Faux Stone Uses

Homeowners are consistently looking for creative ways to decorate in order reflect their own unique style. Unlike stone, rock, or brick, Faux stone provides various opportunities to bring unique style and is easy to install. Rather than boxing other materials in with plain old boring siding products, Faux Brick Wall is the best option allowing you to have more creative freedom.

Think Outside the Box

There are plenty of unique uses for faux stone that can brighten up the home. Below are some different, inspiring ideas in which anyone can use Faux Brick Wall. If none of the ideas below are appealing to you, check out our customer photo gallery for other creative Do-It-Yourself opportunities.

  • Exterior Staircase Feature
  • Patio Serving Area
  • Create Pillars or Columns
  • Hot Tub Retreat
  • Garden Box
  • Garage Interior Improvement
  • Mancave Upgrade

Conveniently Light Weight

What’s nice about faux stone is you don’t have to worry about weight. If your home is older or doesn’t have a framework in place for natural stone, you can use faux stone as a substitute to avoid issues with weighing down a wall and causing damage. Faux stone looks and has a texture like natural stone, which makes it hard for visitors to tell the difference unless you tell them first.

Other Uses Outside the Home

Not only can faux stone panels be a great addition to any home, many people are turning to faux stone to improve the look of their business as well. Faux stone is a convenient and unique way to better the exterior of any building. With there being several colors and patterns, Faux Brick Stone can be used in a variety of designs. You can find the right fit for the look of your business.

Use Our Visualizer

The possibilities with faux stone are limitless. If you’re not sure if faux stone will work for your project, take a photo of the area and use our visualizer to see how Faux Brick Wall would look. This unique tool is available by clicking the tab titled “Upload Your Project”. It allows you to see any available faux stone product on your home or business.

Help from the Pros

The visualizer is a great tool, but sometimes it helps to have help selecting a style. Our design team is prepared to help you in finding the best style to fit your needs. We are here to help you with the "dos" and "don'ts" when it comes to design as well as inform on all aspects of faux stone. We are at your disposal from selection throughout the completion of installation. Just give us a call or complete a contact form to get started working with a pro.

Faux stone not only saves costumers money on the stone panels themselves, but it also saves on installation. Since faux stone doesn’t require professional installation, you can do it yourself saving both time and money. This is a great do-it-yourself project for anyone interested.