuliani joining Trump’s legal team: a brilliant chess move from Trump! Checkmate near. We established in that post that Giuliani and Mueller will work together to “inject” the Weiner insurance file in the legal system. Mueller will bring his prosecutorial powers and Giuliani will bring his NYC contacts along with the insurance file that Erik Prince says to include “damning criminal information”. Image. Source: Breitbart.

​Notice this connection fully solves Q’s indicated problem here:

​Q1287 How do you introduce evidence into an investigation (legally)?... Insert Rudy

Connection 2 and Connection 3 : To fully understand this, it will be profitable to read my take on: Post # 41

Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q

​Through this question, Q is providing an interesting exercise teaching how bad actors use open communication platforms to send top secret messages to their networks and sleeper cells.



Q1221 Why do many DC journalists (yourself) use & replace 'burner phones' every week? How do you pass the new number out? Tweets are very important. Do you feel safe? Q

​They know there is no way to escape if they are under surveillance. So? They use TV shows, radio shows, social media, newspapers, newsletters etc… and hope to fall between the cracks. I gave you an example with the Post # 41 -Emmy Awards post, [and] the Post# 45 - Infowars newsletter. Q is giving you another one with Obama’s AIDS video in Q251 and James Comey’s tweet in Q645: image.

​Now that you are aware of this, you want to carefully listen to the entire December 24 2017 video Q is linking to here. You will hear it with new ears and would be very, very, very, surprised at what you hear! We will focus only on the parts that help us connect to our posts: let’s first listen until 15:34. video.

Image [below]

You understand what Jones is saying here? Pretty straightforward, right? “The Obama Kill Switch is still in place.” What is Alex Jones talking about? If he is talking about a “kill switch” following administrative protocol in the case of the death of the President, Trump has been President for a year and these protocols are independent from the President in place. So why is he naming Obama? Why is he not just saying the Presidential kill switch? This is because he’s not talking about protocol. He’s talking about another “kill” and another “switch” that was put in place when Obama was President. You want to know more about this? Ask yourself about the White House “renovations”…

​Then he talks about Q, you know the drill: running in circles, ridiculing Q, praising his own “high level sources”, Zach etc… He inserts Q. This is code for: we also need to know who Q is and neutralize him.

​Let’s move forward and let’s listen until 20:35 video.

​Did you catch the trick? He first recalls there was a plan in November to kill Trump. By saying this: Imgur [image below]

Then, he reveals key information about Trump’s protection: Imgur

Who is Alex jones talking to here? Sleeper cells? Why is he revealing information about Trump’s security for the world to hear? To plan? Why is he outing Erik Prince? To analyze his security playbook? Why is he saying “I was even given names?” Scare tactics? As you can see it is connection 3 that helped us fine tune our aiming when analyzing the video. Q gave us this skull image symbolizing death/murder/ pain to “squeeze" Q1367 between Erik Prince and murder and therefore ease our triangulation.

​Conclusion: connection 2 and connection 3 are secret comms to activate cells for Trump’s murder, and for the identification of Q.

Connection 4: Q is providing us with the motive for the murdering of Trump: prevent the take down of the pedophile network. Allison Mack’s arrest is bigger than we think: it opened the Pandora Box.

Connection 5: Full circle. This is the Golden Link. Making these drops the Golden Thread. New York Attorney General Schneiderman resigns on May 7th 2018, 17 days after Allison Mack is arrested. What is the connection? This one:

Q1203 Mack is naming names. Big names in H-Wood / Gov’t (local/federal). Proof.

This Golden Link is the one that allows to inject the whole known pedophilia network file into Mueller’s prosecutorial system through Giuliani.

​Do you now see why Alex Jones and Corsi are going crazy over Mueller and Sessions and constantly asking Trump to fire them? That is the real reason.

Q1339 Why are we being attacked by people who claim to be PRO-POTUS?

Post # 47 - Dr. Corsi from Infowars says he knows who Q is. As usual, he's way off. I will tell you all we need to know about Q.

​So what do we have here?

​After his failing Q decodes and his aborted infiltration, Corsi, our former InfoWars 'plant' now claims Q is SerialBrain2. Me! It’s not a typo, you are not dreaming, this is the real world. According to Jerome Corsi, I am Q!!! [Corsi's Tweet Here]

[Archivers NOTE: Just in case Corsi deletes the preceding tweet we have archived a screen shot here:]

​Well, thanks for the honor but… I thought your boss Alex Jones already knew who Q was. That’s what he said, right here: video. [<= video deleted] He even talked to him: video.

I thought you were sent by the White House to decode him, me, us. That’s what Alex Jones said: [Video] ( [<= Unfortunately this video was also deleted and not archived]


​Then, in this tweet, [here is an archived screenshot in case Corsi deletes it] - we can sense all Corsi’s intellectual despair as he is still dancing to a dying battery radio harmonically tuned to the unavoidable and recurring existential question: “@POTUS Why DEMONETIZE me?”

Yes folks, I took the liberty to correct what I believe was a typo…

​And now, panicking, he is trying to doxx people… Link

[The preceding link: "warning_clowns_are_doxxing_q_supporters" was banned from Reddit and was not archived.]

Alex, I am returning you your favorite line: “What an amazing time to be alive!” We are witnessing Infowars acting like CNN, for the whole world to see.

​I thought Infowars was against doxxing: video. [<= video also deleted]

​I guess that will just be another line in the long list of Infowars’ contradictions...

​But thinking about it, this may be the most intelligent thing Corsi has said these last few months. Why? Because in our Movement, we are all Q! If Corsi took the time to really study us, he would have understood the true meaning of WWG1WGA: Where We Go 1, We Go All. This essentially means we are all Q. The Q who posts on the board is one Q, we are the others. Got it? You want to doxx all the Q’s out there? You don’t need to. We will save you the trouble. We are telling you right here we are Q. We are millions, worldwide. We transcend religions, party affiliation, races and countries. We are the Patriots of an aggregated Nation called the Human Race. And you know what? We are getting our planet back. Image

Let that sink in for a minute. Take another minute.

​Now, so that things are clear between us:

Q153 If fighting to put an end to children being kidnapped, drugged, and raped while leaders and law enforcement people of the world turn a blind eye is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

Q153 If fighting to put an end to the constant abuse of races and countries, keeping them poor and suffering for a specific purpose is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q153 If fighting to put an end to the mass murders occurring to satisfy Moloch is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q693 If fighting to put an end to Big Pharma killing humans by refusing to distribute already available cures is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q252 If fighting to put an end to families in power creating planetary diseases for money is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q489 If fighting to put an end to the enslavement of humans to finance international scams under the disguise of solidarity and freedom is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q15 If fighting to put an end to the devastating consequences of having corrupt politicians in charge is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

​Q133 If fighting to put an end to the horrific harm inflicted by Satan worshipers to mankind and its children is being Q, then, yes I am Q.

​Q189 If fighting to replace the enslaving lies told to mankind with Truth and Freedom is being Q, then yes, I am Q.

Are you Q?

​#IAmQ #AreYouQ

​Patriots of the World, how long would it take us to get these trending and show them who we really are?

​Q1332 We knew this day would come. Video. United We Stand (WW). WWG1WGA. We FIGHT. Conspiracy no more. Q

​Q542 BE LOUD. BE HEARD. This is just the beginning. 2018 WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q

Post # 48 - Q1391: Clowns, recess is over. Start running.

​Have you wondered why these two posts are one after the other? Imgur

Q1390 was posted by Q a few hours after we all responded to Infowars Dr. Corsis’s attempts to doxx members of our community with a vibrant We are Q! Check the comment section of post # 47

[NOTE: This link is to the Original Archived Post with Comments]

and this post. [<=NOTE: Unfortunately The post linked here was not archived]

​Q1391 is the impressive resume of Gina C. Haspel, the new head of the CIA.

​What do you think Q is telling us here?

​No fear anons! Where We go 1, We Go All! No fear! We are fighting for our children! We are fighting for Freedom!

​Now let’s take a look at Corsi’s latest video, let’s listen until 1:02:00.Video


So we went from OldQ to NewQ, to NewQ is Q, to Q is AI, to Q is SerialBrain2, to SerialBrain2 is some kind of an occultist. What’s next Dr. Corsi? Amazing the things you can come up with…

​So Dr. Corsi is insinuating SB2 is an occultist. Did you do your due diligence? Those who read my articles and comments know my efforts to unify the 3 Abrahamic monotheistic religions against Satanism and Magic, my numerous quotes of Holy Books and that my conversations cover a wide range of topics, like here in Mathematics or here in Unification Theory or here in History or here in Theology or here in Metaphysics. And when I don’t know, I disclose it clearly, like here in Astrology.

​So why is Dr. Corsi focusing on that particular topic of the occult and pull a very old video from Christine Lagarde, the Head of the IMF? Link. This is coded communication with his friends all over the world to help him deal with the SB2 problem who tries to honestly decode Q who in turn has published the list of all central banks in Q135, Q136, Q137 and Q138 and who also reminded us:

​Q138 FACT: US Federal Reserve is a privately-owned company, sitting on its very own patch of land, immune to the US laws. Q

Q is coming for you…

​How about this type of communication: link. [<=Note: This Twitter acct. was deleted and not archived] And this one:

The Republic‏ @Bill_Bush9 May 13 Replying to @jerome_corsi @POTUS

Keep up the good work. Some attention needs to be paid to SerialBrain2 on Reddit.

He seems a mole pumping a lot of disinfo to the GA board.

​Who are you talking to Dr. Corsi? What is this “good work”?

​Have you not yet realized your level of toxicity to still communicate like this?

Soon, Alex, who is very intelligent and knows how to read a situation, will stop taking your phone calls. He knows the impact of what you are doing on his business and on many other issues you seem not to have comprehended yet.

​Dr. Corsi, you don’t get it do you? Through his board, Q has trained thousands of anons who can now read through your comms and know exactly what you are up to. Whatever platform you use, we know exactly what you are saying. Q trained us. You think SB2 is an isolated phenomenon? Think again. The other anons are just letting me speak because I am speaking. When I am done, they will continue the conversation until the final take-down of all enemies of mankind, under Trump’s command and the US Military’s relentless efforts.

​Q114 US Military = savior of mankind. We will never forget. Fantasy land. God save us all. Q

​“I think it would be good if this serialbrain2 came out and said this is who I am. Why hide behind…If you’re going to be that public, you are going to claim credit, you are going to claim winks from Donald Trump and winks from Q, you’re really the big cheese behind the factory”. - (Dr Corsi.)

​You really don’t get it Dr. Corsi… “credit”, “winks”, “big cheese”. Always about the bucks and the fame. Don’t you realize we, anons, don’t give a single nugget about these things?! We are anons! We chose to be anons! We are out of the game, we figured it out!

“I never imagined an occult aspect to Q before and it concerns me and has drawn my attention because again this is the nature of the attack of the United States from a spiritual point of view.” -(Dr. Corsi.)

​Have you ever paid true attention to Q’s board? Of course not.

You never tried to really understand Q or decode him.

You told us what you were really doing, right here: video. [NOTE: <=Corsi deleted this video]


There you have it. Dr. Corsi told you himself what I have been saying about him these last few days and that he has been vehemently denying.

​Q’s board is full of cryptic messages and numbers aiming at sending coded information to the anons. It is also full of references to the occult. Why? Because that is what Satanists do and we are fighting them.

Knowing what the Enemy does and the way he does it is a Divine warfare recommendation, it’s in the Bible, right here:

In order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes. 2 Corinthians 2:11

I know the trick Dr. Corsi, I call it the Attack on the Spiritual Second Amendment: you keep people away from studying religion, spirituality and metaphysics and label them conspiracy theorists or lunatics so that you can enslave humans using this knowledge made unavailable to them. Humans are then defenseless because they have no clue what is going on behind the scenes.

Q438 EYE OF RA. Left eye [marker]. Symbolism. EVIL. STUPID.JUSTICE. Q

Q354 Therefore, they openly showcase their symbolism. Therefore, they were sloppy.

Q184 Their need for symbolism will be their downfall. Follow the Owl & Y head around the world.

Q133 Does Satan exist? Does the ‘thought’ of Satan exist? Who worships Satan? What is a cult?

Q10 These people worship Satan _ some openly show it.

Q189 All that you know to be right is wrong. The ‘cult’ runs the world. Fantasy land. The world is fighting back (& destroying the cult).

​So now, Dr. Corsi wants to change the conversation and talk about the occult with SB2. Sounds familiar? This communication technique is called deflection. We find it in the bible, right here:

Afterward Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, “This is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says: ‘Let my people go, so that they may hold a festival to me in the wilderness.’”

Pharaoh said, “Who is the LORD, that I should obey him and let Israel go? I do not know the LORD and I will not let Israel go.” Exodus 5:1-3

​You see the trick? Moses and Aaron raise a political issue and Pharaoh dismisses it and re-directs the conversation to theology.

​Well Dr. Corsi, let us stay in your primary field of expertise which, after assessing the quality of your recent contributions, has not yet met our expectations. Before we engage in a conversation about the occult and spiritual matters, you should first answer to the questions I asked in this post #45 and for which I have not heard anything from you or Alex yet. They are related to your aborted infiltration of our Movement and the strange covert communications Infowars uses:

"If Infowars uses this kind of infiltration methods and this kind of comms, what do you think Infowars REALLY is? Who is REALLY behind Infowars? Why does Alex disrespect Trump and desperately looks for his attention? Why is Alex announcing Trump’s possible murder at every single show? Why is Trump now showing him utter disregard? What does Trump know about Infowars since he became POTUS and took control of the Intelligence Agencies?"

​A skilled and dedicated director of the CIA such as Gina C. Haspel knows the answers to these questions. With a brilliant Mike Pompeo at State for the vision and the strategy and an experienced Gina Haspel for the CIA executive operations, recess is over and the CIA is a new CIA. Start running. Video.​

Post # 49 - And here are the banners! This is who we are. Fear us. We are woke. We are taking our planet back.


​Q571 FEAR the STORM.


We, the people, are who they are afraid of.

We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come.

Thy will be done

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses,

as we forgive those who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Post # 50 - Q1414 Messages sent. Learn about Q’s slickest move.

​Today we are solving the puzzle from Q1408 to Q1414 made of the following picture sequence: Imgur

It is a little long but only because I thought this puzzle was a good opportunity to address issues that are still unclear for many. We will for example explain in this post what really happened in Las Vegas according to Q and how the Deep State is maintained.

​This puzzle is the hint Q is giving in response to an anon’s very interesting theory relative to the bad actor pallets in the pictures Q posted in the Q1308-Q1310 riddle. This riddle was solved in previous posts Link1 Link2 and was an instance where the bad actor equipment in the pallets originated in the US and was blocked in Washington DC.

​In this new puzzle, Q is describing the other instance where the equipment does not originate in the United States (China here) and successfully reaches its destination but with a little twist…

​Let’s analyze the picture sequence using the respective image names:

[pic is below. To see larger version click link here:]

Picture 1. 1X: pallets carried by China Airlines.

Picture 2. Foxconn ZZ: this is the Foxconn’s Zhengzhou plant in central China.

Picture 3. X10: we now know the content of the pallets: iphone X10s. Important: Q provides a picture INSIDE the plant. This means Q has infiltrated the plant.

Picture 4 & 5. Clas1 & Clas2: The equipment is repackaged. Why? Because it was modified by Foxconn to add the required security features to ensure secured comms. It can now be shipped to its final destination: distribution to the bad actors.

Picture 6. LV remove: We can see the Mandalay Bay in the picture. *[see archivers note at bottom of post regarding this photo] This is relative to the October 1st 2017 shooting at the Mandalay Bay.

Reading correctly Q92 gives us a clear understanding of what happened that night: Trump had a classified meeting with Crown Prince Salman in the top floor penthouse of the hotel. The main advantage of owning the top floor of a hotel is access to the helicopter landing pad that allows extra security measures and entering the hotel without being seen. One of the owners of the top floor being Prince Al Waleed, we can safely assume he was made aware of Prince Salman’s date of presence there. The attack of the penthouse was conducted by members of MS13 and all the eyewitnesses who saw what really happened were later eliminated. The reference to the JFK files is a hint the final purpose of the MS13 mission was to assassinate Trump. One of the ways that was used to kill eyewitnesses was to cause car accidents through electronic remote control, as Wikileaks revealed about the CIA. From this, Q is inferring a rogue part of the CIA was involved in this assassination attempt, in complicity with bad actors in Saudi Arabia among whom Prince Al Waleed and Prince Mansour bin Muqrin who was later reportedly killed in a helicopter crash north of Yemen border. LV remove: Prince Salman was successfully removed by the US Military and safely flown back to Saudi Arabia. November 4th 2017, pay back: under the guise of fighting corruption, Prince Salman undertakes the largest political purge of the Kingdom’s history. He arrests Prince Al Waleed along with other high profile personalities of the kingdom and hundreds of government officials. Why did prince Salman wait for a month to make theses arrests? Because this needed to happen: Imgur

In the Middle East, being counted at an invitation is a big deal. Absence means disrespect or opposition. Prince Salman skillfully gathered all the relevant people of the Kingdom by extending personal invitations to his conference, then grounded all the private jets and used the very facility where the conference was held to detain all his targets. Slick…

​We all know what happened next. Despite this video where detained Prince Al Waleed claims everything is fine (with the mug standing out as a secret opposite message to his friends), Q informs us what really happened behind the scenes was the shutdown of a major source of financing for bad actors and the gathering of critical intel:

Q539 He doesn't have 6b. We froze his assets. Think logically. When does a BIRD TALK? Q

It seems the Trump prophecy in his following tweet is now fulfilled… Link.

Picture 7.

This is the NASA Space Shuttle. Q is hinting at the shuttle program terminated by President Obama in 2011 and that caused the US to lose space dominance as revealed in Q437.

In the same post, we learn how HRC sold access to her private server hosting Nasa tech, Missile tech and Special Access Program documents in return of contributions to her foundation. We know from the Wikileaks Podesta emails that President Obama was aware of the existence of the private server and used it. So we have made a full circle on his 2011 shuttle program termination decision: weaken the United States and empower foreign countries.

For what? To facilitate a future invasion of the United States! Stretch?

No. It’s right here:

Q570 KILL NASA (prevent space domination/allow bad actors to take down MIL SATs/WW secure comms/install WMDs) - RISK OF EMP SPACE ORIG (HELPLESS)

​You want the cherry on the pie? It’s in Q1338. Watch in all its glory what can be achieved when coupling space dominance and social media tech: Imgur If China can do this with its population, what would prevent them from doing the same with US citizens if we are helpless in space? Q suggests we should explore further: plug in a few missiles, lasers or weaponized drones to the system and you have the whole US population at gun point, in selective mode…

​Let that sink in for a minute.

​Fortunately, Trump is fixing the problem: [Tweet] (

Q443 It's coming back in a big way. Space is critical to our NAT SEC. Was terminated for a specific reason. Godspeed, Patriot. Q

​Picture 8. Guardian P. Guardian of the Pope. This is the most challenging part of the puzzle. We have a picture of an owl and this cryptic “Guardian of the Pope”. We make the first connection between “Guardian” and “Pope” with this article released the same day by The Guardian and titled: All Chilean bishops offer their resignation over sexual abuse cover-up. We learn in this article: “Chile’s bishops have offered to resign en masse over a sexual abuse and cover-up scandal that has embroiled Pope Francis and has been highly damaging to the Catholic church”. Vatican, pedophilia, Pope, cover up… Nothing new under the sun. Let’s keep that in the back of our head and find another connection.

​Let’s now focus on the owl. Walking around in Google, we find this interesting [link] ( about collectable stamps with one of its collection named “Owls: Guardian of the Night”. Looking further in the article, we find other relevant keywords and are able to make the following connections: Imgur

There you have it.

​This owl/ Guardian of the Pope is the clue that leads us directly to Hillary Clinton who is currently in New Zealand:

​Q1320 Why is HRC in NZ? Is NZ part of 5 Eyes?

​So let’s recap the connections we have so far: Pope - pedophilia - HRC - NZ

​Now in Q1336 Q reveals some AMAZING information answering to the Q1320 question: Why is HRC in NZ? We learn that US Dignitaries still hold their security clearances even if they are out of Office! They can use their still valid security clearances to access, view and even retrieve classified documents! Yes! But it’s worse: when they use their security clearances in one of the other 4 Five Eyes countries, there is no log, no flag and no record of their interaction with classified material!!! Q says:

Q1336 Welcome to the Deep State.

​This is how the Deep State is created and maintained: the recycling of former US Dignitaries into a group of people, free as birds, traveling around the world with top security clearances and unverified access to classified material. It seems one of our next relevant fights will probably be: #releasetheclearance…

​Now what do they do with this? Q gives us the answer, right here:

Q1336 Clinton Foundation. Post Election Loss. Layoffs. No Access / Control = No Donations Today. NZ Donation Restart. Others? Why? 1) Selling Secrets? 2) Selling 'Future' Access [regain control/power]? 3) Selling Silence?

​Wow. They monetize it! The Clinton Foundation stopped receiving donations after the election because HRC could not offer access to classified information anymore. So? She goes to NZ, one of the other 4 Five Eyes countries and from there can log into the US classified information system, retrieve what she wants to retrieve without being detected and… sell it. This is what Q calls option (1). The 2 other options are (2) to sell future access by convincing people that Trump would be out of office soon or (3) to sell silence on former illegal transactions like the ones described here with the Rothschilds through the UK and Australia:

​Q479 How much did AUS donate to CF?

Q479 Who controls AUS? Who really controls AUS? UK? Why is this relevant? Q

Q484 Coincidence all donations to the CF terminated post defeat? What did AUS/UK obtain in exchange for all that money? Where do majority of Rothschilds reside?

​Or this one, much more sinister, describing how donations to the Clinton Foundation were done in exchange of the supply of… children:

​Q867 Why are the children in Haiti in high demand?

How are they smuggled out?

‘Adoption’ process. Local ‘staging’ ports friendly to CF?

Track donations.

​This is where we go full circle and understand the connection Pope – pedophilia – HRC.

​Now, why the owl? Most of you already know the occult significance of the owl and its relation to child sacrifice: Q188, Q189, Bohemian Grove… I will therefore focus on another attribute of the owl: its extraordinary night vision capabilities. Video. From this, we deduce Q is letting us know that even though HRC went dark through the external Five Eye system, he was still able to see her, in HD...


Now that all the pieces of the puzzle have been clearly described and explained, let’s piece everything together:

​The purpose of these pictures is for Q to send the message to the bad actors that despite their efforts relative to adding unregistered security features to their devices and hide behind the external Five Eye surveillance layer, he was still able to collect all their communications. Through the infiltration of the very factory where these additions were made, Q was able to hijack these devices. This secret technical operation enabled him to conduct constant global surveillance and achieve 3 things:

​the gathering of the intel that made the Las Vegas assassination attempt unsuccessful. Let’s notice Trump let that attempt happen so that the Saudi Crown Prince would go home determined to do his purge without hesitation;

  1. the gathering of the intel on how classified material and Special Access Program tech was retrieved and sold to third parties;
  2. the gathering of the intel on human trafficking and the supply of children within the international pedophile network.

Q is essentially sending this message: we now have everything to charge you for Assassination Attempt on a Sitting President of the United States, Treason and Human Trafficking.

​Pick a crime. Any crime.

​Q1222 We have it all. Q

Post # 51 - Q1433 RR problems or the brilliant playbook that gave Trump total control of the DOJ.

​Do you like basketball?

The fundamental wisdom behind this type of team sports is essentially about optimizing the use of multiple talents at given moments and achieving goals circumventing a set of known constraints.

​This fundamental wisdom is also present in politics, where casting and timing are crucial to the success of a leader.

​Since his election, Trump has been trying to build an optimized team around his core cabinet to undertake the missions he has identified as critical to his MAGA agenda. Among these missions is the restoration of the rule of law by bringing to justice all who have committed crimes against the United States. This is the goal to be achieved and of course, just like in basketball, it meets constraints that need to be circumvented: Imgur

As you can see, Sessions has been quietly working behind the scenes to secure and protect the sealed indictments that, once unsealed and revealed, will become the most significant event of our judiciary history. But for Trump and Sessions to succeed, they need to have the right team in place to process these indictments. This is what the Dems know and this is why they make it hard for Trump to consolidate his peripheral staff by preventing him from appointing his picks. How is Trump going to play this? How can Trump win the game when he is not allowed to pick all his players? I will tell you. Fascinating stuff.

​To follow along, here is an organizational chart of the DOJ: Imgur

In Q1433, we learn that, soon, Rosenstein is going to quit the game: “Once the 'extremely guarded & highly classified' information is finally revealed to House investigators, DNI, public etc., RR must recuse or forcefully terminated”. The Senate confirmed Rosenstein as Deputy Attorney General with a bipartisan 94-6 vote while his boss Sessions only could secure a 52-47. Q rightly asks the question: “who do you TRUST?”. The vote numbers but also the fact Rosenstein was an Obama appointee are enough to worry any Trump supporter. As the #2 in the DOJ, Rosenstein oversees Wray’s FBI. Even though Wray is a Trump appointee, Sessions still has to go through someone democrats voted for to access the FBI. Not convenient.

​When Rosenstein gets out, Trump and Sessions have to make sure his replacement will be loyal to them. But then, they know the Dems in the Senate would not confirm their pick. Without disclosing the source, Q gives us the following quote explaining the Rosenstein succession mechanism: Imgur

The key information here is the Acting Associate Attorney General has a 210 day legal “lifespan”.

​A quick google search and here is the original article: Link. In this article, we learn the following: Imgur

Based on personal and Associate Attorney General Wikipedia, we can draw this table: Imgur

From the table, we see that as of May 24 2018, Jess Panuccio will have spent an aggregated 210 days as Acting Associate Attorney General. This answers to Q’s question: "'acting' When does the clock run out?" This means that after this date, Jess Panuccio will no longer be eligible to that acting position and will therefore get out of the line of succession to replace Rosenstein. His spot made vacant, which is the #3 in the DOJ, can then be filled by Trump according to Q’s quote in Q1433: Imgur.

​So you now understand why Q asked: “Who is Rachel Brand? Why was Rachel Brand dismissed? Think timing”. The answer is: she was the Senate confirmed Associate Attorney General “inserted” in the process to “extend” Panuccio’s legal lifespan as Acting Associate Attorney General so that his legal “expiration date” can coincide with Rosenstein’s firing! Now this is slick! Read again...

​You see it? When Rosenstein is out, Panuccio cannot replace him and the rule to be applied will be here: Imgur. Therefore Solicitor General Noel Francisco would replace Rosenstein. And who appointed Francisco? Trump! That’s our guy! Link

So at the end of this mechanical succession process, Trump and Sessions will have their guy in #2 and get to pick who to put in #3. All this without needing any Senate confirmation!

​Now that's what happened at HQ. Let's see what’s going on in the street:

​An anon: Schneiderman gone Proper judge in place. Q1393 Impressive, Anon. Q

No need to decode this conversation, pretty obvious right? You all know Schneidermann is the former NY Attorney General who resigned after Allison Mack started singing. I would just add this:

Q1368 Allison Mack [NXIVM] arrested [date]? When does a bird sing? Schneiderman resigns [date]? Coincidence?


Allison Mack Arrest date= April 20, 2018. Link

Schneiderman resign date= May 7 2018. Link

Difference: 17 days. What is the 17th letter of the alphabet? Coincidence?

​Q signed the resignation of NY Attorney General Schneiderman. Let that sink in.

​Q is also telling you Preet Bharara is running to replace Schneidermann in order to try to stop the Mack Allison NY bleeding we have already talked about in the Golden Thread [Post # 46]:

Q1372 Fight to reinstall roadblock? Link

And also to get to the negotiation table:

Q1374 What do you notice? They all drop hints they are considering future elected positions. Why? Claim interference? Attack on opposition party? Protection? Can you serve from jail? Q

Whatever they try, Q is signaling that this NY AG position is already filled by Sessions according to his plan:

​Q1372 Who is Richard Donoghue? Background? PAIN. Q

​So do you like basketball? This is what we have: appointment of an Associate Attorney General (Rachel Brand), timed removal of that new AAG and placement at Walmart as a reward Link, expiration date of the acting AAG coinciding with the firing of Rosenstein, #2 position at DOJ automatically filled by a Trump’s nominee (Francisco), #3 position at DOJ to be filled by Trump, total control of DOJ without any of the required Senate confirmations, Q-signed resignation of the NY Attorney General, plugging of the Allison Mack file to the NY judiciary system, former NY Mayor Giuliani to receive the ball from the White House line and throw it to whoever will be positioned for the alley-oop whether it’s Mueller if his time in the paint has not expired, or, if it has, Huber who will run in from the 3 point line, through a path protected by Horowitz’s screen. Here is the playbook: Imgur

Wouldn’t you agree this superbly crafted precision work would be pretty heavy stuff to process for a “LARP” on 8chan?…

Q1343 Attacks will only get worse. Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

Post # 52 - The Q1439 real time update. This board has more power than you can imagine

​Before we proceed: I receive many messages from people requesting my authorization to use my writings in their work. This is the way I see things: everything I write here is the property of the Q Movement. I am sure many in our Movement have skills in commenting, video editing, memes etc… They are more than welcomed to use the material I have posted to help spread the truth on all platforms.

Ok. Done.

​Have you ever watched a Michael Jordan basketball match where at money time everyone expects him to shoot the ball, but he finally does not? The coach intentionally keeps him on the court to trigger a forced double team on him so that the real shooter can be wide open. The coach has a predetermined strategy and then picks his final shooter from a wide variety of players. Video.

​Q1045 We don’t inform our enemies of the specifics. We instead instill fear in them to make unplanned and disastrous countermoves. Q

​In this post, I explained how Q1433 was hinting at the firing of Rod Rosenstein and his replacement by an Acting Deputy Attorney General with May 24th 2018 as a pivot date.

​At the time that post was published, Q1439 was not available yet. I therefore integrated in the analysis the 2016 Loretta Lynch guideline scenario which positioned Francisco, the Solicitor General, as the most likely person to take the position. It has to be understood this guideline does not supersede The Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 §3345. Acting officer, which gives the President the freedom to pick from a large list of possible officers.

​Then Q posted Q1439. He links to a Fox News article confirming that May 24 2018 is indeed a pivot date. In this post he asks: who is Ed O’Callahan? Answer: he is the United States Acting Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General, he is a republican and a November 2017 Trump nominee. He is also eligible to the Acting Deputy Attorney General position according to The Federal Vacancies Reform Act of 1998 §3345. Acting officer. Q asking this question and adding “Acting” [Ed] is a hint Ed O’Callahan may be Trump’s final choice. This question is Q following up with his Q1433 post and implicitly explaining why he did not reference the quote he used to introduce the 210 day rule: he was dismissing the 2016 Lynch guideline scenario!

​Do you realize, what is being said here? This is a perfect example of future proves past: the Fox News article Q links to in Q1439 and where we learn about the May 24th 2018 meeting with Christopher Wray, Devin Nunes, Trey Gowdy, Dan Coats and Ed O'Callahan was published one day after Q1433. How did Q know that the 210 day rule would be relevant but not the 2016 Lynch guideline? The fact he did not mention O’Callahan’s name in Q1433 but only did in Q1439 is an indication we are being informed in real time as things are decided in high places… Wow.

Q761 Was the point proven? This board has more power than you can imagine. Q

Post # 53 - North Korea: relax, Trump is in control and The Hunt for Red October riddle solved.

​Let’s talk about North Korea.

​We have Q’s board. Confusion should be out of our system.

​You heard Trump pulled out of the summit with North Korea. Ok. You heard MSM being very vocal about it. Ok. Then your question should be: why were they so silent about it before Trump pulled out?

​Q1257 Why aren’t NK developments receiving WW praise? We endure. Q

Next question: why would the North Koreans free hostages before making things difficult? Wouldn’t it be more logical to play hard to get first and free the hostages when things are stabilized?

Next question: why right after the announcement of a coming summit between the US and North Korea is North Korea accused of hacking the US sanction database? Why would they hack a database that would be of no relevance after the Summit? Let’s take a look at the statement of the North Korean Mission at the United Nations Imgur Source: The Guardian.

​Amazing: the US delegates at the UN deny having made the accusations. Then who made them?

Welcome to the Deep State. Did you detect in this statement any sign of violent opposition or will from the North Korean authorities to withdraw from the current diplomatic progress? No. To the contrary: they are warning about “hostile forces” “manipulating plots” to demonize North Korea and derail the “detente” process. North Korea is signaling that forces hostile to Trump and to the diplomatic process have now engaged in sabotage.

​Since this hacking nonsense did not get traction, these Deep State “hostile forces” tried again and activated Mockingbird MSM that chanted in unison the following on April 16 2018: Imgur

And despite all this craziness, Trump seems to signal he is not aware there were problems Imgur

And of course,we, the Q readers, we know better:

​Q1378 NK news today = FAKE!

​When I was a kid, I had a friend, his name was Frank. Every time he would borrow my bike, he would return it with some kind of damage. So what did I do? To preserve my bike, I would invent an imaginary damage every time he tried to borrow it again: oh, I am sorry Frank, I have a flat tire today or well, today the chain needs to be fixed or OMG Frank can you believe it: the handlebar needs to be changed!…

​This is what Trump is doing here: hey Deep State, this is already broken, you can’t break it further. I can hear Trump from here calling Kim Jong Un: “ok, this is what we will do: let’s make them believe all this is broken so we can peacefully do what we have to do behind the scenes. You’ll be able to peacefully coordinate with China and South Korea on the remaining institutional and commercial details while I will be quietly working with the UN on the sanctions. When we are done, we’ll come up with a new date”.

​Far fetched? I have written about it twice in previous posts. You did not know Trump has been communicating in secret with Kim Jong Un under the radar for ages? It’s right here: Imgur

You want another proof? Sure. Right here: video.

​So? Relax. And Enjoy the show.

​Now let’s talk about the now famous Hunt for the Red October puzzle. Yes, it’s related to North Korea, I will show you how.

​The puzzle starts at Q158 where Q for the first time enigmatically says:

Q158 The Hunt for Red October.

​This post started a long conversation with the anons who were trying to find a rational explanation to this cryptic message. Here is a summary: Imgur

As you can see, we deduce from this exchange that the Hunt of the Red October was over between Q168 and Q679 causing the word “hunt” to be dropped in the posts coming after Q679.

​Walking around Q’s board, this is what we find, analyze carefully: Imgur

There you have it. The Hunt of the Red October was about the hunting of major players in the international pedophile ring centered on the Red Cross and leading to their resignation on October. I have separated the all star bad players from the others. Happy hunting!

​The use of the international aid infrastructure to conduct criminal activities is something Q hinted at in previous posts. In Q252 he says: *Red Cross is corrupt and used as a piggy bank. Future topic. * In Q253 and Q257, we see how the Red Cross is used by bad actors as an international communication platform (same type of comms as in the Emmy post) Imgur

In Q258, Q uncovers the link between NK, Hussein, the Red Cross and… children. We already knew the link between NK and nuclear weapons.

​Now let’s focus on Q29.

​NK is not being run by Kim, he’s an actor in the play. Who is the director? This is key to understand. Just like Iran, North Korea is a hostage of the Deep State. The model is simple: control a small group of people through blackmail and threat to their personal security who, in turn, control the country through dictatorship. Then, using the international aid infrastructure, import nuclear and military grade technologies that would be used as leverage for future negotiations should they be needed and for security for human trafficking.

​Confirmation: In this article, we learn the United States provided North Korea over $1.3 billion in assistance, mostly food aid and energy assistance, between 1995 and 2008. Now read Q239: What if NK had miniature nuke payload delivery in 2004? What if NK had ICBM capability since 2009? Coincidence ?

​This tweet showing Trump’s frustration about US aid to North Korea is very telling: Trump knew what was going on.

​You see the picture now? Trump has successfully worked with Kim Jong Un and President XI to defeat the Deep State in North Korea and free the country. The Deep State is now trying to derail the process inventing whatever it can contribute to altering the public’s perception on North Korea. But it’s too late:

Q1243 Why was Armenia mentioned recently? Clowns losing control. Q

Q1244 Like NK, they have been freed. Assets on the ground. Q

You now see the dominoes? You now see why Iran is next? You now see why Merkel Macron and the others are doing whatever they can to preserve the Deep State Iran deal and why Trump will never go back?

​Let’s listen to Trump after he “withdrew” from the summit with Kim Jong Un. Let’s listen until 1:25 video

“I’ve spoken to General Mattis and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and our military which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world, that has been greatly enhanced recently as you all know, is ready if necessary”.

​Who do you think Trump is talking to here?

​Trump is talking to Obama and the Deep State: the Military you tried to destroy before you left is not the same anymore, I have enhanced it and it has now capabilities you are not aware of. I am ready to deal with your group should you try anything against the North Korean people who are now under my protection. The summit will happen and when I’m done, I’ll meet you all in Tehran.

Q1245 Think SA. Order is important. SA -> NK. NK -> Armenia. Armenia -> Iran Iran -> Any other rogue nuclear states? Define hostage. Define protection. Who is protected by rogue nuclear states? Trust the plan.

Post # 54 - Q1290 Autists need Red Bull? Q. What is a true Q Follower?

​Someone asked me today: “Is choice an illusion? Is choice THE illusion?”

​And I answered :

“When God told Adam: "this tree is forbidden", there was the initial choice. The Lord is the One Who gives you the Choice. Satan tricked Adam on this very reality by covertly replacing God and giving Adam a second choice. If Adam had remembered the first choice, his correct answer would have been: "I have already made my choice when God presented me this tree, you are not qualified to offer me any choice". You see the trick? Same one Satan is using right now with duality: "are you a republican or a democrat?" By answering to this question, you are implicitly accepting the rules of a game you have not decided to play yet. By choosing, you are playing. You therefore become one pawn on the game board, you are in the hands of the game creator: Satan...”

​If you are a Q follower, this needs to be clear in your mind and your heart.

​Don’t get distracted:

Q925 This is not about religions or party affiliation. EVIL is everywhere. There are no drawn lines. No boundaries. Good vs Evil. Q

​Q is calling you to a battle above the false duality created by our former controllers who are now losing control of the narrative:

Q1362 [They] are afraid. They are losing control of the message. WWG1WGA! Q

​Q is building an army of woke soldiers transcending the artificial divisions created by centuries of lies, propaganda, and staged events. Are you white? Black? Purple? Christian? Jewish? Muslim? Buddhist? Atheist? Republican? Democrat? Capitalist? Communist? Kardashianist?

​Don’t get distracted.

​We are about to take down the cabal, they are on the run:

Q29 The pedo networks are being dismantled. The child abductions for satanic rituals (ie Haiti and other 3rd world countries) are paused (not terminated until players in custody). We pray every single day for God’s guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil.

​Look at what really happened in Saudi Arabia and that you will never see on MSM:

​An anon: Q, where are the children? Seriously. Where are the children? Q392 3,000+ saved by the raids in SA alone. WW lanes shut down. Bottom to TOP.

This is the real fight.

​There is a difference between talking about Bohemian Grove or the Bilderberg Group and actually doing something about it. When you are not in position to do anything about it, the right thing to do is to support those who do and not melt down on them when they are destroying Deep State positions in Syria.

Q924 There’s a reason the word ‘conspiracy’ was made/pushed. Their weapon against the awakening. Q

​Do you realize the impact of what Q is saying here? He is essentially saying the conspiracy label was skillfully crafted to ensure a reality is never seen as it is.

​This is what is meant by the “Performance Artist” Q is alluding to in Q1341: the work of an artist is to draw people’s attention to his description of reality through music, painting etc… The performance artist, like a clown, uses body expression tools to convey a message or color reality to his liking or to the liking of those who hired him. Do you see what I mean? Like Bohemian Grove. It’s in reality about the horror of child sacrifice but the performance artist will make it to the core of the information before you do, color it and present it to you in a consumable and digestible way. This communication technique is devastating: you hire a clown who acts like a clown to talk about very serious issues. That’s how you get these issues to never pass the conspiracy theory label or if they do, people are already too desensitized to strongly oppose it and deal with it. So? Learn how to detect these clowns. Primary characteristics: 1) they are well known, 2) they have MSM exposure, 3) unlike Jordan Sather, when they receive YouTube strikes their channels are still around, 4) when they are arrested, wherever they are in the world, a bunch of TV stations have the footage…

​We have been talking about Bohemian Grove for years and always went back to sleep. We only started talking about child sacrifice with Q and that’s when we lost our sleep.

​It’s now up to you. Do you want fake truth between two Caveman sips or do you want the real deal?

​Q1343 The choice has always been yours. The choice will always be yours. This is not a game. This is not a popularity contest. This is LIFE. FREEDOM.

Post # 55 - Trump is about to take them down. But wait: is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

​Now this is getting very interesting…

​Tommy Robinson, Roseanne, EyeTheSpy, #WhereAreTheChildren…

​Do you see it?

​All this happened in 5 days. And all these “heroes” and issues find their seat in our Movement’s scope of interest. Coincidence? No. Not a coincidence. You are witnessing Qs' opposition gaming up. They have now acknowledged Qs' tremendous impact and realize they have to come up with more sophisticated weapons on the communication battlefield to shut him down.

​Ignoring Q, infiltrating him and labeling him did not work. InfoWars and all their recruits are exposed, defeated and Q now has a base, a solid one. A base of woke people transcending races, frontiers, party lines and religions and who are focusing on the real thing: taking down the international pedophile and human trafficking network ran by politicians and billionaires protecting themselves with nuclear weapons and using the international aid infrastructure to smuggle children, funds and espionage material.

​The cabal is on the run.

Follow the pen Q1424. We are close. The pen is about to take them down. They know it. Trump and Sessions have silently and meticulously done the legal job. The DOJ, FBI and CIA are cleaned up, judges changed, Red October CEOs resigned. [ image below or click for lg version] Next phase? Open the sealed indictments and start the concert under the direction of the Maestro, with his pen…

​So? Put yourself in the enemy’s shoes for a second. If you were cornered like that, what would you do? You got it. You have to work on people’s perception and try to win the coming communication battle. You have to blur the message so that people may question Trump’s motivations, see you as a victim and overlook the horrors you have perpetrated. How do you do that? You create very shiny things and right before the executioner is about to do his job, you go like:

​Hey, stop for a second, did you see this?


Tommy Robinson. I see you have an interest in human trafficking and, thanks to my divide and conquer strategy and my clownish creations like 9/11, Lynda Sarsour, Sadiq Khan, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood, you also hate Muslims. So here is a guy who has been arrested for filming an alleged Muslim grooming gang trial…All your required ingredients are in there… I know right: what is the point about covering a case that at least made it to trial while thousands of pedophile cases around the world are swept under the rug and ignored by law enforcement? Well, I took a chance and hoped people would not see the trick. I made sure MSM was “incidentally” there to capture Tommy’s arrest and asked Alex Jones to over cover it in the clownish way only he, can pull off video. Icing on the cake: to make sure people would really talk about it, I prohibited them to talk about it. How? By having the judge initiate a temporary reporting ban on Tommy Robinson’s arrest. Neat right? Is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

​Roseanne. You know most of the celebrities in Hollywood are MK Ultra victims and/or Satan worshipers right? You did not? They say it in your face, jokingly. Right here: video. So, since they know I can make them rich or bankrupt them overnight, I can activate them directly or through their handlers or drugs, and instruct them to do whatever I want. I know Valerie Jarrett is central in this pedophile and espionage thing. Just like Huma was the Muslim Brotherhood liaison with Clinton, Valerie Jarrett was the MB liaison with Obama. She knows where the bodies are buried and knows how to use it to get things done. Imgur.

She knows about the creation and control of ISIS. She is in the list of the 13 personalities who used a private email address despite national security regulations. Imgur So?

So? Knowing people do not really know Valerie Jarret and that Trump is about to close on her, I instructed Roseanne to go crazy on her and put her on the map. What’s left in people’s mind after Roseanne’s raid? Valerie Jarret is a victim: she was unjustly compared to an ape by a right wing racist. You see the trick? When the real thing about VJ drops, the message is already blurred and can be downgraded to a racial witch hunt. Brilliant.


Q has not dropped lately. Even though you have more than you know and have only explored a portion of his board, I know you are now addicted to inside information.

Q said no communication outside this board. So? How about some entertainment while Q is silent? I created this guy who went from 47 followers on Twitter to 5000 in 48 hours. Organic? Doesn’t matter. He knows many things, he’s cool, interacts with everybody and to make sure you do not create defense mechanisms, he appears to be friendly with Q and to support him. There are topics he is not completely in alignment with Q like Sessions and BC17, but who cares? At least, unlike Corsi, he is not infiltrating and claiming to decode Q, he says he is doing his own thing right? So, you like this? At least when you are reading his easy-to-read tweets, you get your daily insider’s information fix and are not spending time trying to figure out Q’s board. I’ll take that…

​#WhereAretheChildren. This is my coolest gadget. I saw that post where Q is giving an update about the dismantlement of the pedophile network and that exchange on Q’s board between an anon and Q: Imgur.

​Most people do not realize the power of these posts. I do. So? I took over the hashtag, made it trend, skillfully dragged Ivanka Trump into the story to spice it up, downgraded the story to a sordid legal issue about the status of unaccompanied child migrants and stuff so that if this hashtag was to come out for the real thing, it would have already been old news and soft news. And of course, to make sure this hashtag is really prematurely dead and of no other relevant use in the future, I had MSM talk about it, talk about it and talk about it. Imgur. Is this shiny enough for you to forget about the children?

So, there you have it…

​Folks, I told you in my previous post: don’t get distracted. Read through the enemy’s schemes. The closer we get to the epilogue, the more sophisticated his attacks will be. Read through. Stay the course. Are you up to the task? Have you digested Q’s teachings? Can the children trust you? Yes, they can. I know they can. You would not be reading this otherwise. Stay the course guys. We are about to take them down.

Post # 56 - The Establishment against Trump or the birthday gift from Pyongyang.

​Have you ever had this conversation with someone who thinks he has done enough research in what is commonly labeled as “conspiracy theory” to try to convince you that Trump was a hoax, was picked by the Establishment and that nothing will fundamentally change under his command? Some say he is a Zionist, others say he is an Illuminati, others, among the most sophisticated theorists, claim he is the Establishment’s Trump Card…

​Let’s get to the bottom of this.

​If someone challenges you about Trump being from the Establishment, one simple argument is this one: was Moses from the Egyptian Establishment? Wasn’t he a prince? How did his story end? So that’s that. Now let’s go further.

​Look at this picture, it was taken at Trump’s inauguration speech. Try to guess what these people have just heard: Imgur.

​They look devastated. Do you think their demeanor is fake? Would they be all acting perfectly at the same time? What did Trump say that made them all this angry and worried? This is what he said, look at their reaction at the end: video

Did you catch it? Did you see how Bush was nervously trying to make eye contact with a lost in thought Obama while Hillary was agonizing drowning in her “private positions”? Here, I looped it for you: video.

This is what I like about the BBC: their staff is full of high level intelligence officers. They know exactly where to look at any given time. You can check the BBC production team is the only one showing Obama, Bush and Clinton at this particular moment when Trump is violently deconstructing the treasonous globalist policy that has attacked America. These MI-n agents working at the BBC know this is the culminating point of Trump’s speech, they know this is the moment Trump has declared war against the Establishment they serve. Imgur

“The Oath of Office I take today is an Oath of Allegiance to all Americans”. Do you realize what is going on here? Just like Kennedy, Trump is declaring war to all secret societies. He is implying: I am a free man, I have no allegiance to any secret society, no secret society trapped me to do any secret oath, my oath is public and unequivocal, I am an exclusive Servant of the American People. Whaaaaat? No 322 Skull and Bones or any similar gang involved? Are you kidding me? Let’s see what from-father-to-son-Skull-and-Bones George W Bush thinks about this: video

“The Oath of Office I take today is an Oath of Allegiance to all Americans”. Trump is a free man. He intends to be a free POTUS. He is hereby establishing his political lineage with John F. Kennedy. You did not know Kennedy and Trump came from the same Spirit? Q told you, right here: Q703.

​Now that you know this amazing secret. Isn’t it easier for you to guess who would want to assassinate Trump? Do you now understand why the JFK file release had to be delayed and how it is skillfully used by Trump for leverage? Are you aware George H.W. Bush says he does not remember where he was the day Kennedy was assassinated? video. H.W Bush is now very old and has many health issues. Suppose Trump releases the JFK files and Bush is implicated. Suppose Bush dies a few days later. Do you imagine the political liability? These are the types of possible scenarios a skilled political advisor would point out to Trump... So? Relax.

​Let’s continue with Trump’s speech: Imgur After having established his political DNA with JFK, this is Trump now going all the way back to the Founding Fathers who understood very well and passed on the simple idea that the success of America was based on a strong middle class. By investing in skilled workers and protecting them from the pernicious consequences of free trade and other treasonous ideas concocted in secret society think tanks, the Founding Fathers were showing the recipe for a strong, free and prosperous America. It is in this very spirit George Washington told Congress on July 4th 1789 that it was necessary for the US to impose tariffs to protect American jobs and manufacturing Link. President Lincoln, Garfield, and McKinley were later killed trying to implement this same policy. When President Kennedy realized the real enemy trying to weaken America through the programmed destruction of its middle class was secret societies and their secret oaths, he was assassinated before he could do anything. Video.

​So you see it? Obama, Bush and Clinton were very worried when they heard Trump was announcing he would resurrect the heart of America: its middle class. That very middle class they tried to destroy to implement their New World Order. This nefarious plan started after WW2 but was publicly announced here by President H.W. Bush: video. Each US president after this speech played its scripted and treasonous role in the progressive military and economical weakening of the United States. This demonic plan, was about to enter its final stage with Hillary Clinton getting to the White House in 2016. Yes folks, God is watching over America. We dodged the final bullet:

Q570 THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE. [The 16 Year Plan To Destroy America].

​Do you know what would have happened if Hillary Clinton had won? Here, they lie so much they forget when to not say the truth they laboriously hide: video

Did you see it? Did you feel the hate? This was the real Hillary. Not the fake politicians with hot sauce in her pocket on an African American radio show. video. For a second, when talking about the middle class, the veneer peeled off and Hillary spilled the beans. They hate the middle class. They hate humans. They hate us. Just like Satan…

Q10 These people worship Satan _ some openly show it.

You want to see more hate? Here: video

Did you catch it? It seems Barbara Bush is so obsessed with Trump, when she is asked about the campaign she answers as if she was asked about Trump. Then, when Jeb gives examples of Trump using strong language, she asks him: “who did that?”. Apparently Barbara Bush was dragged into the campaign to attract senior citizen votes for her son but had no clue about what Trump said or did not say. But the next day, with a little more homework, the obsession disappears, she claims she does not even think about Trump and this is what you get: video

Poor Jeb Bush… After dragging his mother (may she rest in peace) into the race, he even called his brother George to help him out against the Trump After each interaction with Trump, humiliated Jeb would leave a leg or two and a few fingers on the battlefield. But realize this: Jeb was just the face. Beyond Jeb, Trump was humiliating the Bush family, the Establishment they were representing and the treasonous policies they implemented throughout the years to weaken and destroy America: video.

​The Bush war against Trump is real, with real bullets: Imgur

Then, when it was clear the Bush family hated Trump and what he represented, they could openly vote for Hillary and show who they really loved: video.

​Surprised? Don’t be. The love for the satanic New World Order is a force transcending party lines and patriotism. It’s a religion. You did not know Globalism was a religion? A very ancient one? You did not know Pharaoh was the first globalist? Have you ever wondered why there was an Egyptian obelisk in each major city? link. Globalism is an ancient religion rooted in magic, growing with human slavery and culminating with the arrival of the Antichrist. Nothing new under the sun. So now question: if Moses took down Egypt even though he was once a prince, isn’t it possible Trump may take down the globalists even though he is a system billionaire? Think about it…

​Now let’s recap: Trump touched the forbidden fruit of the American Middle Class and trade tariffs, the Bush machine including the Clintons and Obama are out to get him.

​Jimmy Kimmel is in the know. He is always in the know: Q249. This is why, in the following video, he’s asking to George Bush if he’s on board for whatever, but Bush knows better: he was once President, he knows the power of the Secret Service, he knows it’s wiser to cover his tracks especially if the JFK files were to implicate his father. By now, you should be able to decipher Kimmel’s coded language here: video.

​Did you catch it? Pretty obvious right? Now let’s see if you could decode former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper when he is asked about North Korea here: video.

​00:00 00:00

Congratulations Clapper! You have just recited your spy playbook for the whole world to hear: Imgur.

This is a typical Deep State move: they know Trump and Kim Jong Un talking directly is a problem. So? Clapper suggests the establishment of a diplomatic infrastructure between DC and Pyongyang so that he could spy on it, hijack it and ultimately derail the talks that are perfectly progressing at the highest level. Well, sorry James, Q knows exactly what you are trying to achieve and he knows your Deep State friends have already compromised all comms in North Korea, he knows how and which US company made it possible.

This is why Kim Jong Un went to China for a face to face with President XI. And do you know what happened when he got there? He had a secured conference call with Trump! Yes! Trump! The summit already happened and China was the middle man! You don’t believe me? It’s right here, read carefully: Imgur

So now the question would be: what’s the point of having a summit then? Answer: History.

Dates, symbols and events are what make it to history books and to people’s understanding. Not secured and classified calls between leaders. There has to be a summit. Just like there has to be a wedding.

​Trump has received the now famous envelope from Kim Jong Un and he is inexorably moving to his June 12th summit. Did you see the picture of the envelope and how MSM unanimously tried to mock him? Imgur.

​When I saw the White House officially released pictures of Trump holding the big envelope from Kim Jong Un, I immediately knew we were told something but could not put my finger on it. Then, I saw Jim Acosta’s tweet about it: Imgur

As you can see, he is also sarcastically commenting on the size of the envelope. But something else drew my attention: the tweet time stamp. When I saw the tweet was sent at 3:22 PM Pacific time, my secret society alarm immediately went off: 3:22 => 322 => Skull and Bones => Bush. This association led me to discover something amazing I would not have seen if Acosta had not made this tweet. It is related to the picture in Q193. I summarized it here: Imgur

There you have it: Kim Jong Un’s envelope was symbolizing the defeat of the Deep State in North Korea and the June 12 date for the summit was not picked by Trump randomly. The pacification of the Korean peninsula is a major step towards the deconstruction of George H.W. Bush’s new world order policies that have militarily and economically weakened America. And in case people misread his motivations and targets, in the wake of the North Korean summit announcement, Trump added this to show he was going to keep his promise about protecting the middle class: Imgur.

​You see it? We went full circle.

​The Establishment and the Bush family are still at war against Trump. They are trying to prevent him from delivering the things he promised in his inaugural speech. They are using their control over the Deep State to interfere in Trump’s domestic and foreign policy. Not working: the tariffs are imposed and the June 12 2018 summit with North Korea is Trump’s gracious birthday present to George H.W Bush. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

Q889 We work for you. Promises made. Promises kept. Q

Post # 57 - Tucson. So you want to talk about it? The truth may surprise you…

​Ok, Tucson. Let’s talk about it.

​Quick summary: On May 29 2018, Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer from Veterans on Patrol discovers an abandoned camp which he believes was used for child trafficking. MSM, Infowars and activist Craig Sawyer rush very early to the site and/or to cover the story, Meyer blows up the story on Facebook, asks for people’s support and insists there should be a thorough investigation even though local police and federal authorities made official statements confirming there was no evidence this camp was used for the alleged criminal activities. A few days later, after the story became huge, total 180 from MSM, InfoWars and Sawyer: they say nothing was there, start discrediting Meyer pointing out he is not even a veteran, delete their own past articles and videos, pull Pizzagate and Qs' supporters into the mix and trash them as naïve and misled conspiracy theorists while Snopes chants in the background : “I told you” Link.

​Well. Q said: Q1424 The attacks will only get worse.

​And I told you in a previous post, our enemies are gaming up. That is what Q means by “worse”.

​The more we approach the epilogue, the more sophisticated the attacks will be. Did you catch this one? I will show you.

​Based on this link, we can connect all local TV stations to their MSM masters and identify links that are relevant to the story:

​NBC/KVOA4: NBC Link1 - NBC Link2 - NBC Link3 - NBC Link4.

​ABC/KGUN9: ABC Link1 - ABC Link2 - ABC Link3 - ABC Link4.

​CBS/KOLD13 (Tucson News Now): CBS Link1 - CBS Link1-bis - CBS Link2 - CBS Link3 - CBS Link4.

​Snopes: SN link1 - SN Link2

Infowars: IW Link1 - IW Link2 - IW Link3 [<=Page removed by InfoWars] - IW Link4

Craig Sawyer: Hagmann Report. [<=Video appears removed by OP] Sawyer 180 Video.

​Veterans on Patrol/Michael Lewis Arthur Meyer: Meyer Link

We can now build a timeline and have a clear picture on the sequencing: Imgur. You may download the PDF with the links here: PDF

As you can see, very early, before Meyer’s Facebook videos went viral, MSM covered the story. Big time. ABC and CBS sent people on the site as early as May 31st and interviewed Craig Swayer who said what he saw looked like a child rape camp ABC Link3. NBC gave a platform to Veterans on Patrol as early as June 1st 2018 and had them say on air this camp was meant for trafficking children! Right here:NBC Link2 As you can see in the video, the Police got there as soon as they were informed to investigate. The same day NBC aired its interview, CBS also gave its platform to Meyer, right here: CBS Link1. You get it? This was to help Meyer’s Facebook videos get viral. And they did. Think about it, we can’t even trend #wherearethechildren or #IBOR but Meyer, out of nowhere, gets all the attention overnight? Come on…

​But it gets better. After NBC pushed the story and made it seem like a possible child trafficking ring, they shut it down on June 7 2018 with this spectacular 180 article: NBC Link4. Remember this date: June 7 2018, this is the date that also triggered Infowars and Sawyers 180s.

​Since they first pushed the story, & then were the first to 180, let’s analyze their article to identify their motives. You need to read it in its entirety, it’s worth it: NBC Link4.

​Did you see it? NBC’s article is implying all this started from “dark corners of the Internet”. They forget to tell their readers about these 2 interviews they made on June 1st and that this helped Veterans on Patrol’s claims go viral: NBC Link1 NBC Link2. It is summarized here: Imgur

You may look at the other videos from ABC and CBS. NBC found a useful help from them to push the same story, using Craig Sawyer.

​Then, the NBC article gets to the needy greedy: Q followers. We are pulled into the story even though I thought we had no voice for MSM - and we discover we “were particularly gripped by Meyer’s story”. Imgur. Oh Yeah? Were you? I was not. At all. An abandoned camp with preserved children toys, a skull in the desert, MSM coverage, Infowars, Craig Swayer, Snopes, Facebook videos going viral? All the ingredients are there for a true Q reader to change the channel and start looking for what is being really covered up.

​You want to know? I will tell you. You remember I told you to remember June 7 2018, the date that switched all the stories 180, killing the Tucson story? Well, this is what happened that day: Link.

160 children saved and some as young as 3!!! 3!!! People, do you realize what we are talking about here? This is not an abandoned camp, a random skull in the desert and activists asking for donations to do whatever we are talking about here. We are talking about real children who were in captivity and who were released by official law enforcement professionals and institutions! Now question:

Do you think NBC who covered a nonexistent child trafficking case at headquarter level would cover an existing and verified one? Go on their website, check. At the time this is being posted, nothing. Same thing for ABC, same thing for CBS, same thing for Infowars.

​I will spare you the other details about Infowars and their friend Craig Sawyer who is about to release a movie on Netflix about child trafficking. Yes, Netflix. Can’t make this stuff up. Check how Sawyer says in the Hagmman interview how he was called by a “third party” to go check what was going on in Tucson. - [Archiver's NOTE: Hagmman report pulled the video interview of Craig Sawyer] A “third party” calling to ask you to go and infiltrate, sound familiar? Follow the links in the NBC article and see how Sawyer deleted his first video about Tucson and how NBC is throwing Infowars under the bus by linking to the archive of the article they deleted about HRC. Priceless. It’s funny to see them eat each other when they have their own priorities and media operations. Did you see Sawyer was interviewed by ABC and CBS but not NBC? This shows you Infowars and Sawyer did not know NBC was in charge of this particular Tucson operation. When they realized it, they did their 180. Quick.

​So that’s that. Tucson was created to prevent us from realizing our fight against pedophilia was moving in the right direction with law enforcement. McCabe asking for immunity Link, Comey in hot water Link and 28 FBI Agents asking to testify against Deep State Link is proof the FBI is now resurrecting and the agents in there who were prevented from doing their job in the past are now unleashed. This is what these 160 children in Atlanta really mean. In conjunction, I have addressed this matter in previous posts, Sessions is preparing the judiciary infrastructure to deal with the coming cases without having to suffer from corrupt interference.

​Q1402 What had to happen first? Think logically. Think DOJ & FBI. Think cleaning.

​You see it now? Tucson was made to make you question our law enforcement at the very moment they need our support! This is the other reason we, the voiceless Q readers, have made it to this NBC article. Let that sink in. The enemy has gamed up folks. Will you be up to the task?

​Now let me show another thing. That’s the bigger picture.

Q1245 Why are border states like AZ/CA important?

Q1009 Sex traffic road block. Children road block. Drugs road block. Guns road block. China/Russia pass-through-intel-pull road block. Name we don't say AZ road block. Jeff Flake AZ road block. Big money TERMINATE. The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q

Q1022 We don’t say his name. Adios. The protected flow into AZ is no more. Under the cover of his health, he will not be seeking another term. Q

​You see it? Trafficking lanes in Arizona have been shut down. No Name is defeated. He’s out. Arizona is secured. And you know what? CA is next. Adam, get ready. Do you now see why the wall is so important and why they don’t want it?

​Now you understand this: Link

And you can now watch this with new eyes: video. Did you catch it? He said: “if you only build a wall without using technology, individuals, drones, observation etc, you are not going to secure the border”. He is trying to replace the wall with tech and human intervention. Sounds familiar? Watch this video Did you hear Trump interrupt Hillary and say:* “and the wall”*? She said: “there will be new technology and how best to deploy that”. She shares No Name’s views. Why? Because they both know a wall is a physical barrier that cannot be broken by corruption. Nothing can go through a wall. As simple as that.

Tech and individuals can always be hijacked or corrupted through affiliation or blackmail. That’s their way of thinking: they always have in the back of their head this question: “how do I beat the system using leverage I have on people”. Well, Trump reads you perfectly and he knows a big ol’ wall is what will make you realize recess is over.

Q1009 The WALL means more than you know. The FIGHT for the WALL is for so much more. Q

Post # 58 - Trump’s victory at the Singapore Summit and the Deep State retaliation. Buckle up.

​Do you like yogurt? Do you know how yogurt is made? It’s basically the result of efficiently culturing bacteria in milk, as explained here.

​So the principle behind yogurt is to use something that looks harmful or useless after primary analysis and use it to your advantage in the future. Sounds familiar? Let’s read the following conversation between Q and an anon:

Q, If you can pull strings, how about getting Acosta's press pass pulled. I am embarrassed he represented our country in that historic meeting in Singapore.

Q1471 Think strategically. Does Acosta's continued disrespectful and poor behavior hurt or help us in the future? Let them all DIG THEIR OWN GRAVES. Q

​Priceless. Q is basically saying: let them have some fun for some time and let’s culture these stupid bacteria until we can enjoy our yogurt.

​The whole board is Q making his yogurt. He partly describes this fermentation process in a formula: “future proves past”.


Imgur. As early as in December 22, 2017, talking about North Korea, Q purposely omits the “i” in missile and spells it missle. Those who do not know his comms probably laughed, just like they laugh at Trump’s tweets when he “misspells” a word or a name.

Q confirms in Q439 and Q441 -- that the “i” missing is not a spelling error and that “future news will unlock the message”. 6 months later, the President of the United States, talking about North Korea, makes the same “misspelling” Q made! If you don’t see this is not a coincidence and this is Trump and Q telling you what they meant on the board 6 months ago, well, you should buy lottery tickets and send me my commission.


June 3rd 2018. Q posts Q1440. A gun with 4 BOOMS. The summit with North Korea was “canceled”, then “rescheduled”. I told you in a previous post to relax and that the summit would happen anyway. It did. Same date. And when it did, the official document Trump and Kim Jong Un signed listed 4 points. 4 BOOMS. Once again, this is Q telling you as early as in June 3rd 2018 that he had access to the draft of the Singapore Summit official document! This is what Q means in Q1468 Imgur.


Q1449 No. 72 Where was Kim tonight? How was this known? You are watching a 'plan' being set in motion. Enjoy the show. Q

What is No. 72?* It’s May 10 2018 post Q1329. A picture of the Marina Bay Sands. This is where Kim Jong Un stayed! The file name of the picture is NKSINGSEC. This is Q telling you that as early as May 10 2018, both US and North Korean security teams were working together to prepare the arrival of the two Presidents. Q already knew where Kim Jong Un was going to stay!

*[Archiver's NOTE: #72 is a reference number from the earlier 8chn archive post numbers - the Q post numbers have since been updated and this is why #72 now posts as #1329 - just for clarification]

Blueberry: Q1441 Start the clock

What does Q mean by the clock here? It’s the number he forces on the post for future reference. Here the “time” of Q1441 is 100. 4 “Q days” later, we hit 104, which is post Q1464.(on 8chn) [Q1464-(on] You see it? And what do we find there? The 4 BOOMS, a reference to when the clock started and a link to the video that was presented to Kim Jong Un at the summit in Singapore, which at marker 1:07 says “out of the darkness, can come the light”, confirming Q1464 Dark to light. video. Now, why do you think this cross reference is at 1:07? 1:07 => 17. What is the 17th letter of the alphabet? Good! This is Q telling you that as early as June 3rd 2018, he had already seen the video that would be presented to Kim Jong Un and referenced the 1:07 marker in his Q1464 post!

Now after all these desserts, if you still doubt Q is as close to Trump as one can get, well, I just don’t know what to tell you. I think I would give up at that point and may be prescribe to try to reduce your daily CNN consumption to a little less than 26 hours…

​Let’s go back to our yogurt.

Something important needs to be clarified: it’s not because bacteria are involved in the making process that any bacteria should be allowed to participate. When you make your yogurt, you should be in position to “choose” which bacteria you want to be involved in the fermentation process and eliminate the infiltrators.

​Those who have paid attention know at this point what kind of bacteria I am talking about. I have made several posts warning about them: here, here and here. They come in different shapes, formats and names but share the same purpose: division and altering Q’s message. The latest one attacked from social media, first claimed he was working for the NSA (yes, I am not kidding), then changed his handle when that claim served its purpose and allowed him to gather 30k subscribers, then changed his handle again to erase conflicting history in people’s mind, then changed handle again to re-start with a clean slate after his June 11 debacle and after being called out in Q1460 Imgur. I will not name that person since I have already done so in this post and suspect the handle will probably change again. And of course, those who really paid attention saw this conversation which took place very early, on May 16 2018:


An anon wrote:

"New eyes joining the fight Q!"


Q responded:

Those with an agenda to silence will fail.

Pain coming.


​What do you think this “new eyes” meant?

Q told you right there these “eyes” had an agenda. And when these bacteria try to subvert Q’s message and that reality exposes their lies and manipulations, they try to hide behind “human error”: link -[...and here] -and beg for mercy. Well, you should know better folks. Read Q:

Q1460 When did we mention/emphasize the 11th? Those with an agenda to discredit are pushing false information. They (you) will fail. Learn. Use logic. Q

​This is Q confirming his previous post made on May 16 2018 when this social media thing was still isolated. Let that sink in: Q knew where this was going even before it started getting traction…

In Q1460, he is telling you this is no human mistake, there is an agenda.

​What was the agenda? Simple: distract us from Trump’s unimaginable victory over the Deep State in Singapore, disconnect Trump from his core base using false promises and, ultimately counter attack and derail the diplomatic progress with North Korea. Do you see it?

​Listen to Clapper before the summit, when he thought there would be a negotiation: [Video] Did you catch it [at around 1:10 minute]? Look: Imgur. This is Clapper “advising” the North Koreans and telling them to ask something Trump will never give them. I thought Clapper would have advised the President of the United States right? Well, no… But he also says something very interesting: Imgur. “…what this means is a diplomatic presence below the level of a full embassy, much as we did in Havana Cuba for decades. This would facilitate dialogue”. Why is he citing Cuba? This is a chief spy talking.

What do you think this really means? I will tell you. Watch this: video. You see it? Look: Link. I am telling you this is the Deep State using undisclosed weapons on our diplomatic personnel. Why in China? Because it is the main diplomatic platform in the region used by Trump to work with Kim Jong Un. It needed to be altered before the summit. So they tried what they could try. It did not work. Proof: link. You see this Air China plane? This is President Xi telling the world: “I am blessing whatever Trump is doing, I am even flying Kim Jong Un because I know the Deep State will do anything to try to assassinate him”.

​You want more? Sure, here: this is an interview Chris Cuomo interviewing Dennis Rodman, the day of the summit. Clapper is sitting next to Cuomo. I encourage you to watch the entirety of the interview. We will focus until 9:30: Video Did you catch it? 8:35 Cuomo touches his earpiece and at 8:42, he says something inaudible, as if he was acknowledging what he heard and then repeats the question: ”does Kim understand English?”. He insists at 9:00, a third time: “do you think he studied English?”. Why do you think Cuomo is insisting? Who is talking to him in his earpiece? At some other point he asks Rodman if he was contacted by the white House, then he asks him if he was going to have a role in this process. Do you see it? This is Mockingbird media shopping around, having no clue how Trump has pulled this off not using classic government channels they could hijack and trying to identify communication channels with Kim Jong Un. You will see in the interview, it seems Dennis was briefed; he plays it very well and says he’s not a politician. At the end of the interview, they realize they had nothing and will have to still shop around: video.



Would you believe Hussein tried to call Kim prior to the Summit? He did not have his updated phone number. (3) NK Generals [released] closed the pathway for bad actors. Q

This is Obama trying to call Kim. Did not work. The personnel has changed, numbers too, they are now free people and are not afraid of the Deep State anymore.


This happens: Q1474. Q says to reverse search this picture to understand: image. When you do, you hit a few articles like this one: Link. We learn: “Cyber-attacks sponsored by the Chinese government infiltrated U.S. Navy contractor’s computers, allowing digital thieves to access sensitive data related to secret Navy projects on a submarine anti-ship missile”. This would explain Q1474 right? Yes but with a twist: do you remember Vault 7? You do? Then you know these “Chinese hackers” are not sent by China. You know President Xi would not give a plane to Kim to fly to Singapore and give Trump this major diplomatic victory to stab him in the back with this nonsense. What you are seeing is the Deep State retaliating and, as usual, using confusion to cover their tracks. Nothing new under the sun.

Q1475 Event talk being attacked. Ref: VOL pic, POTUS Tweet(s), Missing letters…. You have more than you know. Some areas we cannot expand on. Critical thinking. Q

Post # 59 - OIG Report: Trump’s plan is a lethal steamroller… Learn why Comey won’t sleep well tonight.

​This is a quick update.

I will write more about this in the coming days. I just want to clear the air about the OIG report not finding political bias from James Comey and what it really means. Those who are not familiar with the case, at primary analysis, may be deceived by MSM and think this is some kind of victory for Comey. Well, no. It’s not. It’s actually a disaster!

I will explain.

​Look at these two tweets from Trump: Imgur. These tweets represent the two angles from which Trump can attack Comey: political and procedural. Is the political angle efficient? No. The most you can get from it is name calling. And this is what Comey knew. He tried to pull Trump to the political battlefield with his book, his tweets and insulting interviews. Trump knew better. He knew the political angle was a dead end. He would tweet from time to time because he is Trump but he knew trying to emphasize Comey’s political bias would not be fruitful. Why? Read this article from CNN, which did its homework back in October 2016 to assess possible damages in relation to the Hatch Act. The important part of the article is here: Imgur. As you can see, proving Comey’s political bias would only trigger disciplinary measures. Irrelevant since Comey was already fired!

​So? Let the IG give Comey something costless and that Comey does not need: political equidistance and let’s kill two birds with the same stone. Did you guess which other bird was taken care of here? If the report determines Comey was not politically driven when he exonerated Hillary, then it is also implicitly positioning that Trump was not politically driven when he fired him. Especially if Sessions “forced” Rosenstein to create the paper trail advising him to do so… Lethal…

​So? Trump needs to attack Comey through the procedural angle. And this is the primary function of the OIG report.

​Why is it relevant to attack Comey? Because of this: Imgur. Comey is among the 13 Angry who used a private email address. Q asks in this Q559: @what? What do you think? Comey used the same domain Hillary used, to conduct the same business she was conducting. Q has it all. I explained this in a previous post, I will repeat it: it’s right here:

Q701 Top 10 player [here now]. 50-22-218-5 Q (check edit*)

​Q is telling us he was physically in the place where this IP is located. After digging, we found out the following:

​50-22-218-5 is the IP for Softlayer Technologies.

  1. The server that hosted in 2009 had IP 209-62-20-200 and was associated to now known as SoftLayer and acquired by IBM a few years back. source.

Q was telling us as early as in Q701 that he had all the goods about the top 10 players who used this server to sell the US to the highest bidders. Q gave out this information in early February! All this time was used by IG Horowitz to polish a damning legal case he started building way back and that no one involved will escape from. It will be the END. It will be a disaster. And Comey knows it.

​Now you see it: if the Comey domino falls, you get to the private server, you get to Clinton, you get to Obama, you get to the core of the Deep State.

​For this to happen, you need to resurrect the Clinton server investigation. And this can only happen if you have clearly shown there were process irregularities in the past. Hence the super clean OIG report that has now dismissed political bias and is exclusively focusing on procedures and protocol.

​Icing on the cake:

​Q1497 POTUS in possession of (and reviewing): 1. Original IG unredacted report. 2. Modified IG unredacted report [RR version]. 3. Modified IG redacted report [RR version]. 4. IG summary notes re: obstruction(s) to obtain select info (classified). [#3 released tomorrow] [SEC: FBI/DOJ handling of HRC email investigation] [[RR]] Who has the sole ability to DECLAS it all?

Now that Rosenstein has redacted the report to cover his tracks, these tracks:

Q1470 When the info is released [RR] no more.

​Trump is now in position to declassify whatever he sees fit for the whole world to see. He is now in position to say: look what he redacted, look what he did and tried to hide from the world.

While Trump will be debating on when to declassify, Q opens this window for McCabe and all the others who would want to convert:

​Q1455 You have a choice. SIS 'good' agents. The time is now. Contact window(s) [GOOD] Biblical. Q



Post # 60 - OIG report: now that you know, are you ready to get involved? Well, this is it!

​Another update. I know many were confused yesterday and needed some clarification about Trump’s strategy regarding the OIG report. Now that you have read this post #59, know exactly where Trump is going and slept on it, you are ready for the next step. Are you ready to take part? Are you ready to work with Trump, contribute to making the plan a reality and force events? Are you ready to get involved? You are? Ok, then let me give you the hidden message in the Q1497-Q1498-Q1499 sequence: Imgur

We essentially extract from these 3 posts the following message:

​Let’s be united and loud, let’s fight for truth and demand the release of the original unredacted report. Since RR has a conflict of interest, he will have to step down and be replaced.

​More specifically, in Q1497, Q is telling you the version of the report that was released yesterday was the #3. That is the one that RR modified and redacted. #2 is the one RR modified but with no redaction. #1 is the original IG unredacted report. This is where the original details of the FISA warrant application and the FBI/DOJ handling of HRC email investigation are. Well, that’s what we want. We want to see this information. We want the original IG unredacted report. We want total transparency.

​What I am saying here, I see members of our movement like u/C_L_I_C_K or Neon Revolt already said it yesterday but I know many were demobilized and have not heard their very important message. Now that we are all on the same page on the strategy, and that the sequence Q1497-Q1498-Q1499 is decoded, we all need to join our brothers and sisters who are already on the battlefield. We need to be united and be heard with ONE LOUD VOICE: we want our government to release the original IG unredacted report. Period. No more. No less.

​While Nunes, Grassley and the Freedom Caucus will be doing their job in the House (Q1497), we will take over social media and all platforms to let our government know what we want.

​The mods have done a fantastic job pinning a link to this petition. Sign it! And have people you know sign it! Neon Revolt has given excellent advice on how to contact your representatives here. Follow his advice and call your Representative’s Office. In addition to this, with your permission, I am now asking the mods, on behalf of our Movement, to pin the hashtags we will be working with today and inform us and guide us on all relevant actions we all need to focus on to be heard efficiently. I am also requesting the help of all Q tubers: please relay this information to your viewers and ask them to get involved. Meme makers, you know what to do. All members of our Movement have to be active and contribute.

Guys, no rest until we get this original IG unredacted report. No rest!

Q1497 Be loud. Be heard. Fight for TRUTH. Q

Post # 61 - Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part1: The Counting for Peace Principle.

​Politics. Let’s take a small break and talk about it.

​We all do politics, talk about it, comment it, participate, but do not really know what it is. A good way to assess the knowledge we have of something is to try to explain it to a 5 year old kid on his way to the ice cream stand. You first need to grab his attention and before he gets to see the ice cream pictures, you should have finished your explanation. Cool challenge isn’t it? My goal with this post is to help you pass it.

​From Wikipedia, we learn the following: Politics (from Greek: πολιτικά, translit. Politiká, meaning "affairs of the cities") is the process of making decisions that apply to members of a group. It refers to achieving and exercising positions of governance—organized control over a human community, particularly a state. In modern nation states, people have formed political parties to represent their ideas. They agree to take the same position on many issues, and agree to support the same changes to law and the same leaders. An election is usually a competition between different parties.

​An interesting way to analyze human history is to look at it like a global consciousness system struggling to equilibrium. Once you put these glasses on, the model shows you this amazing secret: when humans realized that most wars were won by the most numerous group, they said: “hey, let’s be smart about this: what about sparing lives and count ourselves? The most numerous group will rule”. This way of thinking is the ancestor of Democracy. Let’s call it the Counting for Peace Principle. CPP. We have embraced it like a religion even though it comes with this fundamental question: the voice of the best, the most generous, nice and helpful guy in the neighborhood is counted as the same as the child rapist of the same neighborhood… Democracy believes the respective aspirations of this two individuals to contributing to society should be weighted the same through their vote. Amazing stuff right? I will let you ponder upon that. If at some point you hit how the Founding Fathers tried to secretly address this issue with the Electoral College, you are on the right track…

​We knew America was broken. We elected Trump to fix it. How does it work? Imagine we all live on a Land located at the base of a Mountain and the prosperity and security of the land depends on things that are happening on top of the mountain: from there, you can work on the climate, trigger rain for crops, control the flow of water and have a better view on the surroundings of the land. With this privileged position, attacks against the Land can be seen at their earliest stage and planning prosperity for the Land becomes easier. Since we cannot all get to the top of the mountain, we elect someone we trust to go take care of these things for us and rule. Then, we establish links between the ruler and us. One of them is the Media. Its primary function is to break down to us what the ruler is doing and also relay to him our aspirations, needs and concerns. For them to do their job correctly, we give them houses we pay for: a White House on the top of the Mountain and for the Media, we build houses by the road leading to the top of the Mountain. Now when our elected ruler gets there, in addition to what he already knew, he sees things he did not even know existed. He realizes there were already living creatures on the top of the mountain, deciding things and nobody knew they existed. From there, 2 possibilities:

Possibility 1: these creatures threaten his life, explain to him everything would be fine as long as he stays away from the affairs of the Land and enjoys his life golfing and reading teleprompters. This is the reason why politicians campaign with wonderful ideas and “forget” about them when they get elected. Putin says it better: video. Did you hear what he said about the men in black? Happy hunting! In some cases, the threats are not even necessary because the politician was a puppet from the get go. When he gets to the top of the mountain, he is handed a piece of paper with the list of his cabinet members just like Citigroup picked Obama’s cabinet members. You did not know? It’s in the Podesta Wikileaks emails: Article. And of course, we, the Q readers, know who activated Citigroup to set up Obama’s cabinet:

Q117 Why did Alwaleed finance BO pre-political days?

​And we also know the purpose:

Q117 What book was BO caught reading?

​Answer: The Post-American World, by Fareed Zakaria. Imgur. Referenced in Q295. In this scenario, the Ruler is just a puppet, a make-believe, and the Land is ruled by these creatures who use the Media to keep us in the dark and dumb us down while they engage in their nefarious and treasonous activities.

Possibility 2: the elected ruler gets to the top of the Mountain and says to these creatures: “hey guys, recess is over, I am going to Make America Great Again. By the way, where are the children and the 33,000 emails?”.

  • We’ll assassinate you, just like we did with Kennedy.
  • Oh yeah? Try. You could not even figure out my campaign security.
  • We’ll get you to resign, just like we did with Nixon.
  • Oh yeah? Look what happened to your plant Manafort…
  • We’ll impeach you.
  • You can’t, you need the People to be on board to avoid a civil war.
  • We will have them on board, we control Mockingbird Media.
  • I will create my own channels to communicate with them.
  • Don’t you get it? We control the Media.
  • Are you familiar with 8chan?
  • Yes, why?
  • You’ll see.

And here we are.

​You see it? As long as Trump is communicating with us and knows he can count on us, there are things they can’t do. The very existence of the board is our power.

Q761 This board has more power than you can imagine. Q

​You think we are an isolated phenomenon? A small group of awake people (or conspiracy theorists, as they say) having special conversations on reddit or 8chan? No, no, no. Think again. You remember they said Hillary had more than 99% chance of winning the presidency? It’s right here: link. How did it end? Even when Trump won, they tried to downplay the number of people at his inauguration. That’s what they do. They work on perception to achieve set goals. Because they know we often do not verify their claims or just accept to live with the perception of reality they bluntly or subliminally offer. A classic example is this one: what is your estimation of the LGBT population in America? What percentage? Just guess. Answer: not more than 4%! You don’t believe me? It’s right here: Gallup.

​My point is perception is a key element in politics. And this is why when the media is corrupt, the nation is sick. It is for this very reason Trump knew he had to find a way to reach out to us and I showed you in the imaginary conversation between Trump and the Deep State above why we are important to him and to the future of America.

​Did you catch where our CPP (Counting for Peace Principle) is hinted at in this imaginary conversation? Yes, here:

​-We’ll impeach you.

-You can’t, you need the People to be on board to avoid a civil war.

​This is key guys. They censor us, they manipulate polls, manipulate our petition numbers, manipulate our social media presence but guess what? They have the real numbers. At the end of the day, when the perception game is over and it comes to votes or forces on the ground, they know the final outcome. This is key. Read again.

​Now you understand why they have to attack the Second Amendment and why Trump will always protect it.

Q919 Guns are safe. Stop falling for FAKE NEWS. Q


​When Q says this:

Q542 Fight, Fight, Fight. DEMAND public disclosure. BE LOUD. BE HEARD.

​He is asking you to give Trump the leverage and forces he needs to keep fighting in a battlefield where the real numbers matter (CPP). He is asking you to show the real numbers to those fighting him on the top of the mountain. They will surely manipulate these numbers to attack us psychologically but when they see them in their raw state, they freak out and are more likely to surrender to Trump or quit fighting. You see it now? You now see why they need to infiltrate us and attack us? You now see why they constantly try to divide us? The more you see this, the more you should be convinced they are in a state of panic. They see the real numbers.

​Now that you know these things, we can address more complex issues. Ready?

Part2: Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part 2: the Rosenstein multivariable differential equation.

Post #62 - Q is teaching us how to play the game of politics. Part 2: the Rosenstein multivariable differential equation.

​Before reading this, make sure you caught part 1 here.

Do you know what a differential equation is? It’s a fancy term mathematicians use to basically describe the solving of a functional equation when the local behavior of the function is known. It becomes a multivariable one when this behavior is triggered by multiple independent parameters. For example, without you knowing, your brain processes very complex differential equations when, based on the behavior of your friend in particular issues, you deduce a general map of his or her personality: I invited her to the fanciest restaurant ever, right there by the gas station, she took the most expensive salad AND a dessert, she’s probably a gold digger. :)

​When the elected ruler gets to the top of the Mountain, for the sake of stability and Continuity of Government, he tries to work as much as possible with the components of the machinery he finds there. Many of the people in this machinery are good people and were forced to do things they did not want to do. Some of them did them to stay alive, some of them did them to stay in the loop, gather evidence, hoping one day they could help a new ruler to undo what was done. You therefore cannot directly “solve” their personalities based on their past known actions. This is what Q means here:

Q3 Why did POTUS meet Bob under the cover of FBI Dir interview? Bob is unable to serve as Dir per the law. Gowdy comments on Comey (history will ....) POTUS has everything. Not everyone is corrupt (fewer than you think).

Q10 Again, good people were forced into bed with this evil under personal and family threats.

Q14 What is Mueller's background? Military? Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering? How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead? Who is helping POTUS?

​You see it? Trump met with Mueller, but it was not about putting him in the FBI Director short list…Then, you have this:

Q551 Senate vote count [RR]? Senate vote count [Sessions]?


Why was RR chosen to be asst AG? Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC termination?

Why did RR use full weight of his office to attempt to block release of doc to Congress today?


News unlocks past.

D's cannot survive.



​The system is built in such a way that most of the time, the new ruler needs to work with the opposition party to get his nominations confirmed (here is another doozy). So? To confirm Sessions, the Dems “placed” Rosenstein, as proven by the Senate votes: Sessions: 52/47, Rosenstein: 94/6. Now, why did Sessions accept Rosenstein? Because he promised him he would snipe Comey. So Sessions figured: if I get Comey, I get to the private server because he used a private gmail that connected him to it. I’ll be then able to get to Hillary, Obama and climb my way up. This is why Sessions set up Huber and Horowitz on the chess board. When Sessions told Rosenstein he was ready to play ball, Rosenstein positioned Mueller: he has to be part of the package. Why did Rosenstein bring in Mueller? Because he wanted to exonerate himself from the Uranium scandal the private server will reveal. How do I know? Here:

Q3 Open your eyes. It finally came out that Rod/Bob were key players in the Uranium scandal.

Q643 Nation on alert. Firing RR = block Mueller. Firing RR = set up to firing Mueller. Firing RR = Red line.

Q1318 If RR is dirty, Mueller must also be dirty. If Mueller is dirty, RR must also be dirty. Common denominator. Why did Sessions pick RR? Everyone has an opinion. Few have the facts. Few know the plan.

​You see this “Nation on alert”? Rosenstein is the “glue” between Sessions and the Dems, keeping the Nation from exploding. When Trump got elected, all the people who were in fear united behind Rosenstein and gave him their voice to negotiate with Sessions on their behalf. With this voice, Rosenstein negotiated protections (himself, Mueller…) but also gave a list of fall guys (Comey, McCabe…). Look how CNN Cuomo shows his concern with insistence and spends 3 whole minutes inquiring about the safety of Rosenstein’s job on April 16 2018: video. Did you see how Cuomo asked the question several times about Rosenstein? Kelly Ann does not seem to be in the loop. She does not see Cuomo is asking if the deal with Sessions is still in effect. Or perhaps she was just deflecting from the real unsayable issues.

​This deal is the deal Sessions needs to preserve until he gets to the private server. This is why Sessions seems to defend Rosenstein. video.


​All we have done here is solve a one variable differential equation: we computed the Uranium Scandal and made deals with Rosenstein and those involved to be able to climb the food chain. But what happens if down the line, it is discovered that Rosenstein was involved in something bigger that he did not disclose when these deals were made? What if there is another variable? Haha!


When the info is released [RR] no more. When the info is released no more Russia investigation. It will factually conclude the corrupt nature by which the entire false narrative was created all to

1) prevent the election of POTUS

2) delay/shelter/mask/hide all illegal activities by Hussein/others during past 8 years.

DOJ/FBI cleanse vital as primary.

Huber coming.

These people HATE America.



[[RR]] approved/signed FISA-warrant application(s) to extend surveillance on POTUS/others.

What evidence to support? Snowball. [[RR]] @ WH.

​Do you see this “Huber coming” in Q1470? Priceless. It’s all about timing. Do you remember the post election protests against Trump? Link Do you remember the days Sally Yates was praised as if she was a hero? Link. Nothing would have been audible at that time. Trump skillfully shut down the protests with the appointment of a Special Council, gave Sessions the comfortable silence he needed to work in peace Q1275, and allowed the political perception to finish its cycle and be advantageous to him:

Q1516 JP / Huma NOV. Huber recent reveal by Sessions (Nov start). HRC panic / deal req DEC (think Huber).

​This was only possible with a plan, a deadly one, where timing, technical judiciary and political expertise worked together to allow the following sequence:

  1. Make a deal with Rosenstein on the Uranium Scandal to get to Comey who will be the door to the Clinton private server, participating through his personal Gmail account Q551;
  2. Make a deal with Mueller on the Uranium Scandal to get him to neutralize the plants, which will contribute to bring clarity to the FISA abuse (Manafort, Page…) Q1008;
  3. When the first version of the IG report is out, have people focus on Hillary, Comey and McCabe’s crimes and, in parallel, open a window for converts who Hubert may use to polish what he already has in preparation of a future November showdown Q1516 & Q1455;
  4. The Counting for Peace Principal: activate the political base for the release of the original version of the IG report Q1496;
  5. When Rosenstein has served his purpose, release the original version of the IG report to also neutralize him and expose the FISA abuse Q1470 & Q1498;
  6. Huber comes in. The end (Q1470).

Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur Imgur

So you wanted to mess with Trump? You wanted to mess with Sessions? This is what you get.

​Trump gave you a chance. Right here: video.

You blew it. Enjoy.

Q834 Dead cat bounce. Q

Post # 63. - The Q1528-Q1529-Q1530 riddle solved. Happy Father’s Day Hussein!

​I was not going to write today but I have received many messages about Q1529, where Q posts the link to an edited video where we are given the pleasure to hear Hussein speak his mind.

​Since the video is not “real”, many sent me messages asking me what I thought this was all about, which is fine. But what alerted me is many were starting to doubt the integrity of the board asking: did Q really post this? That was enough for me to take my pen again. Quick.

First, right after Q1529, this is what we have:

Q1530 Happy Father’s Day! Q

Do you read between the lines and sense the humor?

Do you see he is talking to Hussein?

It’s gift time folks: Bush Senior on his birthday with Singapore and Hussein on Father’s day.

Why do you think Q is trolling Hussein on Father’s day?

Happy hunting!

​Then we have this:

Q1531📁 Lead in was cover. Exit out was missing what? Q

​Q gives us the original speech and says the hint to solve this riddle was in the cover. What do we find in the beginning of the video? The title says: “Obama speech given at the Bilberberg Group”. We find Bilderberg is misspelled: the d is replaced by a b. A random d? What do you do in this case? I said it several times! You walk around the board and find the connection: you stumbled upon a key. Oh! What a coincidence, in Q251, Q says:

Q251 Learn to decider.

​A d?! Again?!

​Then in the same drop he says:

Q251 Focus on Hussein AIDS Video.

​A Hussein video? Whaaaaat?! Coincidence? What do we learn about that video? We see it was recorded on November 25th Q262 and released on November 29th. Time difference: 4 days. What is the fourth letter of the alphabet? Yes... Coincidence? No. This d=4 is the key for a Caesar Cipher as explained in my previous deciphering tutorial posts. Now it’s also time for you to re-read my post about Q1304:

Q1304 Emmy awards. Red carpet event? Q

​Here is the post # 41. You will see how the Emmy Awards platform is used to relay secret information for bad actors. I recommend you read that post and come back. You will realize everything these people say is coded and have double meanings. Just like the Comey tweet was coded and decoded by Q himself in Q645: Imgur

This is what Q is hinting at with this “Obama Bilderberg video”: it’s not real but it is.

The edited version of the speech is what Obama really meant to say and only the people in the know, those who are trained to read his speeches, have access to it. And of course, as a side note, Q is opening a door for the good investigators out there to try and determine what Hussein would be doing on Father’s Day…

​I summarized the solving of the riddle here, read the image clockwise: Imgur

Q1225 Learn our comms. Q

Post # 64- Q1545 Message not for Anons. D= 4 or Q’s deadly military quatrain. Q1529 riddle updated.

​In my previous post, decoding the Q1529-Q1530-Q1531 riddle, I introduced the concept D=4 which allowed us to determine how the “doctored” Hussein video Q provided was attached to secret communications. Today, using Q1545 which came later, we will go further.

​In the previous post, as the question was raised in the comment section regarding:

Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

​I added in the comment section the following Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76 that we can see referenced at the end of the “doctored” video: Imgur

Other anons such as u/MrWizard111 also saw the reference and commented about it. I gave my thoughts in the comment section about the quatrain and linked it to Trump’s EO that will be soon experienced in full force by Hussein’s cronies.

​I did not want to include this component of the decoding in the original post because at the time, I was not sure if this Nostradamus reference at the end of the clip was purposely included by Q or was just the result of a bleeding video. Nostradamus? You’ll agree it was a tough call right? But hey, it was Father’s Day and as you saw it and probably enjoyed it as much as I did, Q was in trolling mode:

Q1534 For a LARP we sure do get a lot of coverage. Q1537 Trolling is fun! Q

​But then, Q posted this:



Morning sun brings heat.

Full moon coming.

Undiscovered stars learned.

Missions forward.


​Did you catch it? It’s 4 lines! And this random D in the beginning? That’s Q confirming our D=4 decode. And to make sure this post will catch our attention and prevent us from sleeping, he responds to an anon’s attempt to decode his “quatrain”:

Q1545 Message not for Anons. Q

​Hahaha that’s enough for us to go crazy, quit everything and focus on this message right?!

​So? We now know this Nostradamus quatrain was indeed part of the riddle and we need to go back and include it in our analysis. For this to be beneficial for those who want to solve riddles on their own, instead of just presenting the solution, I will share with you in detail my thought process based on the clues Q has given.

​First, in Q1531, an anon sends this version of the video. In response, Q asks this:

​Q1531 Exit out was missing what? Q

​To know what is missing, we need to go to his version in Q1529 and identify the difference: Q’s version.

​We see Q’s version has this exit with the Nostradamus Century 10 Quatrain 76, the anon version does not. This is what is missing. But then Q says “exit out”. Isn’t “edit out” more appropriate in this case? Using double meaning, Q purposely changed a D to an X. He is confirming the D=4 but introduces an X. What is X in roman numerals? Yes, 10. what is a D=4 line poem? A quatrain. There you have your 10 and your Quatrain. When specified: Century 10 Quatrain 76. Cool isn’t it? :)

Now, check this out: Q is leading us to the Nostradamus quatrain but cuts it. It’s like he is saying: I am going to 4 but not quite. So? This is Q hinting at traveling between 3 and 4. Keep this somewhere in the back of your head.

​Now let’s watch the first d=4 minutes of the original white house video Q has provided in Q1531: video.

​The important part of the infamous message is at 3:26: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign.”. This is in the D=4th paragraph of his official speech. Coincidence? No. Location of the hidden message to be identified with the key D=4. Now let’s pull the official speech from the Obama White House Archive here: link. Verify the hidden message is in the D=4th paragraph, you have to remove the introductory part where he jokes around and realize the official speech starts at “Your Majesties…”.

​Did you catch it? Did you catch that at 3:30, yes 3:30, Hussein goes off script and changes “that order and progress” to “the order and progress”? Why? Because he knows the “Majesties” are listening, his Masters. He knows that this is the part of the speech where the hidden message is. This is where his allegiance to the king watching him high perched over there and to what he represents is coded in his speech. He knows it will be edited and circulated under the disguise of parody to confirm his allegiance in plain sight while we are being mocked for not seeing it. He changes “that” to ”the” so that when the edit is made, it will grammatically make sense. Imgur

Did you catch the work of the cameraman? He’s also in the know. When Hussein gets to the critical area of the speech, at 3:26, where he says “ordinary men and women are too small minded to govern their own affairs...” he points his camera to us, the peasants, who have no clue we are being insulted in real time. Then, he zooms in on Hussein in a way he has not done before, to emphasize the moment. The production team jealously kept this particular camera angle to use it for the first time at the glorious Allegiance Time. Imgur

So understand folks, this is what they do. All these events, political speeches, expensive productions are just them having fun, talking between themselves, laughing at us and mocking us.


They don’t fear you.

You are sheep to them.

You are feeders.

Godfather III.


Well, the good news is we are waking up and fear is relocating:

Q154 We, the people, are who they are afraid of. We, the people, are who they fear will one day awake.

Let’s go back to the riddle. You remember I told you to keep in mind the 3 going to 4, but not quite? After all I have said above, did you catch it? Did you see this 3:26? This is where the hidden message starts on the video. And it is located in the D=4th paragraph of the speech in Hussein’s teleprompter. Now why do you think the hidden message is at the 3:26 minute mark? How would one of their cult members know this is where Hussein will make his allegiance? How is it coded? This is where one of the most fundamental Q teachings comes to play: dates and time stamps.

​Q108 Analyze time stamps of my go message to BO's Tweet.

Q256 Dates: 25, 27, 28. Stringer, RED RED, ASIA. Analyze the connection.

​Let’s apply this teaching and check the date of the event. It’s March 26. March 26? March 26 = 3/26. Coincidence? No. Secret comms. That’s it. That’s the code we were looking for: 3 26.

Do you realize what I am saying here? I am saying the speech on the teleprompter was written in such a way, Hussein would hit the allegiance lines at exactly 3:26, the minute mark echoing the date of the event.

The time he used in the introduction to joke around was well determined by his staff and he knew at exactly what time he had to start reading his teleprompter. Imgur

You can say whatever you want about Hussein, but teleprompter wise, he surely knew how to deliver! This is probably the only reason why they picked him. Because other than that, this is what you get: video.

​So, let’s summarize: Hussein was invited by his NWO masters on 3/26 to receive his renewed allegiance. His staff wrote a speech and allocated him a specified time to joke around in the beginning of the event so that his allegiance lines would hit the 3:26 minute mark on the official video of the event. That’s the marker for his masters. In his rendition, Hussein changes “that” to “the” in the allegiance lines to show commitment and enable the production of a doctored video that will be grammatically correct. This doctored video is the promotional material of Hussein’s secret allegiance to the cult. It’s hidden in plain sight under the disguise of parody. The editing is done using as a lead in for cover, this line in paragraph 2: “and for the international order that we have worked for generations to build” and this line in paragraph 4: “ordinary men and women are too small-minded to govern their own affairs, the order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all-powerful sovereign”. After the doctored video was made, it was blasted all over the internet by the NWO agents and of course immediately fact checked and debunked by their own fact checkers: Imgur

Now that I have thoroughly walked you through this pretty challenging riddle, Q1543 and related Q1544 should be easier to decode.

Q1543 D Morning sun brings heat. Full moon coming. Undiscovered stars learned. Missions forward. Q

​What is the heat? In Q1547 Q asks heat on who? What is the main problem when there is too much heat? Dehydration. So? We are talking about the Manafort dynamics! Why? Because Q1508 plants need water.

​So you deduce from this that the sun is the Mueller dynamics.

​If the Muller dynamics is the sun, who is the moon? The Huber dynamics! The guy working in the shadow… Full moon coming: Huber coming Q1470. Who would have imagined Q would invent a new genre in literature: military poetry! :)

​We are witnessing today a situation where the Plan has crushed Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and Manafort. Clinton coming. Not counting the resignations in public and private sector all around the world. The Plan has shown its efficiency as explained in this post. So? Q is talking to those who have something to hide: did you see what is happening to these people? Learn. You are advised to come clean, cooperate and negotiate plea deals before it’s too late because “Missions forward”: the Plan is moving forward and it’s a steamroller. The Plan with its military poetry quatrain dynamics is 3D chess and the D5 move is about to be played. From New York. This is the message and yes, it was not for the anons but we are helping for the delivery. I summarized it here: Imgur and here is the trolling video for our warriors out there.

Q1401 link God Bless the United States of America. D5. Q

Post # 65 - Occam’s Razor: understand the context. Trump’s enemies are on political life support. Unplugging soon.

​Let’s talk about Occam’s Razor.

Q says this:

Q1547 Ability to share [open]. (Heat) on who? (Full) transparency _ DECLAS? (Undiscovered) facts emerge? Ability to move forward? Occam's Razor. Q

What is Occam’s Razor?

From Wikipedia; we learn the following: Occam's razor is the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions.

In simple terms, it basically means that when you have multiple possible explanations for a problem, the simplest one is more likely to be the correct one. Using this, many thought Q was inviting his readers to trivialize his entire board and find simple ways to solve his challenging riddles. Well, even though I believe the most elegant answer to a question is a simple answer, I don’t believe the process that gets you to the answer is always simple. This is the very essence of pure mathematics where thousands of pages are used to prove the answer to a one line question is a simple “yes” or a simple “no”. One classic example in Number Theory is the following very simple question derived from Fermat’s Conjecture:

For any integer value n greater or equal to 3, can we find 3 integers satisfying this equation:

an + bn = cn ? Yes? No? Or possibily and under which condition?

Simple question right? Well, it took more than 3 centuries, the largest number of unsuccessful proofs, the emergence of a new field in mathematics called algebraic number theory, the consideration of the very complex modularity theorem and the synergy of the brightest math minds on earth to answer this simple question. And the answer was no…

All mathematicians with a fair amount of intuition who dealt with this problem applied the Occam’s Razor principle: they tried a few times with given values of n, a, b, c and d and could not satisfy the equation so they thought: the answer must be no. That’s where the Occam’s Razor principle stops. Then, they had to prove the answer is really no. And that’s where the fun begins!

You now see what Q means when he says Occam’s Razor?

What is the context? He first posts this cryptic message: Imgur

Then, once anons start conjecturing about what it meant, he says this: Imgur

Then, when anon insisted, he said this: Imgur

Q is basically saying: since the message was not for anons, who do you think it was for? Apply the Occam’s Razor principle and the simple answer is: the message was for black hats.

Then, just like our mathematicians above, we proved the message was for black hats in this post.

Q1343 Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

Now that we clearly know what Q meant with Occam’s Razor, let’s apply it in the following example:

Q1575 Abandon ship! Hussein staff talking. link. What are we leading up to? Q

First, did you see the confirmation of what we said in this post about using the current version of the IG report to convert and put pressure on those who may bring solidifying information? Imgr

Second, Q asks “what are we leading up to?”. He is referring to this linked article where we learn Obama cyber chief confirms 'stand down' order against Russian cyberattacks in summer 2016. Occam’s Razor: the stand down order was given because the attacks were not Russian. Vault 7. You now see why Brennan has to go all the way against Trump, with no possible coming back: Imgur

Did you notice how Brenan randomly jumped in a twatter conversation which was supposed to be between Trump and Comey? Why do you think he felt he had to post this incendiary message? I will tell you.

You remember the post where Q decoded a tweet from Comey?: Imgur

Did you know the real implication of what Q revealed here? Here it is: Imgur

You see it? Now if these false flags were made possible because the FBI dropped the ball at some point because McCabe was threatened and blackmailed, what happens if he is fired and if Wray successfully cleans the house? Yes, you got it, they will have to use another network to plan false flags. Hence Brennan. His tweet is essentially a message to Comey: now that McCabe is gone, I got your back, I have my network, it’s all yours.

You want a confirmation? Sure. Look at the way Comey acknowledges the offer and asks Brennan to activate his network the next day the IG report is out: Imgur

You want more? If you want to distract from the IG report and want to plan false flags, you need money from your usual secret donors right? Well, this is how you ask for it: Imgur

Stretch? No, I am only applying Q’s template on how to read Comey’s tweets and… expand my thinking.

You want more? Let’s read Q1457. Imgur We know Rosenstein was in Canada on June 11. But for what? The post says: “you cannot hide what is already known”. Occam’s Razor: this means Rosenstein traveled to Canada, one of the 5 eye countries to alter some kind of evidence. Fisa related? Former Canadian company Uranium 1? Very likely. We all know how Rosenstein betrayed Comey and organized his defenestration. Do you think Comey would help Rosenstein achieve what he is trying to achieve in Canada if he could? Well, 2 days before Rosenstein lands in Montreal, look how Comey absolves him and calls for transcending personal feuds for the emergence of a greater good by activating his personal CIA and political network in Canada: Imgur

So there you have it. This is what they do. And if I could figure it out just by reading Q, just try to imagine what Q knows and has about them. From what I have gathered from Q’s board, the game is already over. These people are on political life support and they will soon realize that the only way to stop the pain is to unplug.

Q1573 PAIN. House of Cards.

Post # 66 - So you want to know what really happened with the JetBlue plane at JFK? I will tell you. Buckle up.

​We all heard about it, we all heard the official version link. Now let’s read Q to know the truth. It’s a little long but I needed to share the important background information supporting the reasoning.

​Those who are familiar with Q’s board and my writings know Q is going to lead us to the truth through a riddle we will have to solve. Why? Because he has to comply with National Security regulations:

Q1127 Our comms must be this way. Refer back - the ‘Why?’ NAT SEC laws.

​Going through the board, we can identify the components of the riddle we need to solve to figure out what happened in that JetBlue plane. Here is the riddle: Imgur

P1: Q is re-posting the JetBlue image he used in the [1308-1310] riddle. This riddle was solved in previous posts link1 link2 and found its epilogue in the riddle 1408-1414. In this last riddle, it was established that bad actors were using strategies to alter technologies in foreign countries (China in this case) to secure their comms. It was also established Q developed countermeasures that allowed him to circumvent these illegal manipulations. Very important: the riddle [1408-1414] was the “Messages sent” riddle because it ended in these terms: Q1414 Messages sent. END. Q. For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, we can gather the 2 past riddles and summarize our findings in this one image: Imgur If you have not read the past posts, take the time to well understand this summarizing image.

​P2: Q is re-posting the picture from Q1497 where he thanks the USSS for their protection service.

​P3: A picture of a plane taxiing for takeoff taken from a cockpit. We know it is taken from a cockpit

because of Q1599 frame of shot. The angle of the shot and the non-vertical piece of metal on the right part of the frame show the picture was not naturally taken from a passenger window which have vertical frames. Here, Q is signaling cockpit access. Confirmation: Q1599 Access to cockpit.

​P4: Picture of Shanghai, focusing on its port and industrial zone.

​P5: Same area in Shanghai zoomed out. We now see a residential area in the vicinity of the port/industrial zone.

​Then, we have accompanying posts 1588, 1599 and 1600 to guide us through.

​The first important information we gather is that what happened in the JetBlue plane was the result of an attempt from the Deep State, despite the messages sent to them in Q1414: Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made. Averted.

Then, immediately after saying this, Q inserts Rosenstein:

Q1589 Signal sent. Attempt still made. Averted. Do you believe it’s a coincidence extreme rhetoric is being pushed while at the same time [RR] is on the brink of collapse?

​Random? Has Q lost his rhetoric punctuation manners? No. Notice Q thanks the USSS in P2. But he also thanked them in Q1497 and Rosenstein was all over the place. Imgur

From this and Q1589 we now have proof the Rosenstein case is at the center of all this. The Deep State has made attempts in the past but the Rosenstein case has accelerated everything for them: they know if Rosenstein is fired, the house of cards collapses. They really need to pull off something. Quick. Something with maximum magnitude. Something like 9/11 or even more deadly and spectacular.

​You see it now? Q has purposely pulled the USSS in the middle of the Rosenstein conversation to let us know politics have moved to the terrorist/false flag battlefield.

​So we now know the motivation behind the JetBlue incident: a major false flag organized by the Deep State to deflect from the current political issues.

​Now let’ go back to the components of our riddle and focus on P1. I said above that the key information here is how bad actors alter communication technologies to stay under the radar and how it is made possible by less strict law enforcement processes in foreign countries. But Q1599 says to expand our thinking. If we do, we see the bigger picture of the national security problems we may get from the externalization of all manufactured productions. When we see things through these lenses, the P1 picture of the JetBlue plane flying away from the Apple HQ releases all its symbolic potential. This bigger picture leads to not only consider high tech but to also bring manufactured products into the equation. Just like Q is doing here, with steel:

Q855 What if the steel used for military-grade projects was made-inferior by our enemies as a method to weaken? What if Hussein knew and authorized?

Do you see where I am going with this? You do?

​Did you know vast numbers of counterfeit Chinese electronic parts are being used in US military equipment? video/article. Here is an other article. Read the entire article, it’s unbelievable. Imgur If counterfeit parts can make it through our military inspection process, do you see the tremendous operational and political consequences? Now you understand why Q is asking the following question:

Q1068 Coincidence? Statistically impossible? Pray. Day [1] Q

​And why his answer is this: * Q1069 You have more than you know. Steel. Tech. America for sale. Systematic weakening of the US. U1. Cash flow funnel. Inside job. Traitors. $ We are in control. Those awake can see. Q*

​This is one of the most disturbing revelations from Q’s board: people in the US Military are dying because politicians made the deliberate and treasonous choice to weaken US military equipment though covert alteration made possible by purposed externalization. Imgur

What is the direct consequence of these poor choices? Expand your thinking. What if the fake electronic parts could be remotely controlled? Then you would be in a situation where a US pilot could lose control of his aircraft. The person/organization controlling from a distance (a vault 7 deep state operative in China or anywhere in the world) would be controlling a giant drone with humans inside and that could be used like a… guided bomb! You now understand why a US submarine can randomly launch a missile and cause a major diplomatic incident or even a nuclear war… video. You now understand why our military aircrafts are randomly crashing while Trump is fighting the Deep State…

​Recap: selling fake parts has 2 purposes: money and security leverage. The private company selling the parts takes the money, the Deep State operative allowing the transaction takes the security leverage.

​At this point, you are probably asking: SB2, all this is good to know but you said you were going to tell us what happened in that JetBlue plane. Ok fair enough, I needed you to have these foundations first. Now that we know what’s going on in the Military, let’s take a look at commercial planes. Well, it’s even worse. Fake parts everywhere. Did you know that JetBlue was in the list of at least 17 (17?) commercial carriers which were unaware they were using unapproved parts until the parts failed?! Did you know that despite FAA Cease-And-Desist-Order, private companies continued to sell these fake parts?! It’s right here: May 17 2017 article. What does that tell you? These companies are protected. By powerful politicians. From the Deep State. So? Do you see the picture now? Yes… Don’t be shy… You got it… Just like NK was a nuclear facility used by the Deep State for leverage, the whole commercial airline fleet is an armada in the hands of the Deep State that can be activated at any given time. Unless something was done about it. Fortunately, something was done about it. Who? The USSS. How do I know? I will tell you.

​Now that we know all this, the smart question is: is Air Force One secured? Fake parts in Air Force One? Yes? No? What do you think? Well, buckle up. The answer is yes. We know there was in 1995. They hide it with the complicity of Mockingbird media but it’s right here: Imgur

As a Q reader, you know why it took them 16 years to start an investigation and why they picked NoName to conduct it. Air Force One has always been compromised. It was part of the Deep State leverage against a sitting POTUS. Air Force One was compromised, just like the White House was compromised when Trump got elected. You did not know? It’s right here:

Q30 Would you believe a device was placed somewhere in the WH that could actually cause harm to anyone in the room and would in essence be undetected? Fantasy right?

​This is the reason why they had to do the so called renovations. link.

​Now why is this relevant? And how is this connected to the JFK JetBlue plane? We are getting close now: when the President’s security is at stake, who is in charge? The USSS. Who does the USSS report to? DHS Secretary. Who was Trump’s first DHS Secretary? General Kelly. And there you have it.

Q14 Why is POTUS surrounded by highly respected generals? Who guards former Presidents? Why is that relevant?

Q14 Was Trump asked to run for President w/ assurances made to prevent tampering? How is POTUS always 5-steps ahead? Who is helping POTUS?

​General Kelly is in the network of trusted military people who asked Trump to run and who are helping him. Kelly first stopped at DHS to clean the Secret Service and prepare Kirstjen Nielsen (someone he trusts) for his future replacement. When this job was done, he could then move up to the White House Chief of Staff position and start his silent war against Rosenstein (don’t worry I will write about it). Kelly’s stop at DHS allowed the USSS to really work on Air Force One and secure it just like they did with the “White House Renovation”. General Kelly was sworn in as WH Chief of Staff on July 31 2017, the “renovation” started 4 days later on August 4 2017. Coincidence? No. General Kelly was just continuing the work he started with the USSS when he was at DHS. For Air Force One, it is safe to say the USSS has created countermeasures to protect the Aircraft, inspect the integrity of all its parts and subsequently detect any possibility of an electronic hijack before it occurs.

​Now it is time to take a closer look at the USSS picture Q provided where he is thanking them: image. As you can see, the aircraft is not Air Force One, it is in fact a United Airlines aircraft. What is Q saying here? Why is he thanking the USSS while showing a commercial aircraft? He is saying the countermeasures the USSS developed to secure Air Force One have been implemented on all commercial flights operating in the US!!

​Wow. Now if you are the Deep State and do not have this information, you would try to electronically hijack an aircraft right? Well, that is exactly what happened with the JFK JetBlue plane and that is why Q thanked them again when the incident happened.

​Now you are equipped to solve the riddle in its entirety.

​Here is the solution, read carefully: Imgur

Despite Q’s Messages sent in Q1414, where Q is informing black hats that he has taken countermeasures against their attempt to secure their comms, the Deep State tried its luck hoping it could activate its bomb network of commercial jets to deflect from the Rosenstein issue. Unfortunately for them, the USSS quietly did its job and new protocols they were not aware of helped preempt their attempt. The Deep State is now learning about Q’s comms. The hard way.

​So what is next? Now that Q has shown he has complete control of the commercial aircraft network, what do you think the Deep State will try? Q told us, right here:

Q1600 Chatter. Trains. Buses. Be vigilant. Q

Q1470 These people HATE America. Q

Post # 67 - Q1675: a reflection, a mug holder in Air Force One and a Happy Independence Day. Can you solve?

Today, we are solving the Q1675 picture riddle.

​In response to an Anon cheering about Trump saving the world, Q posts this: Imgur1

Then, in Q1677, he asks: Where must one be located in order to obtain a reflection on the back of a phone of that image?

​Since a reflected image inverts what is framed, to see from the perspective of the photographer, we must mirror the image. If we do so and notice there is a part of the jacket on the chair appearing, we deduce the photographer must be sitting on the President’s chair. Q is even softening the riddle giving this reality away with a picture of Trump sitting on his chair: Imgur2

Then, the attacks began. Taking as references pictures from an ABC article/documentary produced by ABC on May 06 2015 Link Imgur3, some people started claiming Q’s pictures were not authentic, that they were photo-shopped and re-started their favorite chant: Q is a LARP.

​Well, sorry. As I have showed it several times in the past, you were wrong then and you are also wrong today. Folks, do you realize what is going on here? Q now realizes his base is so strong in numbers, knowledge and trust that he can afford to troll his opposition with challenging riddles that make people attack him after primary analysis. The yogurt theory… link.

Before chanting, have you read what Q said in Q1678?

Q1678 Trolling is fun. Hussein/Trump interior = identical minus small changes. (World) news in rear literally placed same prior to each departure. Placing that mug holder near the lamp was the hook. Enjoy! Q

​Q is saying presidential protocol requires that the location of each given item is exactly the same prior to each departure minus small changes. Which makes sense right? For security reasons, we cannot imagine a random item entering the President’s office: the list of items needs to be written in stone.

Then, Q limits the scope of these “small changes” by saying: “(World) news in rear literally placed same prior to each departure.” We deduce from this precision that once the list of items and their respective location are validated with a new POTUS by Protocol, nothing is then allowed to change. If you understand this, then you understand why he posts this picture in Q1677: Imgur4 So? By purposely placing the mug holder in the picture, Q is making a point, he is giving a hint to help us solve the riddle and he confirms it by saying:


Placing that mug holder near the lamp was the hook. Enjoy! Q

​And on his way out, Q trolls the haters, the shills, the black hats, the still hesitant and all those who still have no clue why we are here: Q1678 Trolling is fun. Priceless.

​We saw it in the Hussein’s father’s day post: when Q is in trolling mode, chances are he’s celebrating something. Other than Independence Day the next day, what is Q celebrating here with a picture of the Apple logo reflecting on Air Force One’s wall? Who is he trolling? The post was made on July 3rd 2018. What happened on July 3rd 2017? This: article. The Nasdaq experienced a “glitch” affecting more than 10 companies and the Apple share, along with Google, Amazon Microsoft and other major tech companies “crashed”, or “soared” and took a wild ride before all mysteriously freezing at 123.47!

​When odd things like this happen Link, Q hints you need to investigate and expand your thinking:

Q666 Stock market DIVE [666 - coincidence?].


​So what do you think the market controllers were saying when they artificially locked major tech companies share value at 123.47? By the way, yes the Stock Market is all rigged. It’s a rigged casino where those who wrote the algorithms always win. I’ll write about it one day. In the meantime, research Greenspan. So what is the secret message? What is 123.47? And why did North Korea launch a test of its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) a few hours after the 123.47 glitch occurred? Link.

Do you remember my post about the Emmy Awards where I introduced the periodic table of elements? Link.

This is the type of thinking required to answer the question.

If you remember your basic high school physics course, you know each musical note has a frequency attached to it. From this, we get the table of note frequencies: link and can identify the note corresponding to 123.47. Imgur5

So those who manipulated the share values of the most prominent tech companies in the Nasdaq were sending this message: B2. Now what is B2? Well, let’s not forget the context of the riddle: Air Force One, reflections and the Deep state in testing its ICBM in North Korea. So? Watch this: video. Did you catch it?

At 1:25, we learn how SB2, not me, the Stealth B2 military aircraft, avoids radar detection because it was designed to reflect the radio waves away from the source emitting them. You now understand why Q bothered to include in the riddle a reflection of the Apple logo and did not just make his life easier with a plain picture: he was giving us the clue consisting in connecting aircraft, security, technology and reflection.

Q1677 Do 'reflections' violate NAT SEC rules? Where must one be located in order to obtain a reflection on the back of a phone of that image? Phew! I know right? He warned us:

Q1678 Enjoy! Q

​Now let’s go even deeper. The day before the Stock Market controllers manipulated the Nasdaq to send their B2 message, Trump tweeted this: Imgur6. “Stock market at all time high?”

The Cabal needed to remind Trump that his success was allowed by them.

This is why they sent him the B2 message the next day. We all know how nuclear tech got to North Korea, we all know what happened with the submarine that launched a missile. If the Deep State has nuclear weapons and submarines to play with, wouldn’t it be fair to admit they can activate a B2, the stealthiest bomber in the world? Imagine for a second what the Deep State could do if they could activate a loaded B2… We can now translate the July 3rd 123.47 message sent to Trump by the Cabal:

We control the stock market, we control the tech companies and the military-industrial complex, if we wanted to eliminate you, you could not escape even if you had to hide in Air Force One like Bush did on 9/11: we have the technology and the financial means to achieve military superiority and defeat you. If you doubt it, for a start, look at our ICBM test in North Korea today. A year later, Q trolls them with a mug holder.

Q1678 Placing that mug holder near the lamp was the hook. Enjoy! Q

​You want to know why the mug holder is crucially relevant here? Watch this: Video Did you catch it? Did you see how Prince Al Waleed obviously displayed the mug in front of him and how the Al Jazeera voice over pointed it out and zoomed on it? Despite claiming everything was ok, our poor detained prince was taking this first opportunity he had for months to send the following message to his friends with the heavy-handed complicity of Mockingbird media: I’m being mugged. Imgur7

Which Q coldly confirms here: Imgur8

You want the icing on the cake? Let’s get it from Trump himself: Imgur9 This is to be added to the now long list of the Trump Fulfilled Prophecies and mentioned in history books. Yes, one day historians will see through and make the connection between the release of Prince Al Waleed on January 27 2018 and the State of the Union Address that occurred 3 days later. Q posted the next day:

Q659 Effective yesterday, while standing under the statue of FREEDOM, POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened and enslaved. Those who stood chanting “USA” were FREED. The shot heard around the world.

​The passionate fight you are currently witnessing in Congress and the Senate, where courageous patriots like Nunes, Gowdy, Jordan, Gaetz, Grassley and others are relentlessly pounding the Deep State, is a proof the Independence we lost somewhere on a dark road has been renewed and is now brightly shining for the world to see.

​Q1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence. Q


Post # 68 - Trump has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink in.

Q1675. Controversial post.

I gave you in my previous post the solution to the riddle.

I have seen many other attempts which I respect because I have found some of the ideas to be very interesting and clever but I must defend the truth: I have not seen any other solution addressing all the following issues at the same time in one condensed, meaningful and backed with known open source facts (not conjectures) explanation:

​Why Air Force One, why a reflection, why Apple, why Saudi Arabia (Q1681), why the truth is behind you, why Independence Day, why a mug holder.

​The solution I presented addressed all these issues at once.

And today, for the purpose of sharing how the reasoning is hierarchized, I will address the “Twitter phone” component: it is a piece of the puzzle elegantly joining the others because Prince Al Waleed is a major Tweeter shareholder. Do you see it? Just the information Tweeter+Apple could have been triangulated and lead to Prince Al Waleed and resolve Saudi Arabia in Q1681 but it would have been a weaker link than getting to him through the mug. Why? Because the probability of one being a shareholder in Apple and Tweeter (including just one dollar) is higher than a triple random emphasis on “mug”: Q, Prince Al Waleed and Al Jazeera. Using the couple Tweeter phone - Apple logo was a hint to activate our intuition but not to use it in the reasoning because the mug clue would have then lost its relevance.

Look how Q subtly dismisses the Tweeter phone in the reasoning:


Who would have thought the 'Twitter' phone could be so useful.

This is pure delectation for the mind…

​The mug route was therefore the route Q preferred, otherwise, he would have limited the riddle to the triangulation of Apple and Tweeter to get to the Prince. Which he did not. The reason is the mug brings the idea of the detention, makes the riddle self sufficient and does not require us to conjecture that Q wanted us to include it in our reasoning. This detention component is crucial because if it is removed, we don’t get to the DC politicians being freed and therefore don’t get to Q1681 Today, as Patriots, we celebrate our Independence.

​I would like to also give some help to those who struggle with me taking the musical note direction to understand 123.47. I said it in the comment section but will also share it here: using musical frequencies for ciphered messages is actually an old, robust, tested and common practice. It is still used today and the subject of current advanced academic and industrial research. Here are some links for those who would like to go further: link1 link2 link3 link4 link5 link6.

Q1226 Learn our comms. Q

​I am walking you through all these details so you know the thought process Q is expecting from us and how I discipline and constrain myself when solving his riddles. These are the tools through which you assess the quality of a solution. You first need to verify all the claims are backed with verifiable information, then you need to verify all the clues are used in a flawless manner to render the hidden message.

​I have summarized the solution of the riddle in the following picture, read it clockwise: Imgur1

​Now, I would like to show you something else. It’s fascinating.

​Notice I have posted my solution of the riddle on Thursday July 5th at 15:18 Eastern. At 18:00 Eastern, Trump hosted the MAGA rally at the Four Seasons Arena in Great Falls Montana. link

Reporting about the rally, Mockingbird media mocks Trump and claims that in the middle of his speech, he suddenly went “nonsensical” talking about musical instruments, Elton John etc…:


Let’s listen: Link

Here is the transcript of what Trump said: Imgur3

Then, the next day, this happens and makes all the headlines: Imgur4


Do you see it?

Do you realize what just happened?

​I will show you.

When you activate the option “show images”, here is a screenshot of my previous post, with the solution of the riddle: Imgur5

Now let’s put Trump’s “nonsensical” speech next to the screenshot and analyze.

This is what we get: Imgur6

What do you think?

Mockingbird media is actually right, this part of Trump’s speech is “nonsensical” but only for those who are not part of the conversation. Do you see he is talking to us?! Trump is having a Covefefe moment and is talking to us live on national TV!

You tell me, what are the odds a few hours after a post by a guy named SerialBrain2 talking about Trump, musical notes (B2), pictures of a keyboard and guitar scale, Trump randomly picks each of these items in the same minute and, at the end, repeats “brain”… serially?


If you think it is, then what is your explanation? How can it make sense?

​You know, when I saw this. I said to myself: I can’t write about this. I’ll just keep it to myself, just like I kept to myself some other things… Then, I remembered this:


How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


​It dawned on me there would be actually a day when things will be disclosed clearly.


The stage has to be set.


Q linked to our sub: it meant he was reading us.

He may be in the comment section sometimes, who knows? We were all happy and surprised. What if that was just a first step? If we are to get to Q920, other things need to be happening in between and we should not be surprised Trump talks to us, directly like he did at that rally.

​When I got here, I said to myself: ok let’s give it 24 hours, if Q does not react, I will post about all this.

​Then, the next day, Trump doubled down! With the Elton John CD he asked Pompeo to give to Kim Jong Un! He was bringing North Korea to the musical note equation, just like I linked the North Korean ICBM test that occurred the day of the B2 glitch. It was like he was saying to us: hey guys I spoke about the musical notes, the guitar, the organ and the brain at the rally, now I give you North Korea.


​Now, you know I always have the icing for the cake.

Do you want it?

Here: why do you think Trump said organ instead of piano?

When you look at the picture in my post, even though they are both keyboards and are similar, the first instrument that naturally comes to mind when you see a keyboard would be piano and not organ right? Well, here is the reason: according to this The Guardian article, the most iconic and greatest of all organs is the Hammond. And guess what: they have a model called the B2! link.


We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason.

We believe in you.


Post # 69 - Q1432 “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud”.

​Let’s talk

Message to my dear readers:

A group of people has approached the mods to request they stop sticky my posts because they essentially share the following thought about them:

“the information is bad and he presents it as fact. When it is presented as fact, and stickied by trusted moderators, normies take it for fact. It is damaging to the movement”.

​In response to that, I asked the mods to NOT sticky my posts because I do not want to be a cause of extra work. I would however like to thank them because they have been nothing but gracious to me.

They should not be unjustly caught in the middle of something they are not part of. I wanted to share this information with you so that you develop ways to find my posts other than looking at the stickied section.

​If people who claim to be members of our movement are attacking Q himself, those who have sincere motivations, believe in Q and defend him in all situations, will also be attacked. It’s logical.

So get ready and stay the course.


Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace.

​- SB2, why are you smiling? You seem to be very happy.

- I am… This is a great day. Q succeeded.

- What do you mean?

- It’s done. The growth of the movement he created is now irreversible.

People have picked up. They want to learn. They now understand what this is all about.

- Are you saying people on this sub and 8chan did not understand?

- No, we did understand. But we are the precursors.

The success of a movement is not about a small group of people being in the know. That would be like supplanting a ruling group with another one and still keeping the majority of the people in the dark. This is exactly what we are fighting. We are the precursors and our work was to understand Q’s message at its very early stage, break it down to make it digestible and prepare the arrival of our other brothers and sisters.

- But what do you make of people within the movement claiming Q is a LARP? Or complaining about his riddles? Or things not happening? All this noise around Q and also lately around you?

- This noise is good, it’s healthy. Yogurt. There are 2 groups making noise: a sincere one and another one with an agenda. Those who are sincere want answers and more guidance when they don’t understand a situation. Yes, Trump and Q have a plan but the enemy is not just going to sit there and calmly wait to be crucified.


You know what we have.

Your move.


This group is easy to manage because their motivations are sincere, once they receive a satisfactory answer to their questions, they get back to work and continue contributing with their talents.

- Is this the reason you make “emergency” posts like these: post1 post2 post3?

- Yes

- How about the other group?

- This group has 2 sub groups: subgroup SG1 is those who have infiltrated the movement with the secret mission of dividing it and ultimately destroying it. Subgroup SG2 is those who have been defeated by their ego in needing crowd, traffic and praise. They become vocal when they see they cannot get any of these anymore or in the future. They then target those who they think are the cause of their frustration. When they can target Q, they do and if they can’t, because their existence depends on his posts, they target people like me or u/C_L_I_C_K.

Learn to identify when the enemy is in SG1 or in SG2.

- But some people are claiming you are a problem and that there is some idol worshiping going on around you.

​- Yes I heard that. You know, I just post and everybody can post. Then, people make up their mind. Nobody can force people to like a post or a poster and chose the way he wants to manifest it. I think most people who are in the sub are intelligent people: they have succeeded in passing the first test of Mockingbird media. If they are here, it means they are aware, they are intelligent and want to know the truth. This should be acknowledged and respected. Reducing the issue to idol worshiping is insulting and even presumptuous. Why would someone break away from multi billion dollar MSM, come here and fall for the first post he reads from an anonymous poster? It’s not logical. Those who think the contrary and condescendingly call these newcomers “normies” and claim they have to be protected in some way do not realize many among them are probably way more intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable. About the idol worshiping idea, I will give you an example: who do you think has displayed the most powerful sign of approbation regarding one of my particular posts?

- I think Q, when he linked to your post in Q1340.

[Archiver's note: Link in Q 1340 banned here is the revised correct Link.]

- Right, doing that is more powerful than coming in the comment section and saying kind words of support and approbation right?

- Yes.

- Is Q idolizing me?

- No

- There you have it.

- Ok, but deep in your heart, I am sure you enjoy all this attention, crowd and excitement around you.

- Who would not? Of course I enjoy people expressing their support, their excitement and their desire to know more. Who would not? I am a human being, I Love. I love people, I respect people, I like to interact with people, I want to be pleasant to them and I want to enjoy their company. I want to have a good time with people. Of course I enjoy it. I enjoy it because the Lord decided, in His Wisdom, that I should receive it but I did not and do not seek for it. In fact, it seems those who look for it never get it and if they do, it harms them.

- What is your proof? How do you back this up?

- I have many proofs. Do you remember the Corsi / Infowars situation? I was quietly walking in my lane writing my posts. My audience grew very rapidly and readers were regularly questioning me about Corsi’s strange decodes. I never mentioned him even though I knew his information was a problem. I only dealt with the Infowars/Corsi issue when I saw the signal from Q. Beyond the obvious meaning in his post “be careful who you follow”, there was a signal in one of his posts, encrypted, ordering to get him out. Quick. Those who know what I am talking about know what I am talking about. Those who doubt it can ask Q in his Q&A: hey Q, is SB2 right about this? If he says no, I will delete my reddit account the same day.

- Wow, where is this hidden message?

- :) Happy hunting!

- Ok back to Infowars/Corsi. Please tell me more about it.

- When I posted my first attack, I lost hundreds of subscribers in minutes and received all kinds of insulting messages. Of course, I did not care. I came up with a second post and it helped people who already knew there was a problem but could not put their finger on it. Then, Q linked to the first post and it was over.

- So you lost hundreds of subscribers with this Infowars situation?

- No, and this is the beauty of the Truth: when you defend it without any particular agenda, it fights for you. When Q linked to my post in Q, which I never imagined it could happen, I gained thousands of subscribers coming from everywhere.

- Some people are saying that this post Q linked is not validation, that there was no nod to you after that and that your writings should not be read like you were the Messiah.

- They are right about the Messiah. Nobody should just agree because it’s signed SB2 and, once again, nobody does. People read, make up their mind and comment. Freely. This is the reason why I am very disciplined in my writings and back everything I say with verifiable facts and a clear line of reasoning. I think this is what people acknowledge. It certainly gives a sense of unanimity but it’s not given by my readers for free. It’s only the power of objectivity and an invitation to logic that no one who is solely driven by intellectual motives can turn down.

Q1343 Truth is Freedom. Truth is logic. Stay the course. Q

- How about Q not nodding at you since that link?

- Those who say that have not paid attention enough and I was certainly not the one who was going to say hey look Q spoke to me here, or Trump spoke to me there. This is not the type of person I am. I only disclosed the Trump message at the Great Falls rally because I knew he wanted it out.

- How did you know?

- When he doubled down the next day with this Elton John CD, I knew it was a second signal. This was his way to put an end to the Q1675 controversy and validate Q at the same time. This message was important for our movement at that particular time, this is why I relayed it with the non calculated risk of being accused of self-promoting. I waited 24 hours, hoping Q or someone would pick it up, then I took my responsibilities. You see, the latest news is the CD was never delivered. But it made all the headlines.

This is a stellar proof it was never about delivering a CD but about us hearing him talk about North Korea and music. Brilliant.

- Are you saying we are this important to him? I mean he is the President! Do you really think Trump himself would care about what is happening in our movement?

- Yes. More than we would ever know.

Q507 We chose this BOARD for a very specific reason. We believe in you. Q

Think about it: covfefe was for us and he took the risk to be labeled as a lunatic. All these tweet “errors” are for us. They are coded messages I relentlessly and patiently tried to teach how to decode.

So you thought the President of the United States cannot afford a Harvard assistant whose only job would be to clean his tweets? Come on.

Don’t you realize he knew MSM was going to say his Great Falls organ/guitar speech was nonsensical?

Trump accepts to be bullied and negatively labeled and does not care as long as he knows we are getting his messages. This is a level of humility and commitment that will only be understood and commented by historians in 2 or 3 centuries… It inspires me a lot when I am attacked.

- You were saying those who were claiming there was no interaction after Q’s link did not pay enough attention?

- Yes, now that the Great Falls message is out, I am comfortable giving you an example. I will give you one Q example, there are others throughout the board. There are 3 Trump examples. Happy hunting!

This disclosure will be proof I saw these subtle messages and decided to keep them to myself and not share them with the movement. I knew this decision could have been interpreted by Trump and Q as my inability to see them but hey, I was willing to lose those points and remain under the radar for some time.

Now that I am seen by the radar, no stickied posts anymore! :D

So here, in this image, you will see how Q responds to one of my posts and acknowledges it a few hours later: Imgur

- People claim your solution to the Q1675 riddle is too convoluted and that you may have pushed it too far. What is your response to that?

- Too far? What do you think “Q1678 Enjoy! Q” means on Q’s tongue?

He’s telling you: this is my Independence Day gift; it’s going to be hard, are you up to the task?

You see, these are the subtle things about Q: if you don’t know them, you don’t know them. In that case, you are reading 10% of what he is saying.

- But wouldn’t it scare newbies away to see Q’s comms are this hard to understand?

- No they are not hard to understand. The board is straightforward. You can try to find the links between the posts without having to solve hard riddles. But sometimes, he gives brain teasers for those who figured out the first layers of understanding. I must admit, it is a clever way to keep us reading him and never get bored. These brain teasers allow him to circumvent national security regulations and achieve plausible deniability: he shows you a mug, you get to Al Waleed.

He’ll say: I just showed him a mug.

- But all this requires a lot of time.

- Actually no. I will tell you: before Q, I had to read a lot of MSM material, sort it out and analyze it to extract a truth that was logical but that I could not ever verify because of the lack of intel.

Since Q, it’s the other way around: I know the truth from his board and I entertain myself watching MSM trying to twist it or confirm it, depending on their agenda.

This methodology is far more superior to the one I was using before.

- What do you say to those who are in the movement and think some of the things discussed in the board are way over their head?

- This is an important question. Our movement is not about being more intelligent than the other or more educated. We all have something to bring to the table. We are gifted with imperfections so that we may need each other. It is this high awareness of needing the other that “glues” people. For example, logic is just a language to express the truth. It’s not the only one.

The truth has many other ways to be expressed.

Are you married?

- Yes

- How would you logically express your love to your wife?

- I have No idea.

- There you have it. We all have the truth in us and were gifted with different languages to express it. Those who use logic should know they only have one piece of the puzzle. The other pieces are hidden in others in ways only the Lord knows. It should be our duty to explore the roads leading to these gems. When you know this, in a deep way, you realize the only thing that matters is Love. And this is the ultimate message.

This is the real message.

This is why I consider Q to be a Friend I will probably never meet but I will also never betray:

Q1432 "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails." – 1 Cor 13:4-13

- Thank you SB2, did you enjoy this interview?

- I did. I knew I would probably never be interviewed in my whole anonymous life, so I figured: let me make my own.

Post # 70 - I told you Trump was talking to us. Some of you had doubts. Well, he just doubled down a second time!

​This is too big.

I am also doubling down.

I don’t care about those who oppose me, those who insult me and those who threaten me.

Crucify me if you want, I’ll provide the wood and suggest suitable locations. I will then call those whom I Love and who Love me, and Divine Wisdom made them to be many, then I will ask them to attend and chant: "We Fear Not, We are Next, you can’t kill the Truth. WWG1WGA!".

​Nobody will stop me from sharing the truth. This is not about me. This is about us. Us as a Movement, us as a Family, us as a Group of Loving Humans who believe America, the World and our children can be saved from evil under the leadership of Donald Trump.

​I have said and I am saying President Donald Trump is talking to our Movement. And I have given the proofs confirming this reality. I have essentially said that Trump acknowledged my post solving Q1675 and used it as a conduit not only to validate Q but also to directly deliver his messages to us. I am not asking to be followed, I am not self-promoting, I have no particular agenda. I am not asking for anything. I am just delivering a message: Trump is directly talking to us.

​This reality is too important for our Movement to be swept under the rug in order to satisfy egotistical motivations of a few people. It needs to be well understood by everyone and shared everywhere.

​I understand the frustration of those who have a self-centered agenda and those who worry about their online traffic and their sales but why do they consider me to be a threat to them? I am just an anonymous reddit poster. People come, read my posts and go. No website, no patreon, no merchandising, nothing like that. I have made a public announcement stating I consider my material to be the property of our Movement, for anyone to use freely on all platforms. I am a free bird singing wherever my pen takes me in the Elevated Gardens of Truth. What do they fear? If they are offering the truth to their audience, then they know their revenues will be blessed. Why? Because the truth always wins and will therefore bring more people to them. Simple and yet powerful biblical economics:

​After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before. Job 42:10 So? Those who are defeated by their ego and sell falsehood through incomplete and deceitful intellectual constructs are the only ones who worry about my message… Under the disguise of erudition and commitment to our cause, they are to Q what the money changers were to Christ. In these regards, they are harder to spot than those we took care of in May, the reason being they are inside the Temple but never came to pray... Learn how to recognize them, they are not far away, they have one foot in and one foot out just in case the horrendous hypothesis “Q is a LARP” was to be verified. They are intellectual nomads who would turn on Q depending on the weather and water location…

​So that’s that. Now let’s get to Trump’s message:

​July 5th 2018, 3:18PM: I post an article with my solution to the riddle Q1675. Using the July 3rd 2017 date, a glitch at Nasdaq leads me to the musical note B2. Explained in the post and summarized in this image: Imgur1. North Korea is cited in the article and a picture of a keyboard (piano or organ) and a scale similar to a guitar neck is posted. Imgur2

July 5th 2018 6PM : Trump validates my article and drops 4 keywords: musical, organ, guitar, brain. In his Great Falls Montana speech, in a “nonsensical” sentence trail, Trump uses the words musical, organ, guitar and repeats brain… serially. Imgur3

July 6th 2018: Trump doubles down and drops a 5th keyword: North Korea. The news report Trump has instructed Pompeo to deliver an Elton John CD to Kim Jong Un. Later, we learn the CD was in fact never delivered even though it made all the headlines. This very fact is stellar proof it was never about a CD to be delivered but about sending us a message and bringing the word North Korea into the equation. Imgur4

July 7th 2018: I post an article to draw people’s attention to these 5 keywords and make a reference to the Hammond B2. The reference to the organ Hammond B2 is in the last paragraph of the post # 68: Trump has just validated Q at the Great Falls rally and gave us the solution to Q1675! Let that sink in.

July 10th 2018: Trump doubles down a second time and pardons Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond. Trump pardons Dwight Hammond and Steve Hammond and links to my Hammond B2 reference made during the week end. link.

​At this point, those who still think all this is a coincidence really need to buy lottery tickets and become millionaires…

​I found an excellent contribution in the comment section of the post, it comes from someone with a username related to… music. u/gregthebassist says the following:

​“yes at a certain point it becomes that joke about how the person prays for Rescue and turns down the helicopter and the rowboat. Got my popcorn. Waking up friends and associated. Jumping on to the escalator. God bless the planet.”

​Priceless! I love our Movement!

So many smart people!


You are learning.

How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?

Wait until you learn who has been talking to you here.


​Trump’s message is extremely powerful. This is what we can gather from it for our Movement: he is essentially letting us know that he validates Q, he knows about our work, he is reading us, he is willing to be negatively labeled just to reach out to us and that Q1675 was yes indeed about the musical note B2.

​But it goes further.

The very interesting question to ask is what triggered what?

Is it because Hammond was mentioned in my post that he pardoned the Hammonds or did he decide to pardon the Hammonds before my post and only made it public when he saw we understood his message? We will never know. And this is the beauty of it: Trump is showing his pardoning power is discretionary. He is trolling all the DC political and legal experts by essentially saying: you guys are trying things against me but you have no idea what the power of a POTUS really is. Look what I can do with just one article of a guy writing from his kitchen and posting on reddit. Look how I can reach out to my base, use my presidential prerogatives and nobody can do anything about it.

​Wow. It seems the message got across. Watch how Fake News Nia-Malika Henderson describes this apocalyptic situation: video. Did you catch it? At 1:12, did you see the host’s nervous reaction when Henderson started using the word “signaling”? They know. Remember