How to Download All Facebook Chat History?

It is very easy to see your complete chat history on Facebook. With this method, you can also see the photos and videos you have shared on Facebook, your wall post or 'A copy of what you've shared on Facebook'.

Just follow these steps-

1. Go to Account Settings

2. Now click Download a copy of your Facebook data from bottom of General section

3. Then click Start My Archive

4. Download it once Archive generated

5. Now Extract and open 'index.html' from downloaded folder

6. Now you can see 'Messages' on the bottom of the page, click it to get the job done.

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Some conversations are so important or carry a special significance for you that you want to preserve them and just not let it go. In some cases, it is a part that you desire to keep whereas in others you want the whole thing. For your varied requirements, Facebook has bestowed you with the desired to keep a part of the chat or the whole thing, including chats, images, and videos. These steps can help to cherish your wonderful memories or keep the track of an important conversation. But if you feel that the steps are difficult to perform, then you can contact Facebook customer service toll-free number +1-844-773-9312 to finish the job in no time.