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FBAT-Toolkit Team

(in alphabetical order)

Gourab De, Julian Hecker, Steve Horvath, Nan Laird, Steve Lake, Christoph Lange, Kristel Van Steen, Lin Wang, Wai-Ki Yip, Xin Xu, and Jin Jin Zhou

Software available at this site:

Family-Based Association Test Toolkit

Both FBAT and PBAT provide software for implementing family-based association tests. PBAT also provides power calculations, general data analysis functions for quantitative traits, and screening procedures for multiple traits, markers, and/or models. See the FBAT User's Manual for more details.

The FBAT-Toolkit was developed in the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

  • FBAT_v204 --Family Based Association Testing software (Linux, 64 bit)
  • Update 12/2017: FBAT_v205_beta_ --Family Based Association Testing software (Linux, 64 bit). This is a test version, where we implemented a fast version of the FBAT-haplotype algorithm for WGS analysis. See 10.1002/gepi.10295 and 10.1002/gepi.22094. Not all scenarios tested yet. Please report any issues to fbat.software@gmail.com
  • PBAT --Tools for the statistical analysis of family-based association studies

What's New: FBAT Rare Variant test with empirical variance option.

Please register with us if you plan to download any of the programs on this web page. Email us with your name, the programs you plan to download and your affiliation. If you publish results obtained from using FBAT, please cite Laird, N., Horvath, S. and Xu, X. (2000) "Implementing a unified approach to family based tests of association." Genet Epidemiol 19(Suppl 1): S36-S42 or the FBAT webpage.

Contact fbat.software@gmail.com for suggestions and bug reports.