Project 1:

Fairfield County, South Carolina is a small rural school district, with approximately 3,000 students from an attendance area that encompasses over 686 square miles. There are 5 elementary schools, one middle school, one high school and one technology center in the district.

The school district has 350 certified staff, with 75% of them living outside of Fairfield County. The signature initiative of the Fairfield County School District Education Foundation is to explore the reality of building a residential community for educators in the town of Winnsboro.

All school districts in the state of South Carolina (which has 86 districts) are concerned with recruiting and retaining excellent teachers every school year. This situation is even more of a challenge for the rural districts of South Carolina . The district would like to have educators’ children attend their public schools and our businesses in the community would like to have these educators live and shop in their town and to be engaged in the community outside of the school day.

If Fairfield County School District Education Foundation is successful in building “Fairfield Commons” in Winnsboro, it will be the first district in South Carolina to actually come up with a concrete way to address the growing problem of recruitment and retention in a rural school district.

Project 2:

To increase the availability of scholarships for deserving Fairfield County School District students to attend 2-4 year institutions of higher education.

To provide more opportunities for staff to be involved in research and development and continuing education.