Featured Fables

This is a portfolio project for MLLL-3043-995 at the University of Oklahoma, Fall 2019.

Breaking News on the G-Network

This is a breaking news broadcast reporting on the dramatic events surrounding the Sultan and all of his new wives. Tune in to find out what Hermes and Aphrodite have to say about Scheherazade and her recent desire to marry the Sultan!

Aphrodite and the Golden Mirror

When fear and shame cause Aphrodite to flee from her throne atop Mt. Olympus, her people lose all of the abilities that she has given them: love, beauty, and fertility. Find out what Gelos, God of Laughter, has to do to get her to restore her gifts to the universe!

Brer Rabbit in Splash Mountain

Brer Rabbit wants to escape the mundane of his everyday life in the briar patch. When he sets out on an adventure to find his "Laughing Place", Brer Fox and Brer Bear hatch an evil plan to capture him! Will Brer Rabbit find a way to evade their search? Find out in this story!

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